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Hardcore playthrought.


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  • 1 month later...

Whoa great. If you really did it all, could you please do it again and record it? I would love to see it.


And I think I'm not the only one. I remember a post on speed demos archive where some guys were trying to achieve just that, a single segment run through the game.


I don't know if you have ever heard about that site. If not, go take a look. Videos made by people with your (supposed) skill level are great to watch.

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user posted image

Agreed tounge.gif



Did all missions or just got enough cash to go to next district? I could believe getting enough cash without cheating or dying.

Yeah, tell us that. Getting enough cash to pass to the next level is just too easy, just get the tank. I've done this a lot in PS1 version.

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Pictures wouldn't really prove much. You'd need a video and you can also record replays in the PC version by creating GTA2\test folder , importing this registry key, run GTA2 Manager, click debug tab, tick constant_replay_save, tick do_release_replay and it should save a replay to GTA2\test\replay.rep.

Edited by Sektor
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I thought that i would do the video at one go.

From start to end, just doing missions and stuff.


But it would takes Gigs of HDD space.

Fraps doesn't allow compressin on the fly so even the short clips where i passed the KF took tons of megabytes (just one video).


Later of course i packed it.

Second problem: it takes alot of time.

Third problem: Youtube allows only 10 min clips.


The last one could be solved in specific cases but i haven't read anything about that yet how to become Youtube partner or something.

So i could atleast upload any video length.


But i will look what Youtube offers to become a partner.


Another idea is just to upload to somewhere else.


But how the video should be done? Pass only all missions or collect everything you can (tokens, KF) ?




Also does anybody has idea how long approximately it would take to complete one level for example? let's say first?

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It can take from a half hour to 1+ hour to pass the first district, it depends on your skills and in what level you are playing. If you have great skills you can pass the Downtown District (first) in around 27 minutes (I've passed it in around 40 minutes one day as far as I remember, passing all missions) if you go fast from one mission to another

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  • 2 weeks later...





12. (212, 201)

Description - Electro Gun Kill Frenzy

Requirements - Kill ten people in 120 seconds.



Really so hard?

I haven't mucked very much with the KF lately. So i don't remember the difficulty.



EDIT: If it's correct one then it's 10 cops actually, not people.

GTA2 Guide has typo.


Just get armor first, then go to the scientist. Make sure they respect you or are just neutral. You will need to avoid any unnecessary damage from bullets.

Because otherwise FBI will just kill you. And try not to loose health.

It's not so hard actually.


Maybe it's totally useless but i just completed it and made small clip


Edited by B-$hep
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B-$hep the KF solver smile.gif


But I wish it was that easy. It actually is "Kill 20 cops in 60 seconds WITH THE SHOTGUN".


It is the 12th KF as indicated in this map, posted on another thread


user posted image


Altough you have just given me a tip. I'll try to see if when the Zaibatsu guys kill a cop it also counts towards my score. So far I know that explosions do not count, so it is not worth trying to setup a big car trap for when the SWAT or FBI comes.


I think my best so far was 3 cops remaining. But it was plain luck since the swat team and the FBI had already showed but they kind of given up running after me and then some more cops appeard. But still it wasn't enough.



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If the police just kept comming, with after the other, there would be enough time. The problem is that sometimes there is just a big pause, no very long, but enough to make that minute fly away.


I'm yet to find a consistent way of making the police cars to appear.


Then again, sometimes they do appear. But followed by the SWAT and the FBI. You just (at least I just) can't face them with the shotgun. Having the maximum Zaibatsu respect doesn't help much. My idea was to use them to hold the FBI

and the SWAT back while I kept poping cops, but they are usually wiped up pretty quickly by them. The only thing they seem to be able to consistently help you is with the regular cops, but that is a double edged sword - when they kill a cop, the

point will not be added to your score, so they'll simply end up stealing your "frag".


Another thing I just found out (but I assume everybody knows it by now) is that the gang members will not help you when you have the max possible respect level (the blinking +). You can be up to the +, but you cannot make it blink. I

think that, when you have it blinking, the gang members assume your are such a legend that those 75 cops chasing you are just part of your next master plan and none of them would even think about interfering smile.gif


I even try to use that to my advantage: I keep the + blinking the whole time while I'm killing the men in blue. Whena SWAT car appears, I quickly kill a Zaibatsu guy. That makes my level drop a little (enough to stop blinking) and then they start to

help. But as I've said before, no success with that so far. My best runs happended when the SWAT and FBI simply went back to their cars by themselves while the regular cops kept showing up.

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One idea.

If we ( or me ) could make a videos about passing every KF.

Will this actually help users to complete them?


Because actually it all depends. How many cops for example appear when you do some KF or how many

cars you have around when you really need them and so on.



Do such videos give some ideas to player?



Just wondering here.

Edited by B-$hep
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That, my friend, would be great. We could have like a stick topic named something like "K.F video tutorials" and post them all there.


But then again, as you've already said, it would be more like a guide line than a 100% certain way of passing them, because of all the random factors involved. And there is also the problem with the infamous glitched Kill Frenzies (the trailer car ones) which will crash the game if you do not modify the game scripts. But answering your question: YES, they do give ideas to the players. You were the very first person to give the world proof that Residential District K.F. #3 is possible (altough it did not worked for me - but I probably did something wrong)


There is also a few more problems:

- I'm on a limited bandwith connection. Uploading videos might end up being very costly for me. Altough I WILL make a video of this specific one if I manage to complete it


- I feel it would be something that we would end up doing more for our own sake than for helping others. I mean, how many people we actually see comming here and asking for help on kill frenzies (besides me)? I feel the videos would end up being simply a proof of our achievements. Our little trophies. I mean, it would be fantastic having a full video walkthrough here, but still, it would be something just for us smile.gif

Edited by Ferneu
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Yes but still it would be also for a game that some people love very much (at least me).

To show people that somebody still plays and messes around with that.

Maybe someone even starts playing it and even get's some fun out of it.


If you are on limited BW then you don't have to mess with it so much. But of you do complete it

then i would like to see video.



But i must say that it's another "tricky" KF.


I just HATE when it says: BUSTED (actually FRENZY FAILED when doing KF) when im on that or some other KF and just starting to finish that.



Im wondering if DMA programmers or game testers ever completed these tricky KF?

I think that they didn't.

Edited by B-$hep
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I agree with everything you just said. And yes, it really seems that DMA Q.A. skip some of this stuff. If they tried it all...


Q.A. is usually regarded as the worst game related job you can get, but having a good really pays up.


---Edit 1---

By the way, I've just found out a "Quick Reload" relatively near the K.F. area (it is near the 8th Wang Car). I'll see if I can make it last long enough for the kill frenzy.


---Edit 2---

well, the Quick/Fast reload seems to be the way to go. If I just had the luck I had on my previous attempts where there were just 3 cops to go, I would probably make it.


And the fast reload also means it is quicker to blow cars. It might be handy when dealing with SWAT.


---Edit 3 ---

Just beat my own high score. Killed 18. Only two to go...

Edited by Ferneu
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If nobody has done it yet by this summer, I'll do it myself.

You could ask markiij permission to use info from his guide.

But the stuff in the guide must be checked and bugs must be fixed.


GTA2 guide must be clear and without bugs. There is no point to replicate any bugs and put them in new one.

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Yeah, his guide will be useful. I only have the PC version so I'll need an extra source of info for the PSX version, and markiij's guide seems to focus on that version.

I'm very busy at the moment so I won't be able to start it until this summer, but I'd like you to help me, telling me any mistake I make.

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Meanwhile I'm still trying the K.F.


I managed to get 17 a couple of times. But it is too random. I cannot do it consistently.


Couldn't get 18 again eighter...

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