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DMA Map Editor Patch, bye bye UMAP and PSXM.


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I thought why the hell i must use 2 different tools to optimize maps.

So used my cra*king and assembly language skills (just to not to forget them) and patched

the UMAP and PSXM chunk saving out of the editor.



Now it doesn't save UMAP and Playstation tile mapping anymore.

And it doesn't matter what you click now: Save or Save Compressed.



Map is always saved as compressed (DMAP). So there is no need for gmp optimizer.

So editor now generates maps in size around 274KB (empty map) instead 6,27MB.




This patch only works with default editor.

If you have removed debug info from exe or mucked with anything in that then it will not work because filesize will be wrong.

Including CRC and so on. Here it is: 16KB.


Fixed exe:




Copy to app folder and execute.




Dunno, maybe it's better to upload patched exe?

In that case im gonna MOD the editor completely.

Edited by B-$hep
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Sounds great, but I keep getting the "wrong filesize"-error. I re-downloaded the editor from several websites (even though I can't remember tinkering with the one I had), but that doesn't help...

By the way, what's with that awkward sound while using the program? I thought I was imagining things...

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This is simple chiptune that plays in patcher.


Btw, im gonna release fixed EXE instead patch.




I removed ALOT of unnecessary stuff: UMAP, CMAP, PSXM, EDIT.

Also it doesn't generate TMP files anymore.


Old editor always generated many TMP files and never removed it after closing.

So i fixed it. No trash anymore on your HDD.



At the moment empty new map saved is 273KB in size. Instead of old 6.27MB.



BTW: im gonna change a UI a bit also.




Stay tuned.

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Ok here is fixed exe.

I removed saving of UMAP, PSXM, EDIT and tmp files. Also removed debug info from exe

and packed it with UPX.


Also UI is a bit changed. Credit goes to [email protected]

I took his UI modified EXE and just removed the things above.





But problem (if it can be called so) is that you must always save map using

"Save Compressed" button.


Otherwise map will not be saved.


I messed up something in that part, i need to investigate this part more closely.



Also thanks to [email protected] there are few new HOT keys:


1) F9, F10, F11, F12 are now: AIR (erase), road, pavement, field accordingly.

2) F8: building (box)

3) F7: reset view (like ESC key)

4) Alt + E: edit zones

5) Alt + Z: show or hide zones

6) Alt + R: edit lights

7) Alt + L: show or hide lights

8) Shift + L: add light

9) Alt + S: shows Slope dialog

10) Alt + O: settings (press twice to quickly change current STY file)

11) Alt + 1: 3D view

12) Alt + 2: top view

13) Alt +3: view whole map


The last 3 keys works like the according menu items. Pressing them switches off / on the view, but doesn't switch between the views. And if only one of the views are activated ( for example first one) then if you switch it off then map closes.


14) Ctrl + Shift + S: save and compress


Of course more hot keys can be added.



That's all so far.

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  • 2 months later...


Gustavob reported that after saving compressed map with patched editor, the map looses tile collisions and animations.


Gustavob, if you are reading this then is there any easy way to reproduce this?


Probably i patched too much in EXE but im not sure.

I will start with clean original EXE and will patch again.



BTW: Ben you once asked if the map preview (minimap) could be resized, well i resized it and image in it also resized.


Map is sanb.gmp, i don't remember where i got this but it was in my Temp folder, so i just picked up it quickly to test.


As you see, i made it pretty big.




Edited by B-$hep
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Oh, I see. B-$hep is working on so many projects that it's easy to get lost. Man he's like a programming machine! Honestly, I think he should be given a contribution award.

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Yeah, i guess i work too much on different projects / stuff at one time.

I have to code, i have to "seek-and-destroy", i have to keep my released stuff update, i must answer emails, live my private life, mess with searching new house and so on.

Lol, like small home office already.



And im doing this all for free. And still i feel like that im not doing enough.

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