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GTA 2 slows down

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Hey ya!

I downloaded the Rockstargames Classic Version of GTA 2.

After starting it it runs normal.

I can do a few jobs but after a while it starts lagging, especially when my car burns or when there are a few explosions.

What can I do?



my system:


Intel Celeron D 2,8 GHZ


NVIDIA Geforce 7300 512 MB

Windows XP SP3



Please help me to play this classic game!

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I had similar problems some time ago. I don't know why, it was just random.

This problem just faded away.


Whenever there was something burning or exploding or explosion on screen, the game slowed down.

I moved away from fire and it went normal again.


Try changing your screen resolution and refresh rate.

Also is "Special Recognition" checked in GTA2 manager?


What's your current screen res and refresh rate Hz?



Maybe your card is overheated? I played GTA2 on my previous videocard and with that one i had these problems in GTA2. And after few weeks it just died.

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My ingame fullscreen resolution is 800x600 and I think the frequenzy is 60hz.

Special video recognizon is on, but it also laggs when its off.

I've got a fan which blows enough air into my case ^^


I don't think its the videocard because my CPU usage is at 100% when GTA2 is running.


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How do you know that ingame res is 800x600?



It's 640x480, and i doesn't matter what you change in manager.

Unless your desktop color depth is at 16 bit. If you use 16 bit then it accepts the res changes in manager.


If you have 32 bit depth set in display properties then GTA2 runs in 640x480 always.


Btw, try to lower the bit depth to 16bit then you can run it in windowed mode.

Try that. Maybe it removes the lag?



This game is designed to run on 640x480, it won't make it much better if you increase res.

Edited by B-$hep

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Yeah I already tried that too.

I know how to unlagg it but its causing malfunctions.

When I switch to desktop by pressing Alt+Tab and go back to the game the lagging is gone.

But I can't enter a car anymore and other bugs...


Maybe reinstalling Windows will help..

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When coming back from ALT+Tab and game doesn't respond then press Alt+ any arrow key.


Game will respond again.


Just ALT + any arrow key.



I recommend you download latest video drivers before reinstalling windows.

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