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Hardcore playthrought.


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All, first of all, sorry for replying my own reply, but here we go.


I have officially given up that kill frenzy. It seems to be too much luck based to me. And by doing that I was finally able to finish the rest of the game.


By the way, there is a very similar K.F. on Industrial Area too. Except that it is way harder to get to. Unless I was doing something wrong, the only way to get that K.F. is by using the "hold accelarator and hand break at the same time" glitch to climb steep ramps. You can walk there, but there is no way to go down. One could "molotov jump" out of there, but for some reason the molotov glitch does not work. I think that it is because the game changes your current wepon when you touch the K.F. Anyway, after strugling to get on the top of the building with a car, you can grab it and enjoy 90 seconds of police officer shot gunning. Good luck for whoever is going to try that.


All I know is that thanks to (if I'm not mistaken) Sektor's fixed map scripts, I have now completed this game 100% (99% if we exclude the impossible K.Fs. that I have cheated through) and now I will take a break from the game.


The last piece of advice I will give to you guys, if there is still someone trying to do the shot gun kill frenzy, is:

- try to fill the screen with mines or, even better, find a deserted area and fill that with mines and see if the game counts points to you when the guards blow themselves up.


- if you are trying this K.F. on Residential District, there is a Paint Shop very near its position. You could park a car near there, grab the K.F., kill some cops and then, when things get rough, run to the car, paint it and try to fire at the nearest cop car (if any) in order to start the thing again quickly. I have not tried, it might work


- this tip is only valid when doing this K.F. on the third map: the army guys are weaker than the SWAT and special forces fellas. They can be droped with a single blast. If you somehow manage to have 3 or less kill to go, you might get lucky. Who knows...



Well, see you later my fellow GTA2 friends. The next one on my list is GTA 3, but first I'll stop by and finish NES's Final Fantasy! And you guys thinking I was playing an old game when we talked about GTA2. That one, if I'm not mistaken, is from 1987 eheh.


Well, see ya!




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I tried this for that shotgun KF but when i get to the KF invulnerability will just disappear.

Because it takes too much time to get to the KF after that.


The rest: fast reload and double damage will stay for longer but it's not enough.

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