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Alternative Graphics Tweak



Universal GTA 4 shader patch (U4SP for short) aka ALTERNATIVE GRAPHICS TWEAK.


Get it here http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=9683





user posted image

*** more screenshots available at GTAGARAGE download page






This is universal rage_postfx.fxc shader patch.


Within every new patch, Rockstar brings new rage_postfx.fxc file with some tweaks and fixes, so keeping

outdated rage_postfx.fxc isnt good idea and could lead to gfx glitches and corruption.


This universal patch could disable Near, Middle and Far distance blur to suit your tastes and in same

time it will preserve all new changes made by Rockstar.


So if you are using that "Ultimate Graphics Tweak" with outdated rage_postfx.fxc, you really should get

rid of it and use this patch instead.


If Rockstar will ever release new patch, just make sure that rage_postfx.fxc was updated by rockstar's

official patch, then just run Universal GTA 4 shader patch again.


You may ask:

"How the hell this going to work with any new file, what if offset will change or something?"


i did few separate versions of patch, one version with fixed offset, and another one with heuristic

search of values that should be patched. In normal case you should use fixed offset version, but if it

will fails to patch, just run heuristic version.


Warning EFLC owners!

Patch 100% compatible with DLC version of EFLC TLAD and TBoGT!

To let if work in TLAD and TBoGT you need to disable noise filter!!!

Load the game 1st (this option isnt available if you not loaded game yet),

go to the pause menu, open the "display" section and turn off "noise effect".


user posted image



U4SP vs UGT:


You may ask me:

"Why do i need to use this, when i have Ultimate Graphics Tweak, whats the difference?"


And i can tell you the difference:


1) Multiplayer:


To make this thing clear from beginning - this is one of the most important difference comparing to

"Ultimate Graphics Tweak", you can play multiplayer with no problems, with no additional tools, and

without any magic tricks you used to do with UGT.


Magic is already inside this patch, and this magic is simple - you dont need modded visualeffects.dat

to have all waht Ultimate Graphics tweak promice to give you, its all in shader;-)


2) Always new shader:


Many users of UGT, including its so-called "Author" (who in fact isnt author of it), dont even realize

that outdated shader produced in January 2009 that they use, do not include all the fixes and optimization

that rockstar did in next patches and could be source of many problems they have with game (including

performance and graphical problems). When i recommended bartekxyz to call for original modder of shader

to perform same modification on new shader that was included in patch, he just ignored that and said

not true thing that there is no difference. There is a difference, latest rage_postfx.fxc includes

14590 new bytes, which are mostly new shader instructions.


So answer of bartekxyz was just an excuse for his not so big knowledge or Laziness, or even both of them.

But hey, now he could use my patch to create and finaly put updated shader, or he even can pack my

patch inside (i just hope he would not cut parts of my readme about him) ;-) (Read more about this in

"EXTRA NOTES" bellow)


3) Simple and fast usage:


You are old lazzy ex-programmer or ex-hardcore gamer? Or just noob? Or no one of them, but just a man

who care about his time and just dont want to waste it on many unnecessary things?

It doesnt matter who you are, in any case you will find U4SP aka AGT more comfortable than UGT.

Because all you need to do just perform 2 clicks

1st to run Patcher, 2nd to press on "Patch" button and enjoy result. Should i mention all that many

uncomfortable steps you need to do to install UGT and make it works for you? Nah i dont want even waste

time on this ;-)


4) Not so many unrealistic blur and no bullsh*t at all:


Blur blur blur, its everywhere in UGT, if someone shoot you - boom blur, someone hit your car - boom blur

again, you just driving at 20 km\h and see that motion blur... this isnt looks good if you have taste.

Well actually that unrealistic extra motion blur is all what bartecxyz realy did, just a 6 lines inside

visualsettings.dat... all the rest was done by Klanly and Belinda who wasnt even properly credited and was

left withour reward, when bartekxyz received one (Read more about this in "EXTRA NOTES" bellow) for what

klanly and belinda did.

Smooth Shadows, motion blur, depth of field, and all that bartekxyz present as results of "his" tweak,

are all actually was in game, and Klanly + Belinda just found the way how to separate them in shader and

disable one by one, and they produced that shader, that did all what you can find in description of

"Ultimate graphic tweak"... and just look at credit description for Klanly in credits:


"For a solution on how to separate static blur from DOF and MB."


and compare it to description of tweak


"Ultimate Graphics Tweak is a little modification which allow you to enable improved post processing effects

like Motion Blur and Depth Of Field.

It also smoothen dotted shadows and jaggy edges while keeping whole game sharp and clean. As a result game

feels like a movie, and is visibly smoother even at low frame rates (15-25FPS)."


Oh, wow, Belinda didnt took his credit? Actually he did that 3 versions of shader and finished what knaly

started, so why the heck he have no credit at all?


Aint this is bullsh*t?


I think that fair description that bartekxyz should type should be like this:


"Klanly - for discovery of method which allow you to enable improved post processing effects

like Motion Blur and Depth Of Field with smooth shadows and edges while keeping whole game sharp and clean.

As a result game feels like a movie, and is visibly smoother even at low frame rates (15-25FPS).


"Belinda - for extra research, and for 3 shaders he created that makes all tweaks possible"


"Ultimate Graphics Tweak is a tinny 6 lines in config which gives you just more intensive motion blur when

you use real graphics tweak created by klanly and belinda".


Thats looks justly and aint bullsh*ting anyone;-)


Use real product, not advertised dummy.


5) You can combine both:


If you didnt understood a word or you just weirdo, you can use patched rage_postfx.fxc with visualsettings.dat

from UGT, but in this case you will lose multiplayer, and most of advantages of Alternative Graphics Tweak.

Anyway, UGT never have had updated shader, so you should use this AGT, just to update shader for UGT usage.






Look at file content_tree.png to understand idea of folder hierarchy first.

There are 12 versions of patch total, they are separated 1st by type of implementation:


1) Brute - these versions would patch any required bytes without checking if those bytes already patched

or mismatch


2) Smart - these versions would patch required bytes only in case if bytes wasnt patched and match

to default pattern (original raga_postfx.fxc produced by rockstar)


2nd they are separated by type of detection of bytes that needs to be patched:


1) offset - these versions would patch bytes only located at fixed offset


2) heuristic - these versions would perform autosearch of location of required bytes


3rd they are separate by type of blur (it could be enabled by pressing P button or by setting

Definition off at graphics settings) that this patch would remove•:


1) Near - only near aka full screen blur would be removed, this makes picture sharp at close distance

just as Blur never was turned on, but in same time medium blur (that makes shadows and trees smoother

and adds some minor pseudo-antialiasing effect on medium distance objects) and far blur (that makes

Depth of Field [DOF] effect on far distance objects) will remain.

This is recommended version.


2) Near+Medium - both near and medium blurs would be removed, but far blur aka DOF will stay.


3) Near+Medium+Far - all static blur would be removed, only motion blur remain.



In normal case i recommend you to use Smart offset, if it fails then Smart heuristic version.

If both of these fails or will give no visible result (this could happen in theory), than try brute heuristic


If you already patched Shader and want to re-patch it to implement different tweak, than i recommend you

to use Brute offset one, it will override any current values, but keep in mind that this will work right

only if Smart Offset patch didn failed before, if it failed before and you was only able to patch with

Smart heuristic version, this mean that offset was changed, and use of brute offset version could damage file.


But dont worry too much, patch creates backup, if backup already present, than it will not override old backup

with new one.




Extra notes:



Patch created by Voodooman (v00d00m4n).

Thx to Klanly for his discovery that made this patch possible, also thx to Belinda for his additional

research that cleaned out Klanly's discovery. All credits should go to them.


Shame on bartekxyz who used klanly's discovery (that did almost whole trick) and used it in cheap

"Ultimate Graphics Tweak" to rise his fame and catch thx that realy was deserved by Klanly and Belinda.

UGT is really just a minor tweak of intensity of blur (too much motion blur to be honest), its not

even work without shader modded by Belinda (who wasnt even credited by bartekxyz), and shader inside UGT

is pretty outdated, still that old modded shader that belinda did in Jan 2009

(prove link).


However if you will use just patched rage_postfx.fxc instead of not so Ultimate Graphics Tweak you would

be able to play MP with no problems, if you will use modded visualSettings.dat from UGT, than game will

probably not let you play online.


Bartekxyz coundt even mod rage_postfx.fxc

(prove link)

and still uses outdated file that belinda did and belives that there is no difference. So why do he have

GTAF Award and Knanly and Belinda not? It not fair!


I did this patch and these notes not for fame, but for justice!

Nothing personal against bartekxyz (he is a nice guy, if you could forget for a second that "all fame

should go to me" behavior, and his ignorance about my old recommendation to update shader with help of

belinda, since he couldnt do it himself) just a justice business.


Its really unfair when someone use someone else as parasite and get all the fame instead of original



Vote for klanly an belinda to get reward for that discovery!







-initial public release






To you for reading this text.

To Klanly and Belinda for everything mentioned above.

To bartekxyz for his behavior that forced me to do this patch ;-)



Get latest version here



Please report bugs and get support here in this thread.

Edited by Voodooman

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Can't you upload and mirror to another site?

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Suction Testicle Man

Sorry the file has been removed Voodooman - we find it just as annoying as you do. We're working on a way around the problem that will hopefully give our decisions on virus-checking authority over decisions made by external services. However we've only recently moved servers, and we don't want to upset our new host - hence the extreme precautions. I'll post here again soon with the developments.


Edit: Mod page is now back online. smile.gif

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I wanted to install this tweak (near option) on GTAIV So first, I installed clean GTAIV and apply patch Second, I tried to patch rage_postfx.fxc with Smart Heuristic version, it patched only: win32_30, win32_30_atidx10, win32_30_low_ati and win32_30_nv8. rage_postfx.fxc from win32_30_nv6 and win32_30_nv7 wasn't changed. I don't care, since I have ATI Radeon HD4850 card and when I started new game, tweak works. But after 2-5mins it seems that game loads default rage_postfx.fxc and blur effect on near distance is back. Starting game again dosen't help, only when I chose new game or load first autosave tweak works properly, but also only for 2-5mins.


I tried set read only option on rage_postfx.fxc files, but it dosen't work. Anyone have some ideas? I'm also using timecyc.dat and visualsettings.dat from ENV Mod 5 (I also modified timecyc.dat to set farclip from 3500 to 3000). I tried also to copy patched rage_postfx.fcx from win32_30_nv8 to win32_30_nv6 and win32_30_nv7 - dosen't work.





OK, I delete Environment Mod 5 files and tweak works. But GTAIV without ENV5 looks ugly, especially at night.

Edited by moteel

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Dude, this mod just replaces some shaders, you can use my patch with it, just make sure you use latest version of mentioned shader file.

Just copy it from vanila game, install this mod u mentioned, than replace this single shader file and apply my patch.


P.S. - just found that my file was restored.

Thanks to GTAF admins, sorry for my rudeness biggrin.gif nothing personal, just business))

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Nice to see Belinda here)

thx for new tips)


But people here seem definitely cant follow simple instructions)


I just tested my patch with patch (which is also TLAD and BOGT DLC compatible\shared)


Offset versions do not work, Smart Heuristic versions of patch works like charm!


So i can claim that no update required yet, my patch is 100% compatible with latest GTA 4 patch and DLC (since they share same shader and most of other files).


But i dont have DLC myself, so there is a little chance that DLC may have separate shader folder, in this case target DLC file needs to be copied to gta4 default shader folder, after this it could be patched. Don forget to copy patched rage post fx shader back to dlc shader folder (if it exist).


In case if you have stand alone episodes you may need to do a little registry tweak:


look for this key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV

and this subkey



if it not exist create it and change its value to path of your Episodes installation.

After just run any patch from directory



It should work, if its not, then your doing something wrong!

does this trick makes the DLCs run with gta iv?

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Hey guys i have a problem


1.) which one of the patch BRUTE or SMART should i use? second, Heuristic or Offset? what's the difference anyway?


2.) it kept saying cannot find the .file even thou i manually selected it and at the right panel it kept saying CRC32 Failed File Size Checking Skipped Patching not done , why is that? sad.gif

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I said it many times before:

Use SMART HEURISTIC, and dont touch brute and offset versions, since they does not work anymore, as offset was changed with newer patches of GTA 4. :miranda:

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