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16 v LCPD


Recommended Posts


Errrrrr No....


Not when i did it. It wasn't over sized when i did it so no..

Fine, keep it this way and see it disabled. You don't need to be so defensive about it, I just pointed it out. I don't care who made it this way.

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Tomorrows 16 v LCPD will be held by LeRay0409.


Check the first post to see the route that will be being used.

Edited by CopsMustDie
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Sorry havent been able to get around for the ps3 side, but im gonna start soon maybe on the weekend. and whats the code for the big LCPD vs16 banner so i can show it in my posts

Code for 16vsLCPD header. wink.gif





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Nitty Don
Tonight 16 v LCPD will be held by LeRay0409.


Check the first post to see the route that will be being used.

Tonight !!!?? you mean tomorrow right ?

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Tonight’s 16vLCPD will be held at 10:00 GMT hosted by LeRay Jenkins

Current Event: Bohan Brawl + TBA

Don’t break the chain this time, ladies wink.gif


Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif Approx 2 hours until 16vLCPD…


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Today was f*cking awesome guys, I got some great footage. When I get time from all my work I will do a music video for this week's 16vsLCPD. Some bad news however, we did an amazing Phantom Truck convey afterwards and I got at least 5 amazing shots and loads of the footage was great, and what do you know.......it doesn't save it suicidal.gif . So the video will be awesome, just that it will be missing some truck mayhem cryani.gif .


Anyway, cool times guys icon14.gif .

EDIT: Recovered it, it saved in some unknown place. Phew, was a close call.........

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Yeah, you guys almost had a full room, I heard wow.gif


Sorry for not being there, I just can't ignore the awesomeness of Assassin's Creed 2. Have been waiting for this ever since AC 1...

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Turbo Awesome! That was my first one, can't wait to do it again. At one point I ran out of ammo and I wasn't sure what the rule was about re-upping, if we could go back to the airport or not. I know I'm new biggrin.gif but I think a challenging rule to ad could be that if you do run out of ammo you can only re-arm by pickin up dead pig guns. That's what I had to do and it was hard as hell, my heart was racin, but like I said, way fun.

Thanks for the invite guys!

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lol.gif Really? Cause I kind of don't. mercie_blink.gif But if you're sayin it was you Guru, believe me, I won't forget. ph34r.gif

Edited by Niall
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wasn't sure what the rule was about re-upping, if we could go back to the airport or not.

It get's f*cking crazy! We always have a pilot escort, who can take (just) 1 player to the Airport for quick pickups, just have to call him for next spot. He can take a next player if he chooses. Good games all around everybody, we shut down those glitchy little LCPD! I can't believe how many Helis there were in Bohan. Good sh*t!

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Thanks for yesterday, it was fun! My first one so dont be too hard on me. Too bad I have too keep the sound down and couldnt use my mic cause my baby was sleeping. My game was also kinda laggy and slow. Maybe it was for everyone? I never played a game with that much many players, cops and vehicles at one spot before. I also must confess that I played with freeaim. I tried AA ON earlier on the day to refresh how it was and I just couldnt stand it. I actually died much easier, so that just isnt for me.

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i like coffee enemas

Whatever I've said about this event in the past, I take it ALL back. Last night was the sh*t! It was f*cking immense. It isn't the event itself that often makes it boring. It all depends on how much lag there is in the game (lag seems to spawn THOUSANDS of cops, it seems) and how many people turn up (obviously, more people means more cops). 16 v LCPD has a new fan!


Running around on the ground is definitely where it's at. You're surrounded by thousands of cops and cop cars, you've got helicopters falling around you from all sides and when you're running along the APC it just looks freakin' badass. I definitely think we should stick to the formula of two choppers (one for extraction, one for attacking choppers)/one APC driver/a shed load of ground troops. It just looks like a warzone!


Due to my new found love of this event I MAY even create my own route sometime! moto_whistle.gif

Edited by leelee862
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icon14.gificon14.gif Niall, lalitkishor, & ktm_ryder: all added to The Resistance roster!!!


Routes can start a bit slow, but once there is a high enough wanted level, it get's pretty intense. You know when it his epic proportion when the lag kicks in. Fortunately, we're not having a go at each other, but the cops instead during the slag. When things slow down you can actually sometimes get a jump on the LCPD. The worst is those sneaky few who find a way inside interiors! ph34r.gif


For next Wednesday, I was thinking of using a classic route brought back for BoGT. I'm leaning towards Reverse Prison Break or Perestroika Must Die!. In the near future, I would like to have a replay of the original route: Prison Break. Thoughts?

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i like coffee enemas

Posted at the behest of Mr.LeRay0409...




Good game yesterday lads, sorry i couldn't finish it but after my XBOX froze i went to get something done.


No one has thanked me yet all TBoGT routes have been created by me... You think that one was intense wait till you try my new one.. Which will i will be doing on Friday.

It hasn't gotten a title yet. Swooner you can do what you like for Wednesday i don't mind mate.. LCPD 0 - Resistance 2


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My guess would be Original Delta. But I don't really understand the intention behind his post. Delta, are you saying you want off the participants list?

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Slappy White

Friday night was boss, gents. Thanks to all, can't wait to see the footage! devil.gif


PS- Ive only participated in 2 of these so far... so I'm def. down for trying out the "classic" routes (prison break, peristroika..., etc) sometime in the future.

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i like coffee enemas

Personally, I'd prefer to try out some new routes. An all outdoor route would be awesome. Being closed off indoors isn't all that fun because all we do is wait for some cops to come running through a door and we all open fire at once. Taking on the cops in their cars and choppers outside, however, is just f*cking chaos. When we were holding out around The Triangle Club and then moved on to the abandoned factory, that was just chaotic. It was immense. I would like to do some more routes like this.

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Well leelee if you like out door one's then you may like the on i am doing on Friday, lets just say there isn't going to be much room to breathe.

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Wednesday’s Event: Perestroika Must Die!

10 minute arming period.


Happiness Island – Blow up as many LCPD Annihilators in 10 minutes as possible to work up a level.

Take boats from Happiness & carry wanted level to Hove beach.


Hove Beach Invasion – If high enough level, beach should be swarming with LCPD. Park boats under dock and either get SWAT vans or travel through amusement park to Firefly Train Station.


Firefly Train Station – Get to top level & take tracks heading north to Perestroika. When just outside club, jump down from middle track to land safely to street level & into club.


Perestroika – Main holdout location. There are 3 locations players need to be at all times. 1) main stage watching front door 2) Back Alley 3) Rooftop. When enough players have achieved 6 stars, everyone still in club should make a run into Outlook Park.


Outlook Park Pavilion – Final Stand. From here we hold out in the park using the pavilion as air cover. We can choose to either run out the time or ALL get SWAT vans to start a car chase/convoy around Liberty City.


icon14.gif Hope to see many!

Edited by swooner
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