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Christian Graffiti Handstyles, etc.


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Hello everyone. My name is Tyler. I use to post here uner the name 'osgkksssk', but I'm having trouble validating a new e-mail for that account so I'll be using this one for now.


Here are some handstyles and throwies on paper:


user posted image

The story behind this is that I use to write 'Epic' when I did illegal graffiti, etc. before I became a christian, and I decided to use the styles i developed during that time to glorify the Lord instead of myself. Now instead of Epic reffering to myself in a bragging kind of way, I use it as an acronym for (E)ternal (P)eace (I)n ©hrist. This is a rough draft for a logo for a ministry I started called Epic Jesus.


user posted image

Same story as above, just different style.


user posted image



user posted image

Character piece of the Lamb as described in Revelation.


user posted image

Reference to what the Seaphim sing unto God unceasingly; i.e. 'Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come'.


user posted image

Logo for another ministry idea; 'GODaid'.


user posted image

The name says it all.


user posted image

Logo for another ministry idea. This one's like unto the Epic story, because I used to write 'BrokeHeart', so i changed it to 'Mended Heart'.


user posted image

Promo rough draft for a brother in Christ. His mic name is 'Visionary', his new album is called 'Eyes Open'.


user posted image

Quick t-shirt design made in mspaint. ELIC= (E)ternal (L)ife (I)n ©hrist.


user posted image

Hebrew handstyle. It says 'Ahab' which means 'Love'.


God bless you all. -Tyler

Edited by JesusIsTheLord
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The principles are cool, but in all honesty your not really good at graffiti confused.gif

What's the reason for that?


I think he is actually quite good. Especially the faces you drew. Really grimy style and I like it.

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No reason other the personal opinion really.

Graffiti art is something ive been interested/involved in for the best part of 7 years, so i have a picky eye when it comes to styles, his style at the moment is going to be considered "toy" by many! Everyone starts out rough around the edges though so keep it up icon14.gif

The characters are really good by the way

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The style and subject matter don't really go well together, to my eyes at least. It seems like you're trying too hard to make religion 'cool', like a vicar listening to hip hop or something. I realize that the views of religion are vastly different here in the UK to those in America (I'm assuming you are from the other side of the Atlantic), so maybe that's it, I'm not sure.


A couple of other things as well. Legibility is also a bit of an issue, the 'aid' on the plaster/band aid could be read as 'flip' for example. Also, in the third image the P and I of epic stand out far more than the E and C so at a glance the viewer would read 'PI Jesus'.


Overall the work seems a little forced, like it's trying hard to really push the God and Jeses message rather than just convey it. There doesn't seem to be much subtlety, which is something I like in art, but maybe I'm reading too much into it or just don't get it.

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  • 9 years later...

Thanks to everyone for both the compliments AND criticism, they are both encouraging. 


I wonder why why the pictures are dead tho 🤔

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