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[REL|WIP|GTAIV] Weapons Sound Mod

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As some of you know I've started working on sound mods for GTA 4, particularly the weapons to begin with. I figured it might be easier if I started a main thread for it. I plan to create a couple different versions to suite different tastes and weapon styles.


First I plan to mod more realistic silenced and unsilenced sounds. Once I can come up with some good bullet sounds I plan to move on to other sounds such clip in, clip out, etc.


This first release is simple silencer mod. It silences the pistols, smgs, and assault rifles. Each one has been replaced with the same sound, although I adjusted the pitch and volume to give them all a slightly different feel. I hope to eventual find completely unique sounds for each weapon.




I think it turned out pretty badass cool.gif Download will be available as soon it's approved.


If you would like to help I'm in desperate need of good replacement sounds, and I'll give you credit for your contribution of course. One important thing to know is each new sound must be of similar length to its counterpart. Below I have listed the length of the weapon sounds:


Pistol - 0.34 sec

Combat Pistol - 0.41 sec


Shotguns - 0.42 sec


Micro SMG - 0.42

Heavy SMG - 0.37


Assault Rifle - 0.48 sec

Carbine Rifle - 0.38 sec


Sniper - 0.31 sec

Combat Sniper - 0.41 sec


So if you have any realistic sounds that match the length don't hesitate to contact me - [email protected]


A special thanks goes to r.schuindt, SLAYERMAGGOT, Fullmetal, EduardKoeleJuck, and everyone on gtaforums smile.gif


In response to the messages I've been receiving, yes, feel free to incorporate the sounds into your own weapon mods. All I ask is credit for modding the sound in your package. Enjoy!

Edited by NorthStarGTA4

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cool mod, I'll be looking forward to the un-silenced version of this

Keep up the good work

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Hello NorthStarGTA4 i maked Pistol - 0.34 sec = not Silenced

Combat Pistol - 0.41 sec = Silenced

Assault Rifle - 0.48 sec = TommyGun

Carbine Rifle - 0.38 sec = Silenced

Sniper - 0.31 sec = Silenced

Combat Sniper - 0.41 sec Silenced


The sounds r realy realistic its from The Foreigner Movie 2003 From Steven Seagal its realy epic sounds.


BTW the wav sounds r included if ur not sure just download it and play the wav sounds u il see its epic.


This was the Sounds used But Note! this vid was a montage and was made before the sound mods so after seeing ur post here i decided to make the sound mods.


ill be awesome if u put it together with ur mod here [RELlWIP GTA IV Silenced Weapons Sound Mod V2.0 Dll






Edited by LCPDDetectiveDavis

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