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leone 13

Grand theft auto congress

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leone 13

Liberty city congress!


I had an idea when i saw the debates and disscusion forum!

heres how it works, starting when someone wants to join, we make a

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Leader of voting
  • Voting person 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Then we have
  • Fbi
  • Police
  • Noose
  • Criminals
  • Army
  • Swat
  • Citizens


President:Makes some decisons, can also veto decsicons

Vice president: if president killed takes over, and can veto stuff also.

Leader of voting:15% of voting comes from this person.

Voter 1-5: Votes on the bills and laws and other stuff

Fbi: Bust drug dealers

Police:Bust small time criminals

Army: Bust terrorist

Noose: Works on the fence, corrupt for money

Criminals: See small criminals section

Swat" Bust whole gangs

Citixens: Only one, but is for person who is runnign out of spots in the game

Terrorist: Consist of 20 people, takes $500 to join a terrorist group.


How to make money: Congress: Come up with your own law and have the rest pass it. gets $50 a law

Police army etc: Money taken from criminals worth $25, $50, or $200 and ill decide

Criminals: Write about stuff u did the more detail the more money ill give

Citizens: Stories about your jobs

Terrorist: How muchn you demand


Crimanals: Write stories to earn money.


Elections are a three hour vote starting now.

What do u guys think, sign up fast! lol.gif

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leone 13

limits on the positions

13 crimanals





fbi etc.

p and vice p only 1 for each, 4 voters and thats it,


also to post

4 congresses so all of that info times 4 here they are


2. staunton

3. shoreside

4. forigen affairs

eachb decide stuff in there town and vote for pres and have the other stuff agina please try iot and sse if u have fun!??!?!?!? cryani.gif

Edited by leone 13

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Ad Rem

I have in my possession a nuclear warhead and hereby declare myself the undisputed god and emperor of Liberty City. All else is obsolete. Now make with the dinner, peasant.




No seriously, what.

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leone 13

ok what dont u understand its lc's congress heres an example as if u were a voter

me: today were voting whether or not bikes should be allowed in liberty at 9:00 pm ill end the vote.

you: I vote yes, and heres why...

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I dont think you get this forum. It is a real life debates and discussions. Not GTA related.

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