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[IV|WIP] BusDriver Mod


Recommended Posts

user posted image


BusModBeta v1.0.1.1

Rooft0p2010: aka moochaka


ChangeList :

BusMod Beta v1.0.1.1


Requires Latest .net Scripthook Version BETA: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=392325


Compatible With Latest:




Download: GTAGarage V1.0.1.1


All Mod Related Videos: Rooft0p's Youtube Channel


Installation: Place all files and folders from within the scripts folder into your gta4 Scripts Folder.


2 new routes added (Route E can be set from within the game 20 stops excluding start/stop positions)

Now Over 100 stops in total from 5 routes.

Last/Next Stop Display

Speedo Added.(Not Great) Can be turned On/Off

Complete Text Overhaul (70% of text can be moved by user from within Config file).

Hazard Lights Activate whilst Reversing (in bus on route).

Route FailSafes In Place.

Full Enabled Radio.

Can Now Turn Fines On/Off from within game.

OnBoard Camera (Use In Bus Only) Not Great!

Default Keylist Display.

Loads And Loads Of Minor Changes.


User Route E.

Your Route Will Start From Bus Position E At The Depot And Finish Where BusStop A Driver Takes Over...

To make your own route (E) start by pressing Numpad * (Default),

This will activate route setup, Move to the location where you would like your first stop,

Press Numpad 1 to cycle through stops, When you have text stating stop 1 stand in the position

you would like to place the busstop and face the direction you would like the stop to face and press numpad 2,

Text will appear letting you know that the busstop position has been set, next stand where you would like

your first passenger to stand and face the direction you would like it to face then press numpad 2, Text will

appear showing Pass1 is set, Now stand where you would like passenger 2 and do the same, Text will appear

letting you know Pass3 is set, You can now find where you would like the second stop, press numpad 1 to select the

second stop and repeat the process, When you have completed your route setup go to your ini file and reduce

all BusStop Z vectors, (x, y, Z) by 1.2 (Only BusStop Not passenger), You can (alt tab) out of the game to do this,

Once done open the console By Pressing the @ Key and type: reloadscripts, To save a copy of the ini file press

numpad 3 whilst Route Setup is enabled (This is only a copy) but usefull if you would like to keep the coords of

your routes, Note. You will also have to change all coords for your route inside the busmod folder if you want it

to work with the route failsafes, only do this if the route has a tendency to fail.


Route Failsafes.

If you are on a route and it fails you now have an option of trying to recover the route, Everytime you

pick up a passenger/passengers always make sure that a route appears on the radar and that it leads to a Blip

at the end of it, If no blip appears you can first try pressing E again, Sometimes this will kick the route

back in but if not check the last stop you were at (Bottom left Of Screen), Now press Numpad / to show stop

list then follow on screen instructions, In Effect it will respawn bus at the loaction required, reloading

the enviroment, When you have respawned you should then press E again and this should let you continue with

route. (Known Issues: Bus may not face right direction after respawning).


Bus Racing.

Press Numpad . To enable Race Keys, Once enabled you can select any of 10 races by pressing the corresponding

number on the Numpad, Race 9 and 10 can be set by the player from within the ini file, You can also change the

vehicles and drivers used. NoteIt is not recommended to start race straight after you have finished one)


Press Tab To Bring Up Default Keylist...


BusModBeta v1.0.1.0

Rooft0p2010: aka moochaka


Compatible GTAIV v1.0.6.0

Requires: HazardX’s .net Scripthook v1.6.1.1


All Mod Related Videos: Rooft0p's Youtube Channel


Download: Temp Mirror v1.0.1.0




BusMod Beta v1.0.1.0


Updated to work with latest patch and EFLC:


No phone support anymore:

Races are enabled/disabled using the Decimal key then you can select a race

between Numpad1 and Numpad0 (Race 10) to select which one


Call To Spawn Bus removed // Bus spawn using the Left arrow key

Call To Teleport To Depot removed // Teleport to Depot using the Right arrow key



ChangeList :

BusMod Beta v1.0.0.1


Code Rewritten

New Route Added (Route C)

Option to Teleport To Depot on Mod Start

Buses Spawn at Depot (When Mod Enabled)

Help Icons (If Required)

All peds Directions Changed (Now Face Bus)

Bus Rear door Now Shuts When Bus Is Moving

Bus Stop Sign Added (RouteA Stop1)

Call To Spawn Bus

Call To Teleport To Depot

Hazard Lights Now On Whilst on Frenzy

Horn Sounds On Contact Whilst On Frenzy

Repair And Wash added (Rear Of BusDepot)

All Map Text Changed (Depot And Passenger)

10 Race's Added (9 & 10 Can Be Set Up By Player)

Position/Heading Displays (For When Planning Race)

Traffic On/Off (Helps When Setting Up Race Positions)

All Race Vehicles And Drivers can Be set By Player

On Foot Radio (Something I Use When Testing Thought I Would Leave It In)

Extensive ini File


Phone Numbers:

55 BUS 55 BUS: Spawns Bus With Player Inside (5528755287)

BUS 55 DEPOT: Teleports To Bus Depot (2875533768)

BUS RACE 001: BusRace 1 (2877223001)

BUS RACE 002: BusRace 2 (2877223002)

etc etc all the way to

BUS RACE 010: BusRace 10 (2877223010)


BusMod Beta v1.0.0.0


Compatible GTAIV v1.0.4.0. no later

Requires: HazardX’s .netScripthook v0.893


Download: GTAGarage V1.0.0.0


Just place inside scripts folder



Drive 2 Different Routes around liberty city picking up and dropping off passengers, Standard fare is $15 (More routes to be added at a later date)


Activate Mod by pressing PageUp (Deactivate PageDown), Once activated a station icon will appear on map (Location: Broker Bus Depot) there you can change into Busdriver

and start either of the 2 routes – Stand infront of the portacabin door and press B to change into Driver or back again (Text will appear on screen when you are in the

right place), To start Route A stand infront of the information door at the front of the depot (Text will appear) – Route B starts outside the toilets door, same applies

here the text will appear when in the right location you can now press B to start route.( NOTE : Routes will only start if there are buses in the Depot if there are none you

will have to bring your own or get the mod mentioned below to make sure you have a steady supply) While on route the player will be fined for bad driving i.e running a red light

will cost you $20 and hitting a vehicle or pedestrian will cost $50 (Fines can be turned off or values changed), Once route is completed you will receive a wage of $500.


Enable Speed Bomb : Player has the choice to activate Speed Bomb by pressing the Delete key, Once activated the device will arm at 50mph and Explode if you drive below 30mph,

The device can be disarmed if you reach 80mph (All speed settings are based on Bus and are approx) – this will work in any vehicle as long as BusMod is enabled but you might want to change the ini file.


Enable Bus Frenzy : Player has the choice to activate Bus Frenzy by pressing the End key,Once primed the Frenzy will start when you reach 40mph, You will be rewarded money ($1000Default)

for causing destruction i.e Hitting vehicles, pedestrians,buildings etc the Frenzy will end if your speed drops below 15mph (All speed settings are approx) – this will work in any vehicle

as long as BusMod is enabled but you might want to change the ini file.



Route A All Stops:


Stop1: Cassidy St, Algonquin.

Stop2: Dukes Expressway, Algonquin.

Stop3: Saratoga Ave, Willis.

Stop4: Howards St, Cleves Ave.

Stop5: Huntingdon St, Charleston Ave.

Stop6: Albany Ave, Union Drive East. (A)

Stop7: Albany Ave, Union Drive East. (B)

Stop8: Topaz St, Lancaster.

Stop9: Frankfort Ave, Silicon St.

Stop10: Frankfort Ave, Middle Park.

Stop11: Frankfort Ave, Hell Gate.

Stop12: Denver-Exeter Ave, Jade St.

Stop13: Galveston Ave, Iron St.

Stop14: Frankfort Ave, Garnet St.

Stop15: South Parkway, Castle Gardens.

Stop16: Flatfish Plaice, Union Drive East.

Stop17: Borlock Rd, Bridge Lane South.

Stop18: Albany Ave, Jade St.

Stop19: Nickel St, Middle Park East.

Stop20: Galveston Ave, Hell Gate.

Stop21: Jade St, Bismarck Ave.

Stop22: Bismarck Ave, Algonquin Bridge.

End: Dukes Expressway, Montauk Ave.


Route B All Stops:


Stop1: Oneida Ave, Outlook.

Stop2: Diamond St, Bismarck Ave.

Stop3: Columbus Ave, Diamond St.

Stop4: South Parkway, Denver Ave.

Stop5: Galveston Ave, Hematite St.

Stop6: Galveston Ave, Jade St.

Stop7: Galveston Ave, Hell Gate.

Stop8: Frankfort Ave, Middle Parl.

Stop9: Frankfort Ave, Silicon st.

Stop10: Topaz St, Frankfort Ave.

stop11: Applewhite St, Hubbard Ave.

Stop12: Applewhite St, Alderney City.

stop13: Jonestown Ave, Applewhite St.

Stop14: Asahara Rd, Alderney city.

stop15: Mahesh ave, Rand Ave.

Stop16: Mahesh Ave, Rael ave.

Stop17: Franklin St, Bridger st.

Stop18: Topaz st, Lancaster.

stop19: Bismarck Ave, Silicon St.

Stop20: Bismarck ave, Middle Park East.

Stop21: Columbus Ave, Star Junction.

End: Dukes Expressway, Montauk Ave.


Route C All Stops:


Stop1: Dukes Boulevard, Cerveza heights.

Stop2: Livingston st, Bunker Hill ave.

Stop3: Algonquin, Dukes Expressway.

Stop4: Dukes Expressway, shinnecock Ave.

Stop5: Crockett Ave, Wappinger Ave.

Stop6: Mohawk Ave, Dukes Expressway.

Stop7: Albany Ave, Diamond St.

Stop8: Borlock Rd, Emerald St.

Stop9: Albany Ave, Presidents City.

Stop10: Galveston Ave, Lorimar St.

Stop11: Galveston Ave, vauxite St.

Stop12: Exeter ave, Xenotime St.

Stop13: Vespucci Circus, Northwood.

Stop14: Bismarck Ave, silicon St.

Stop15: Columbus Ave, Star Junction.

Stop16: Columbus Ave, Emerald St.

Stop17: Calcium St, Amsterdam Lane.

Stop18: Albany Ave, Barium St.

Stop19: Barium St, Bismarck Ave.

Stop20: South Parkway, Union Drive East.

Stop21: Albany Ave, Bridge lane south.

End: Dukes Expressway, Montauk Ave.


Route D All Stops:


Stop1: Stone St.

Stop2: Franklin St.

Stop3: Dukes Drive.

Stop4: Dukes Drive, Sing Sing ave.

Stop5: Bronco st, Coxsack Ave.

Stop6: Coxsack Ave, Leavenworth Ave.

Stop7: Jackhammer St.

Stop8: Guantanamo Ave.

Stop9: Hollowback St, Joilet St.

Stop10: San Quentin Ave, Drop St.

Stop11: Frankfort Ave, Wardite St.

Stop12; Galveston Ave,Topaz St.

Stop13: Franklin St.

Stop14: Manzano Rd.

Stop15: Lockwoski Ave, Lyndon Ave.

Stop16: Koresh Sq.

Stop17; Asahara Rd.

Stop18: Frankfort Ave, Nickel St.

Stop19: Bismark Ave, Ruby St.

Stop20: Harrison St, Tinconderoga Ave.

End: Dukes Expressway, Montauk Ave.


Route E All Stops: (Default)


Stop1: Thornton St, Algonquin..

Stop2: Huntingdon St, Charleston Ave.

Stop3: Charleston Ave, Savannah Ave.

Stop4: San Jacinto Ave, Hancock St.

Stop5: San Jacinto Ave, Walton lane.

Stop6: Dukes Drive.

Stop7: Dukes Drive, Franklin St.

Stop8: Franklin St.

Stop9: Valley Forge Ave, Stone St.

Stop10: Hooper St, Dukes Boulevard.

Stop11: Bunker Hill Ave, Livingston St.

Stop12; Hancock St,Savannah Ave.

Stop13: Savannah Ave.

Stop14: Ellery St.

Stop15: Ellery St, Saratoga Ave.

Stop16: Lynch St,Saratoga Ave.

Stop17; Lynch St, Stillwater Ave.

Stop18: Cassidy St,Livingston St.

Stop19: Dillon St.

Stop20: Munsee Ave, Algonquin.

End: Dukes Expressway, Montauk Ave.


Ini file,



AppOn=PageUp //Turn Mod On

AppOff=PageDown //Turn Mod Off

ChangeSkin=B //Change Into BusDriver/Niko

StartRoute=B //Starts Route At Selected Position

EnterBus=E //Passenger Enter/Exit At Selected Stops

BusBomb=Delete //Activate Speed Controlled Bomb

BusFrenzy=End //Activate Type Of KillFrenzy

Repair=R //Repair Vehicle (Located At Rear Of Bus Depot)

RadioOn=MediaPlayPause //Turn Radio On

RadioOff=MediaStop //Turn Radio Off

RadioNext=MediaNextTrack //Radio Select Next Track

RadioPrevious=MediaPreviousTrack //Radio Select Previous Track

Position=Insert //Display Current Position/Heading

TrafficOff=Subtract //Turn Traffic Off

TrafficOn=Add //Turn Traffic On

SpawnBus=Left //Spawn Bus

Teleport=Right //Teleport To Bus Depot

Banter=MButton //Quick Remark (BusDriver Only)

Fines=Down //Turn Fines On/Off

KeyListKey=Tab //Display Default KeyList

CameraOn=F11 //BusCam On/Off (Use In Bus Only)

RacesOn=Decimal //Turn Race Selection On/Off

Race1=NumPad1 //Race1

Race2=NumPad2 //Race2

Race3=NumPad3 //Race3

Race4=NumPad4 //Race4

Race5=NumPad5 //Race5

Race6=NumPad6 //Race6

Race7=NumPad7 //Race7

Race8=NumPad8 //Race8

Race9=NumPad9 //Race9

Race0=NumPad0 //Race10

FailText=Divide //Display Failed Route Help

EnableSetKeys=Multiply //Enable User Route Setup

SelectStop=NumPad1 //Select Stop (1 - 20)

PosSelect=NumPad2 //Select Position (StopSign/Passenger1/Passenger2)

SaveCopy=NumPad3 //Save A Copy (Config File)



BusDriver=M_M_BUSDRIVER //Busdriver Model

RaceDriver=M_M_BUSDRIVER //Race Opponents

BUS1=BUS //Race Vehicle 1

BUS2=BUS //Race Vehicle 2

BUS3=BUS //Race Vehicle 3

BUS4=BUS //Player Race Vehicle



FinesOn=true //Fine System On/Off From Start

BusFare=15 //BusFare/Passenger

RedLightFine=20 //RedLight Fine Charge

CollisionFine=50 //Collision Fine Charge

Wages=500 //Wage/Route Completed

DisarmReward=10000 //Disarm SpeedBomb Reward

FrenzyReward=1000 //Frenzy Reward/Collision

RaceReward=5000 //Race Reward (1st Place)



FineSpeed=10.0 //Fines Activated When Speed Greater

ArmDevice=23.0 //Arm SpeedBomb When Speed Greater

ExplodeDevice=13.0 //Explode SpeedBomb When Speed Lower

Deactivate=32.0 //Deactivate Device When Speed Greater

StartFrenzy=15.0 //Start Frenzy When Speed Greater

EndFrenzy=5.0 //End Frenzy when Speed Lower

RaceSpeed=140 //AI Racers Top Speed



StationStart=false //Spawn At Depot (Start)

NeedBuses=true //Spawn Buses At Depot

IconHelp=false //Help Icons (Route Start Positions)

Speedo=true //Speedo On/Off



RouteTextX=0.4515 //Route Enter Text X Axis

RouteTextY=0.94 //Route Enter Text Y Axis

ChangingRoomTextX=0.456 //ChangingRoom Text X Axis

ChangingRoomTextY=0.94 //ChangingRoom Text Y Axis

RepairTextX=0.470 //Repair Text X Axis

RepairTextY=0.94 //Repair Text Y Axis

LastStopX=0.005 //LastStop Text X Axis

LastStopY=0.945 //LastStop Text Y Axis

NextStopX=0.005 //NextStop Text X Axis

NextStopY=0.97 //NextStop Text Y Axis

RouteEnabledX=0.005 //Route Enabled Text X Axis

RouteEnabledY=0.670 //Route Enabled Text Y Axis

SpeedoX=0.005 //Speedo X Axis

SpeedoY=0.645 //Speedo Y Axis

ModEnabledKeysX=0.005 //Mod Enabled Text X Axis

ModEnabledKeysY=0.695 //Mod Enabled Text Y Axis

EndTextX=0.445 //End Of Route Text X Axis

EndTextY=0.94 //End Of Route Text Y Axis

StopSelectX=0.005 //Stop Select Text X Axis

StopSelectY=0.595 //Stop Select Text Y Axis

PosSelectX=0.005 //Pos Select Text X Axis

PosSelectY=0.620 //Pos Select Text Y Axis


It is recommended that you play this mod alongside these 2 great mods for better gameplay


http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=385987 : GTAIV Buses

http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=398667 : GTAIV First Person






# = local disk or whatever drive you have GTA installed on.


GTA: #/programfiles/rockstargames/GrandTheftAutoIV


EFLC: #/programfiles/rockstargames/EFLC


Make sure these are installed:


.net 4 : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/deta...&displaylang=en


Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/deta...&displaylang=en


All Mod Files & Hooks, Loader, etc: http://www.filefront.com/17475570/Moochaka.rar


If you have yet to complete the game and need the bridges unlocked place this file in your scripts folder: http://www.filefront.com/17475576/BusBridgeFix.net.rar


Also please: if running vista or windows 7 make sure your gta4.exe is set to RUN AS ADMIN

Edited by Rooft0p
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Sounds cool, gonna try it out smile.gif




Tried to start the mod by pressing B, nothing....kept pressing it, niko moved a bit sometimes, and it ended with an error in the script.

Edited by cormack
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Start mod by pressing PageUp then when at station you can get changed here :


user posted image


and start route here :


user posted image


Dont forget there must be Busses at the Depot.

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cant seem to use it coz ScriptHook says:


"[iNFO] GTA IV Script Hook 0.3.0 - © 2009, Aru - Initialized

[iNFO] Process base address: 0x400000

[iNFO] Auto detecting game version

[FATAL] Failed to detect game version"



Compatible GTAIV v1.0.4.0. no later
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The mod is very good and works fine for me with version 1.0.3. The only problem that I noticed is that sometimes the people don't get inside the bus but they are walking infront of the bus and stuck there. Even if you move the bus and get the doors close to them they walk again infront of the bus. Hope to fix it. Overall it is a very clever mod! icon14.gif

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In the works for the next release:


MapIcon renamed to Broker Bus Depot(Done),

Option to start game from Depot when loading game(Done),

Call for bus if none present at Depot(Done),

Add new route(In progress),

Addition of Bus Racing - Race other Buses around liberty city for cash(In progress),

Redirect Passengers waiting, to stop facing north(In progress),

Add Repair and Wash shop at Depot(In progress)


- All for now, .

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  • 2 weeks later...
new script hook is out for the newest patch. can this mod work with it?

The new C++ scripthook is out. The .net scripthook, which this mod requires, is not.

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I haven`t tried it out yet but it sounds like a awesome mod. Unfortunately I don`t know anything about scripting so I have waited for a bus mod since the release of the GTA IV pc version, and now it is finally here. Too bad GTA IV is running like crap but I will try to fix it again so I can enjoy this mod.

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Quick update : A couple new things,


Bus Frenzy tweaked - Hazardlights now on whilst frenzy is active and horn sounds on contact:




New Addition - Bus Racing, Hopefully up to 10 race's 1 or 2 of which you will be able to set up yourself within the ini file, All Driver, Vehicle Models are changeable along with the speed settings:




Alot of other tweaks including, Peds face right direction at stops, Call for bus if none present, Wash and repair shop at Depot etc etc, All for now,

Edited by Rooft0p
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I got a Problem.

When there are 2 passenger, 1 of them running against the Front of the Bus and don´t get in. I must driver over him.


Srry 4 my bad english-

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Are you using the GMC RTS by Chazes?

Also, Rooft0p: Can you maybe publish some route maps, because a lot of times the GPS thingy will just direct me to Grand Easton Terminal.


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  • 2 weeks later...


cookie.gifcookie.gif really impressive mod! I found no problems while playing it! can't wait for the next updated version with the new route! oh, and on route "a" will you be completing that route to where another bus driver takes over like with route "b"?

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  • 3 weeks later...

great mod! keep up the good work. makes a lot of fun to drive around with the bus.


Is there a reason why only three people can be in the bus?

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Start mod by pressing PageUp then when at station you can get changed here :


user posted image


and start route here :


user posted image


Dont forget there must be Busses at the Depot.

I've done exactly that, but nothing is coming up or changing when pressing B or page up.


I've put the busmod.ini and .net.dll files into the scripts folder as required. I'm using scipthook V0.893 beta on GTA version Just opened up the scripthootdotnet log and got this:



2010-01-26 19:36:58 - Initializing ScriptHookDotNet v0.893 BETA (GTA IV version 19:36:58 - WARNING: GTA IV version is not supported! Please install GTA IV patch!



Find that a bit odd confused.gif


EDIT: Also I tried out driving into the petrol station across the depot and the buses back wheels started to burn, but for some reason it didnt blow up straight away as it usually happens. I tried it with a car and blew up straight away. Thinking it might be because its a large object, but that hasnt stopped eg the noose van from blowing up when I drove into it :s

Edited by iranair777
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  • 3 weeks later...

As you can see, the error report clearly gives you the error, you need to read it!


WARNING: GTA IV version is not supported! Please install GTA IV patch!


Scripthook (required to use this mod) is not compatible with patch (Patch 5), to use this mod you will have to uninstall the game, and reinstall patch (patch 4).


There is no way to get it working on, its not compatible as of yet!

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This mod is bonkers, I love it!!!! Had to roll back to to get it to work, but you know what? It's worth it.


The only crit I have is that it seems to slow my pc down more than usual when playing (might be a script.net thing) and another comment is that since I installed all the files required, it has now started raining indoors!! Dont know whether thats a problem specific to this mod, or whether that problem has come from the required files, but not a massive problem.


Overall though, I f***ing love this mod. Its worth putting up with the slight slowdown.


I nudged a cop car on a bridge on route c and basically had the coppers chasing me throughout the whole route, it was bonkers (and mad fun). I still managed to make all stops without getting busted.....haha.


Are there any more updates in the works?

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To be honest i have stopped working on the mod for the moment untill HazardX updates his hook, But will update as soon as this is released, Only problem is i think this may not happen with the upcoming release's of TLAD and BOGT i am pretty sure us on the PC will have another update patch from rockstar which will probably throw a spanner in the works for HazardX, If this is the case then i will probably release the source code instead. Depends on demand. Best way to keep informed is by contacting me personally.


Pc: Moochaka

XBOX360: Moochaka

PS3: Rooft0p14


ps: The rain thing is down to rockstar and the patch.


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No problems about holding off on an update. TBH, I'm just grateful to have what you've done already.


I have noticed a few problems with the mod in the last 24 hours, such as large amounts of passengers at stops (which makes the mod think that the route is never completed), and I'm also having problems completing routes as the gps sometimes does'nt make it obvious where you should go next (I could probably mark out the routes on a paper map to get around that problem). Also, stops I've already visited show up on the map as not having been visited, so you can never complete the route (or you're forever driving back to stops you've already been at).


I've been testing this loads in the last 24 hours and could send you a detailed bug report if you're interested, but seeing as how you've said you're not working on it at the moment, I'll probably hold back on that unless you tell me otherwise - in which case I can send you one.


Whatever though, i'm just glad you've done as much as you have, its appreciated. It's still a fun mod to play even with the problems it has, so I'm going to keep messing with it.


I dont mod myself, but if you do ever release the source, I'll take a look at it and see what I can do. I'm computer literate when it comes to simple coding and can turn my hands to most things, so if it happens, I'll defo have a look at seeing what I can do, if and when the time comes.


Cheers man.



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Just a note, The main problem with the mod is the route not completing (Something which i was struggling to solve), It kind of works like this - When starting a route A,B or C you press the B key, In effect what is actually happening in the code is, It makes you enter the nearest bus and it spawns the required number of passengers at the first stop then when you reach the first stop and Press the Enter key (E) the code makes the nearest peds to the spawned passengers location enter the bus and also then spawns the next stops passengers and so on and so on, Why sometimes the next set of passengers dont spawn is beyond me (this only happens sometimes and also it is sometimes better to wait at the stop for a couple of seconds before pressing E and letting them on (Helps Sometimes), If you have alot of passengers at each stop then its my guess a route you were on failed and so you then went back and started it again thus not giving the spawned peds a chance to delete, If this happens your best bet is to Reload the script by opening the .net console window (by pressing ~ key (Although for me it works with the @ key) and typing " reloadscripts " in there and hitting return which will clear everything and let you start again. Also helps alot if you have defragged and run any cleanup utils you may have before starting a game (Works for me). Anyways glad you enjoy the mod

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