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hi everybody who reads this! i opened this topic to people to you know talk about there favorite vehicle car and bike on GTA IV.


my favorite bike would have to be the SANCHEZ because it is sort of like the everyday bike. it has good handling and a good steady speed. it is also good because it can go both on road and off, i personally have found that very helpfull for when getting away from the police because then i will just be able to go onto the beach or middle park and watch them squirm around and try to get straight to continue the chase i find it absolutely helpful.


my favourite car is the COMET. because it is small so it would be good to get into them small spaces you cant get into with a TURISMO or SUPER GT or any other car you might have. it has good power to help get up the stairs and stuff for if you are messing around on the game. it is also good for stunts, and that power also helps you from doing the stunts like if it is a long distance stunt then you might be able too complete the jump. it is also like the SANCHEZ because it can go both on road and off (if you havn't tested that and if you do want to test it the cheat is if you can't find the car 227-555-0175) so that is also helpful for the cop chases.


those are my favorite vehicles on GTA IV please post your comments or vehicles on this topic biggrin.gif

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