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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.
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Installing simple mod for begginers

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Ok this is my first tutorial.I just want to make a simple tutorial for people who are new at modding.I tried to made i visual tutorial so there are a lots of pictures.

there are serbian version if someone need it just pm me.

I want to make a tutorial because i dont see anyone but who is real begginer this will help when i started first i didnt know this.There is nothing to be a shame of



Lets start

This tutorial is for GTA III,GTA Vice city,GTA San Andreas



You need a GTA img tool,try to find it on google if you cannot find it.Just pm me and i will send it to you.


But before anything always make back up folder because if you dont like it you will cant change it or is game crashing because of this so always make backup!!!!!!!!!!





1.Your gta folder like on this picture



user posted image





2.Now enter it and you will see this



user posted image



3.Now click on folder models you will see this


user posted image



4.Use right click on gta3.img and click propertise like on this picture


user posted image



5.Ok you see at bottom of the properties that on read-only there is checked i just ucheck it like on this picture.



user posted image




6.Ok its good that you uchecked it because there is some problems with replacing and deleting some folders.Now go to folder where you unziped the mod

you download it now.See this picture.


user posted image



You see at left side where sinds HFOTR.dff you see dff is a model of player

and at the right you will see HFOTR.txd you see that is texture of player



7.Ok now go to your gta then models than use double click on gta3.img


user posted image


Now on this picture you will see some text that is all models and textures in game.



8.Now click on the edit at the top and click find you will see this



user posted image



9.Ok type the title of the dff or txd i typed HFOTR.Then click find next and you will see this


user posted image


10.Ok click right click on the dff or txd because you will you will have to change both if you have dff and txd in your folder ,you can change just txd.And ok you will se that i highlighted extract,that is for exporting or making backup.

Ok click on extract and export it where ever you want.Ok that is for backuping sorry but i dont have the picture for this.


11.Ok on this picture you see i have highlighted replace now click on it and replace it with your txd or dff but always replace dff with dff and txd with txd.

See this picture


user posted image



there is some other picture



user posted image



12.Ok i dont have picture for this but i will explane.Ok some txd. or dff. you want to change with so you have to delete txd or dff and that click options at the top of the gta 3 img than click add and use yours txd and dff.


IF anyone want some other explanigs just leave a comment.

Replacin player is a bit diffrent

so please comment and sorry fo gramatic.

HAve a nice day biggrin.gif






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I will make a tutorial for txd workshop and how to make textures just tell me if anyone wants.

I can try to make a simple modelling tutorial in zmodeler with visual help like in this tutorial.Just anyone who wants it just pm me or,leave a comment.

i can make a serbian version of tutorial for all this

Please leave a comment biggrin.gif

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