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Recommended Posts

As usual, I'm having trouble finding anything I dislike about your artwork.


The colors in all of them are fantastic, in the last one, I really like the contrast of the muted, sandy desert to the bright deep sky, in the middle it looks like the crest of a huge sandstorm.

I also like the way the tower itself is all dark and ominous, almost like a silhouette, but it still has depth to it, plus I dig the change in design from the more angular modern bottom to the wicked-looking top.

sh*t looks straight up sinister.


One thing I noticed was the dark spots to the right of the tower, were they just a mistake?

Just curious.


They all really look excellent.

Great work as always, awesome atmosphere you work into them, it's badass.

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Hah, yeah those are where ink drops hit and my hand smudged them. Ink is a sh*ttily permanent medium, unless you want to bring white paint into the mix. And thanks man. I'm planning on using that to make a sort of Dark Tower mock movie poster, the one above that as an "In the Mountains of Madness" thing, and some more horror books/movies along the same lines.

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user posted image


New show poster I'm working on. Going to add simple colors for a possible screenprint, but right now just going to give it that screenprinted feel.


Edit: Here's a colored version.


user posted image

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Killer stuff, dawg. Everything looks awesome.


For the crazy space mushroom, I'd add a couple cracks in the rock radiating out from the base. Kind of like it's punching its way through the rock. Might tie it to the ground a lil better.



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Good call. I added a shadow made by the cap on the ground too. Kept it simple and I think it's finished.


user posted image

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I printed a copy up for a small art showing here in town, but am planning on printing more. I put it up on my Society6 page as well as my Etsy store, but we can def. do a deal if you want to circumvent those things. My printing size is limited (the original is 10x18), but you can get it from the society6 page as up to 17x28.

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Started drawing a new shirt design for my bands: Cirith Ungol. Should I throw in a Nazgul somewheres?


user posted image

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Just finished a few things, and still working on that Cirith Ungol tshirt design.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


I also recently finished doing a new DRUNK MUSIC REVIEWS. Some highlights:


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image



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Hellz yeah. I seriously love your watercolours, man


The t-shirt design for your band is awesome. The tower rising above the circle border totally makes the image for me. The only thing I'm not sure about is the flying raven. It seems kinda tossed in there. Maybe a second one flying around further in the background would help?


And the finished space mushroom is absolutely boss.

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Yeah, that raven kind of was. I'm tryin to figure out a good way to do the lettering (Gret Host) but am kind of stumped. I'm thinking maybe make it in that open corner where the raven is, kind of forming that part of the border. Idk. But tha ks for the feedback! I really new to make a portfolio site, have any recommendations?

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