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Recommended Posts

As you know OpenGTA is built on Linux.

I tried it to build it on Windows when i just got the info that there is something called OpenGTA.

It was 2008 i guess, when i started to make GTA2 editor.


I was unable to build any source. I said: fck the Linux.



I messed around with it again this week and so now i got build environment to work on my XP. I even compiled many tools like:








So far all these are console apps and they work.



Im trying to build everything. One by one.



All these GNU compilers and tools are like bombs, it will explode if you do something wrong.

It blows you away with thousands of errors.


But so far it looks good.


Let see if i can get the viewer.exe compiled also.



The main OpenGTA application.

Edited by B-$hep
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Well done. I tried to compile on Windows once but there were many errors that I didn't know how to fix.


I haven't tried compiling OpenGTA2 yet.


OpenGTA hasn't been updated for ages but OpenGTA2 is slowly progressing. It looks like it will have working network code before it even has weapons or cars. I think that's the way to do it, multiplayer demos with just a single weapon could be fun.

Edited by Sektor
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I have no problems compiling OpenGTA2. You just have to have VS 2008 installed and some header and lib paths set up. Easy..


And seems same goes OpenGTA also soon: no problems with compiling.


I asked Jernej about OpenGTA developer and he said hes got very busy and thats why it hasn't been updated and i guess he never will return to it.



So we have to take over.



Stay tuned.


I will post update here ASAP.

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Compiled minimap.exe and got these images.

Command line was: minimap nyc.cmp test


Look the gallery here



You should see it, if not, then let me know. Click on images to see bigger ones.



All images are there. There was image nr 6 also but seems that completely dark.


At the moment im doing this all by hand, command lines, object files, libraries and other such things: typing their names by hand.


Im gonna fix the makefiles later.

I just wanna be sure that everything compiles first.

Edited by B-$hep
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user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


Going nicely huh?




Only bugger is the Loki library. But im sure i will kick his ass and will get rid of some errors.

Still tools to compile.


This is result of whole one day just working in console windows and typing UNIX and other commands into them. Whole day in consoles and listening Rammstein.





Edited by B-$hep
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How far come is openGTA? Does it render levels? Can you walk around etc? Will you upload edited source that compiles on windows?


I think Black Phoenix with OpenGTA2 is right when implementing network deep in the code and before everything else. I really enjoy the progress he makes!

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I will upload modified sources if everything works without any errors.

Instead of VM i will launch my older PC an will test the build environment there.

I pretty much know how it should set up so you don't get any errors.



At the moment the viewer.exe doesn't compile. As i said i get bunch of errors with Loki



Probably i have wrong version or there are headers from different versions.

It's all BIG mess at the moment here.

But im working on it. I even have the ideas how to trap the errors or how to get rid of them.


It all depends. If something is still missing or wrong somewhere, i can get these errors.

But sometimes it's just one mistake somewhere. You fix it and hundreds of errors will disappear. I have experiences with that stuff, i know.



viewer.exe is main GTA renderer, using that you can walk around, shoot people, get the wanted level and score. Also you can see animated signs, cars and objects.

Peds have very basic AI, they follow you and watch you when you walk past of them and if you get too far they will get to you by running.

Also cars can be destroyed with gun.


But if you didn't know yet, you can download WIN32 exe for testing here:



Follow the instructions exactly!! It tells you what files you need to include. Then later make one ZIP called "gtadata.zip" that contains these files.

And put this ZIP into same folder as viewer.exe.



You must have GTA1 installed to get these files. It's not very legal to put these files online.


Now just execute viewer.exe. Probably screen will be too dark, so you have to press F12 and put gamma slider more to the maximum with your mouse.



And now just read the shortcurts descriptions in readme file.


It explains how to use it, walk around, etc.







Edited by B-$hep
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LOL: believe it or not but i just took a fresh copy of sources, copied it to my Windows 7 partition and used default make files to generate viewer.



It works!!



Too bad that gamma settings do not apply to screenshot.

As you see it's dark. But this viewer.exe was really compiled just by typing command:


make viewer



Later i will post a full instructions how to do that.



See my screenshot:




Also i compiled most of the tools with Visual Studio 2008 with no problems.

Just created new projects.

Edited by B-$hep
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Hi all,

So, can someone explain to me what open gta is, in english , not in your geek languages, no offense smile.gif (LOL i ain't a noob, i understand 40% what you are talking about but still don't get it smile.gif )

Is there a clean tutorial bout this to get it running, or a list what i need to have installated to get it run.

and btw ill ask you guys here,or ill make own topic bout this


i need a simple program ( i think its simple)

that converts the gta1 map files(.cmp) to human readable text, so i can load it with max scripts into a max file, and later export it to GTA3 or VC,

it does not need 2 be converted, just the 256 x 256 x 5 boxes used in the game.

anyone interested?

feel free to flame me if am asking to much and explain,

The idea is to bring GTA1 era Liberty City, SanAndreas, ViceCity to gta3 engine because of

fully 3d view and the top down camera mode, for gtavc engine am not sure because,

lack of top down camera mode, but VC has bikes, gta3 not...

The whole idea is to port GTA1 to GTA3/VC engine...

Edited by adel_dexter
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