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Can't uninstall GTASA

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Awhile go, I installed the Vista Service Pack 2. Before the update, I was able to get into SP. Ever since the update, however, I haven't been able to run GTA:SA in SP. When I try to uninstall GTA:SA, a window with a white X in a red circle to the left pops up with this message:


>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (469)

PAPP:Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

PVENDOR:Rockstar Games (http://www.RockstarGames.com)



@Windows Service Pack 2 (6002) BT_OTHER 55692.18


After that I click OK and another window pops up with the same red circle with this message:


Setup has experienced an error.


Please do the following:

- Close any running programs

- Empty your temporary folder

- Check your Internet connection (Internet-based Setups)


Then try to run the Setup again.


Error code: -5001


I tried uninstalling it through Control Panel and through the window that pops up when the disk is inserted. I also deleted my temporary folder and that didn't solve the problem. I also used a registry cleaner and did not help jack sh*t. Re-booting my sh*t is aint no option dooo C: some humor helps sometimes

Edited by jp245

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lil weasel

If you roll-back to before the SP2 will it run?

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Well thanks anyway but I fixed it I didint uninstall it instead I deleted anything that had to do with SA then I explored the SA dvd rom and I found the install command and I did that so I reinstalled it C: thanks for your help though

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