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What countries have you been to?

Recommended Posts


Well sorry for the bump but I thought I could share to you guys where I have been around the world


I've been to:


America ( many times )

Japan ( 4 times and 1 time i was there for 2 years )

UK ( several times )

France ( once )

S.Korea ( twice )

Sweden ( once )

Norway ( once )


Where I want to go to:





Any European country along the Mediterranean Sea

And Egypt

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Rainbow Party
I want to go to:

• Argentina

No you don't! D:

I'm from Argentina, I've been to the US, China and Germany. And I guess Brazil, when my mom was pregnant with me.


I think I want to go to Iran but Idk why, I just do.

Edited by Rainbow Party

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I've been to...


- Libya. Twice and I wouldn't mind going back if the situation wasn't so f*cked up currently.


- USA. New York City. I can't wait to go back but this time with the driving license to make some good road trip.


- Tunisia. I didn't like the trip too much and I hope the bad impression the country gave me was actually wrong, no offense intended. You were continuously harassed by people trying to sell you sh*t and the fact that was an organized trip (stop here to buy crap, stop there to buy crap...) didn't either help. There were really nice places, nonetheless.


- France. I've been there a bunch of times, normally close the borders in the Pyrenees. I was twice in the French Basque Country many years ago when I was a kid with the school and when I was even younger (I don't even remember it) in Bretagne.


- Italy. Roma, now a month ago. Hella fun trip with some classmates. The city is astonishing and the food, just wow.



I would like to visit the USA again, as I have already mentioned, and I'm interested in South America too, in Chile, Peru and that area.

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- Germany

- US

- UK

- New Zealand

- East Timor


- Indonesia

- Japan

- Switzerland

- Afghanistan

- Iraq

- Syria

- Egypt

- South Africa

- Somalia

- Singapore


Lots of them I visited during training exercises, military conventions and deployments. Some I've been to for both work and a second time for a holiday.

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Special Members

From: Norway



UK (2 times, 1 in Scotland, 1 in England)

USA (2 times)

Sweden (2 times)

Denmark (5 times)

Greece (6 times)

Germany (2 times)






Would Like To Visit:




Czech Republic







South Africa






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from australia.


been to indonesia.


would like to go to china.

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