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10 years old...


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Because of money he takes?


Kill some peds, do some jobs, you will get alot more back than he takes.



He takes few dollars only. Of course he runs back to you after first and second time but not always. One time he came to 5 times in a row. He didn't even care that i hit him each time.

Still came back.




Funny guy.

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haha i like the pickpockets/red thieves too they are funny when they come with that "GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY!" although I always kill them tounge.gif


I HATE the car thieves, always when they steal a car wich is behind me they start hitting my car then I go, steal them and kill them, they are annoying! mad.gif


funny is when you steal a car, a car thief comes and steal it from you and the car owner steal it back. Sometimes the car thieves steal the car again when the driver wants it back lol


Sometimes when I steal a car and car thief steal it from me, i steal back and run him over and then the car owner. I get $300: $100 for the "irony bonus" when you kill a car driver with his own car and $200 when you kill a car thief with his stolen car


one day I was in multiplayer with my friend and pickpocket stole $20000 from him! He was like "GODDAMNIT f*ck PICKPOCKETS!" and I loled lol.gif





Edited by Gustavob
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haha good one and ironicly i was under nick Pickpocket on that game! (seriously!) And he said F**K PICKPOCKETS but same way I loled XD

But to steal $20000 to buy another T-shirt only if its a super AI futuristic (more futuristic then 2013) T-Shirt wich can recharge iPods and cell-phones batteries and with an coupled PC tounge.gif


Or to buy some 200 shirts turn.gif but funny what you said anyway :PPPP

Edited by Gustavob
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It's possible in GTA2 to zoom at incredible speeds through dozens of civilians, all of who go "AH! -- splat". You can't really do that in GTA3+, because there are lightpoles and dips in the sidewalk and curbs and all sorts of things. :lol



I keep coming back to GTA2 mostly for the music. The DJs -- especially Dean Frantz and Sammy Starrock -- are hilarious. The only competition Frantz has is Lazlow.


"To all of you explosively-minded idiots out there, I just wanna say...NNGH! Every single Thursday I enter this office, I get bombs: I get letter bombs, I get mail bombs, I get all kinds of bombs, except...bombs in my pants. And when I see that bomb at the front door... and you try blow up the station, You know what I do? I kick that bomb right outta my way, because I'm not afraid! And you're not going to blow the station up, You know why? Because you're idiots."


"So I'm drivin' to work the other day, decided I needed some smokes to get me through, y'know. So I pull over, park the car, go in the store, come out. A MINUTE LATER -- the car is GONE! Stolen! Fifth time this MONTH! These people, these car thieves, joyriders....I tell ya, I wish they all had ONE BIG NECK so I put my hands around it and choke the living life outta all of them all at ONCE! Hey, here's a word from our sponsors!" (Frantz)


"Have you ever thought about...death? Well, I know I hadn't, 'til a friend pointed out: it comes to us all. Now, we've got a competition in conjunction with our sponsors, ZAIBATSU, and you could win yourself a five-star top of the line funeral, absolutely free! No embarrassed kids at the graveside, stay tuned after the news for details."



"The name's Frantz. Dean Frantz. I tell ya, cops -- they're everywhere these days. I-i can't walk down the street without somebody asking me for my I.D., some man in blue, telling me...'Who are you?'. I'm Dean Frantz. I don't need to SHOW you my ID, you.....I mean, cops! Everywhere! But is there ever a cop when you need one? No!"


"I tell ya, I'm sitting in this radio station, in the booth here...I'm surrounded by, what? FIFTEEN OTHER PEOPLE, okay? But I'm...all alone. IS THIS A PROBLEM? Can somebody DO SOMETHING? That's all I ask for. A little help. But no, it's just me...in the booth."





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"I tell ya, I'm sitting in this radio station, in the booth here...I'm surrounded by, what? FIFTEEN OTHER PEOPLE, okay? But I'm...all alone. IS THIS A PROBLEM? Can somebody DO SOMETHING? That's all I ask for. A little help. But no, it's just me...in the booth."


That one's just legendary, I always quote it tounge.gif

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haha I love Bombatomba @ KGBH and Dean Frantz @ Futuro FM too


"This very good band, its all chicks, its called Nipples in Chains! Very good band! Er.. give me the track! Prodo! Prodo, come! This very good, never before heard on my radio station! You hear FIRST from Bombatomba! I give you the best. There is no other reason why you listen anywhere else, dont even think about... Breaks radio dials this is very good, listen:"


Sammy Starock at Rockstar Radio is very funny when he talks about the bombs tounge.gif

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LOL, nope.


I really love what this guy does.




But i hate the green car thief. I always blow him up.

I love it when the peds throw the carjacker out of the car and say "get outta my car asshole"

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I forgot that.



Yep, this is also good one. He takes his car back if he has a pistol.

If it still doesn't get car back it goes to the pavement and starts walking around with pistol in the hand.

And if you something bad he will shoot you.


But cops and gang members will take him down if they see him and he shoots.

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  • 2 weeks later...

GTA II is way way way better than Liberty City and San Andreas. Not so sure about Vice City as i love both.


I have to admit, that i listen in my head to the GTA II radios while playing VC. This game has one of the best audio selection.

Edited by Pnux
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