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Can't find mission start point.



Hello, i think ive encountered a glitch that doesn't allow you to progress through the story missions. Ive gotten as far as to beat Love Fist and have done one or two missions for Lance after gaining the Diaz mansion. There are no more missions to go to other than the Vercetti Estate and a few side missions including the film studio and the payphone missions.


Ive searched all around the mansion for a mission to do, but i haven't found any. confused.gif I have one mod, which is the FPS mod, which i dont think is the problem. Do I have to complete all the side missions, or do i just have to start the game over.


Btw, im playing on the computer version on Windows XP


user posted image


user posted image


Thanks for reading biggrin.gif

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2 answers to this question

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Vice city, unlike other GTAs is very NON-linear... meaning that:


1. There are a lot of mission that are not story missions-- (love fist, mitch baker, Avery Carrington, Umberto Robina, Auntie Poilet (spelling), Phil Cassidy (this is unlocked with one of the missions for a business--see below)-- that appear to be story mission but are not required to unlock the final story missions...


2. The story missions themselves are non-linear meaning that you can do many of them in any order you prefer... if you get stuck on one, go to another business and try that....


What you may have seen around town were "buy icons" for businesses and the like--- early in the game if you enter these they would give you a message that says "come back later"-- later is now wink.gif although you may not have enough money to buy them now....


When you did the first mission for the Vercettin mansion-- you completed Shakedown (break the windows in the mall)-- after completion there was a short cutscene saying that businesses were now ready for purchase....


FYI-- there are 8 total businesses-- 4 of them give you missions to do to "complete" the asset-- an asset is complete when it is generating cash and there are no other missions available to do-- the other 4 have tasks to complete-- if you don't see a mission icon, explore the business and you should be able to figure out what to do... example: get in a vehicles


Completing these businesses will advance the story....


I was purposely vague as to not spoil anything for you..... if you get stuck-- click this link--- although it will provide spoilers that you may not want to know.... http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtop...dpost&p=3429646



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wow, thanks Spuds! And i was about to start all over. Now i can finally beat this game lol.gif Have a good Holiday as well.


Ill check out the link you gave me if i need any further help.

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