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Open-source GTA3 engine?


Recommended Posts



site is changing already.



If there's a new site - where is it located, then? tounge.gif

I went to bed wink.gif


Here, if you guys want to look around until I finish building a proper replacement for that crap and limited doesn't-trust-users and uses-them-for-itself sourceforge hosting:


link in post below

Edited by mortalhuman
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Here, if you guys want to look around until I finish building

No link - nice! smile.gif I did find some code, but it seems the 'get_deps.sh' script obtains a broken quex library - I get all kinds of errors in 'inline' included files, which are such an annoying feature of C that I have no idea how to solve it. tounge.gif Fun fact: compiling OGRE got me a cl.exe process with 1.5 GB of memory usage!

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I forgot to mention that brian has also been involved doing web stuff and coming up with ideas.



it seems the 'get_deps.sh' script obtains a broken quex library



That is strange, the download actually just gets some python scripts which you don't need unless you rebuild a parser. The generated code is in svn so this is probably where your errors came from. There are a lot of warnings from that generated code unfortunately but I've never had errors before.



Lua, Lua, everyone seems to love Lua. I don't, really



I have a long list of complaints but it does have quite a tight vm and it's more simple and more powerful than all the other scripting languages. I think coroutines will be great for NPC coding as you don't have to write state machines anymore.



One issue with that would be that there are two main APIs on Win32, and Linux has another API. Yes, you could use a wrapper, but that wouldn't have support for the second main Win32 API, which works completely different (XInput, it's nice for those supported controllers, but outside of that...). Also, the in-engine input handling _should_ support analog input where it fits (vehicle controls come to mind).



It is quite tricky, we faced this with mouse and keyboard too. The keyboard input routines have been rewritten several times already to cope with international keyboards and such. And you have to somehow unify the different platforms with a common API which means you have to understand them both very well. Initially it was direct input but that was useless so switched to standard winapi routines (you can now choose). The mouse is still direct input.



OGRE's native formats are usable enough, as I've seen. (one thing that has annoyed me about OGRE is the configuration window every launch. I don't like that tounge.gif )



Yeah we have our own launcher that logs stdout of the game, it's like the quake3 launcher if you remember that. It's useful as if it crashes you can see what went wrong. You can also just run the game directly and the output goes into a cmd.exe console window.



Many cheaper systems nowadays have a powerful CPU and a slow GPU, so unless CPU is a bottleneck (or it's just a fraction) I don't see how it could be that good an idea.



I actually find with these open air games that they are so bad at culling (compared to BSP and portal engines) that you end up doing too many draw calls and maxing out the CPU before you max out the GPU. So we've tried to make sure textures are atlassed where possible and try and use a maximum of 1 material per map object if at all possible. A lot of per-pixel code can change all that though.



Is that in White Plains?



Yeah quite close -- actually Hawthorne and Yorktown (two sites)


We have been chatting in #horizont on gtanet irc about grit if anyone wants to drop in. I'm actually going on holiday for a week starting sunday morning but everyone else will be there I imagine.

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New site is up, forums can be registered to in advance but still need proper category to start with and i cant figure out how to disable the post moderation suicidal.gif


Grit Game Engine

I'm really excited for this. After seeing the limitations of doing a TC, I guess this should be a better alternative to fumbling with hard-coded stuff. biggrin.gif

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So, are we into replicating GTA3-era functionality, at least to some extent (as we may not be using the RW stream formats)?


Oh, and I also registered in the Grit forums.

Edited by lpgunit
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It's definitely possible for someone to try and replicate the old games using Grit. You just need to add enough features to the exporter to handle pre-SA data. It won't be just like GTA III or whatever because it will be laced with modern graphical techniques and such but something could be done there.

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  • 2 months later...

Bump, to just remind you guys the engine is yet from dead ph34r.gif .


So, for the heads-up:

Spark is implenting clouds in the engine, they also will be animated with perlin noise. Keep in mind that it's wip, and need to have more volume. I am also doing a F104 Starfighter, but am kind of stuck at it atm, since i need to see how the exhaust will be animated or not. I need to rig up a test model and see how i will do it. I was interested in this project from start and was following it till it got extented enough to make something for it. Spark also improved the day/night cycle a bit, and also implented texture blending using a height map. He also improved the 3DS Max export script. We also have a new logo, new forum (Brian broke the old one orly.gif ), and new site layout.

Some screens:

user posted image

user posted image


Jostvice (realy big picture, sorry):






For more info, check the forums biggrin.gif , or join #horizont on gtanet.

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  • 7 months later...

I'm very interested in this as well! I spend my time around open source games nowadays. And since I like GTA, an Open Source GTA sounds like a very good idea to me smile.gif


What I'm mostly interested in is a *fully* free and open GTA though. Of course, a free engine to just run GTA 3 / VC / SA with would also be great. But here's an idea: If anyone finishes a free engine that can run the current GTA's, someone could then make GPL models, sounds, cities and everything else, and create a fully free GTA-like sim biggrin.gif

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  • 3 weeks later...
Waltzing Mouse

On the subject of laws etc. surrounding the old GTA3 engine, if the open-source one has the ability to load the map and vehicles etc. from the Renderware engine, surely you could package the new engine with something from a TC? I dunno, send out the engine with Myriad Islands or Gostown on it, and allow the end-user to copy over their GTA files. I guess that could work.

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  • 2 years later...
Here's the topic @ Irrlicht forums concerning the DFF/TXD loader.


If you want the source, look carefully as there are several versions offered throughout the 6 pages. tounge.gif


There are compiled versions to run, and I've loaded Vice with no problem.


The code is incomplete, but loads the map with most textures. 4444 is not supported though, so all of this is really Proof Of Concept - it shows what Irrlicht can do though, and looks like a promising springboard.

Is there also a DFF/TXD loader for Unity3D? This would solve the problem from this thread, so there no need to distribute the so called copiright protected stuf. The new opensource GTA engine just uses the models from the original GTA game.


P. S. I know the thread is old, but is there some of this opensource GTA engin projekts stil alife?

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  • 7 years later...

There needs to be a tool like this for indie devs, it could give them relatively cheap and easy resources without using God awful looking 8/16/32 bit models. I know PS2/XBox graphics may not sound that great, but an indie dev could make one hell of a big sandbox game with 20 Gigs of that kind of stuff.

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