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Incorrect Weapon Stats for TLAD/TBOGT?

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It's not GTANet's fault because these stats are pulled from the game files, but I still find a lot of these stats to be dodgy.


GTA IV Weapons


TLAD Weapons


TBOGT Weapons


First off, there is no way the SMGs in GTA IV shoot 900 rpm. I can see without the reloading that the assault rifles can shoot about 450 rpm, but with reloading the SMGs only shoot about 420-450 rpm themselves (Micro-SMG has a larger magazine than the SMG so it can shoot longer before reloading). Not to get started about the snipers in GTA IV, but those may be based on a different way of measuring rate of fire.


Now onto TLAD. It is noticeable that the shotguns are a bit stronger than the ones in GTA IV which may be acceptable, but 450 rpm for the Assault Shotgun? I know it's FAST, but I'm pretty damn sure it doesn't shoot faster than an assault rifle. Also, the range for the Grenade Launcher is less than that of a thrown projectile. Is this calculated by aiming parallel to the ground? Also, the Automatic 9mm is said to shoot 1,000 rpm. Does it actually empty its magazine in about 1 second?


Lastly, TBOGT. Does the Explosive Shotgun actually shoot explosive rounds twice as far as the regular ammo? I can believe so, but I'm just trying to be sure. I keep hearing that the Gold SMG is overall better than the Assault SMG, but the stats show opposite. Again, are the stats accurate for rate of fire? I was definately sure that the Advanced MG wasn't going to shoot 900 rpm in TBOGT, but then again are they accurate on the stats for this (even being half the strength of the other assault rifles)? The part that really gets me though is the Advanced Sniper. Only 20 damage? That's only the strength of the SMGs in GTA IV and the Automatic 9mm. I would think it would be just as strong as the original snipers in GTA IV.



Share your thoughts and see if these some of these stats are dodgy.

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Money Over Bullshit

It seems that Rockstar just made it up as they went along with the new weapons in TBOGT. All in all I'd take then stats with a pinch of salt also.. I think personal judgement is the best guage.

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Even though these are from game stats, I do agree that personal judgement is best. Doing your own studies will help you most. Hell, I've even done range studies and the Combat Pistol can shoot a couple inches or a foot further than the standard Pistol. I don't know how to really pull off accurate accuracy (see what I did there?) studies though.

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"First off, there is no way the SMGs in GTA IV shoot 900 rpm"


You're sure about that? SMGs fire a lot faster that assault rifles in GTA IV, personally, I was thinking about 500RPM for the assault rifles and aroud 900 for the SMGs.

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No, the SMGs in GTA IV only shoot about 420-450 rpm (this includes reloading). Without reloading the SMGs probably shoot at 540 rpm at most.

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The fire rates were wrong, sorry about that. There isn't a value for fire rate that we can pull directly from the game, so we had to calculate it ourselves. All the other values are taken directly.


I've updated the pages with the correct fire rates. I calculated the (new) fire rates by recording some footage of each weapon in action, extracting the audio and measuring the peaks, so all the new values *should* be pretty accurate.


The damage value for the Advanced Sniper was wrong - my bad. I've fixed that as well.

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CJohnson second

To adamcs: I don't wanna start an argue or anything, i'm just saing what i think BUT, I think u need to update at least the GTA IV because i don't think that the DEagle has the same rate of fire of the 9mm, i think it's slower, and i also think that the carbine has a faster rate of fire then the ak. These two came from personal experience.

I also in gta wikia that the ak does 40 damage, that could be wrong, i don't know.

AGAIN: i don't wanna start an argue i'm just saing what i think.


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This got bumped back up? Anyways, a lot of what I said is wrong. Except for the M249, the rate of fire for the weapons on gta4.net is pretty damn accurate. I came up with the Micro SMG and SMG shooting up to 620 rpm, but they might shoot 640 rpm. For the M249 (Advanced MG), 750 rpm is the average speed. In singleplayer the M249 shoots 900 rpm, and it shoots 600 rpm in multiplayer. I found out that one Buzzard minigun's power is something like 100, and it shoots 900 rpm (1,800 with both of them). The gta4.net site is quite reliable for weapon stats. The Pistol and Combat Pistol have the same rate of fire, and so does the AK-47 along with the M4. The only difference between the AK-47 and the M4 is that the M4 is more accurate with better range.

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