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GTA IV Patch 5


What sort of impact has Patch 5 had on your game?  

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  1. 1. What sort of impact has Patch 5 had on your game?

    • Positive impact.
    • No noticable impact.
    • Negative impact.
    • ZOMGWTF THE LOST AND DAMNED!!!1'1'1@@@!11oneoneone

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Patch 5


Lets start a list to document what has been changed so far:


- TLAD Achievements have been added.

- Some Shadow issues fixed

- Graphical Issues

- Some minor performance gain

- Extra Controls

- No longer rains in inside.

I'll update this list when, more info is found out and confirmed


Be advised, that there has been no official word from Rockstar regarding this patch release, a few people ahve reported issues with the patch not loading IV, or not being able to get into MP.




Here is a cut and paste of the information available on Rockstars update website :-



Today we released patched for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. The patch features a number of updates and fixes including the conversion of all region SKU’s into the same SKU, more freedom for users to customize controls, and several multiplayer fixes. The full patch notes can be found below. Please visit http://updates.rockstargames.com/patches/g...UPDATE_1004.rar to download the patch.

Version – November 10, 2009



    * Convert all region SKU's into the same SKU.

    * Include support for all languages within single exe.




    * Allow controls to be double mapped on keyboard.

    * Added option in controls menu to disable mouse controls in helicopters.

    * Adjust keyboard control sensitivity in hood cam view in vehicles.




    * Security Updates to deter cheating in multiplayer.

    * Hosts can now immediately Kick users from their games in Lobby and in game via Cell phone without having to rely on peer voting.

    * Fixed a bug in Cops 'n Crooks mode where Host would drop out and prevent remaining players from leaving game.


For more information go here.


Rockstar News announcement (3 days late) can be found here.

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I install. It is patch number Hehehe. I don't look changes. bored.gif


Well when I tried to install it, it said Patch 5 so it is patch

Problem is I get an error it can't overwrite binkw32.dll.

Well it's waiting on R* Toronto now I guess.





EDIT: Trying to reinstall the game, see if it works after that.

EDIT2: Figured it out, still had already deleted my game.

I had installed it on my external harddrive G: but i connected my printer aswell today before connecting my external HDD so it was named H: and that's why nothing wanted to work xD.

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I don't know about you guys, but did anyone that already installed it experience a kind of performance boost?

Because I've got a feeling like I had a performance boost.

Still not sure since I haven't played long enough.

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Before you all start asking why the TC got banned, he is a pbm that has distributed harmful batch files in the past. Some of you will remember Rockdude and what a childish cretin he is. I will leave this open for now and see where it goes. I am not about to f*ck up my install of GTA 4 until I can see if this patch actually does anything.

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OK, where to start.




1. Cell phone wont open??? I have NO mods installed (except graphics mods). I tried a few things. Next is a fresh install.


2. Display settings keep resetting every time I start the game.


3. SHADOWS!! They are TERRIBLE now. When the sun sets and the shadows go over the map, they are no longer smooth. Now they are slow, like as if I was getting 2 FPS.


Good things...


Slight FPS improvement, maybe 2-5 FPS. I get 50's as it is in SP anyway so I can't really say. Will help for those with lower end PC's.


Less CPU load, but nothing significant, 5% at best. I monitor CPU with Everest with Logitech G19 LCD.


I will do a fresh install and report back!

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Same error as above after installation, this patch is probably only for US version. I messed up my game it won't start. I think other countries must wait.

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I don't believe this patch is "region" specific, the patch is being offered by the GFWL interface which makes it mandatory. In other words if you don't install the patch you won't be able to log into GFWL or play MP (not that you can play MP any more because of all the cheating and kicking).


Still no sign of Rockstar to update us on things, why am I not surprised sarcasm.gif . At this moment in time I would tell everyone to AVOID this patch till we know exactly what it does. If you must patch your game then make a copy of your ENTIRE GTA 4 game folder before you do it. Then if you find the new patch f*cks things up you just have to copy your backup folder back. I am not touching this patch with a barge pole till Rockstar tell us exactly what this is meant to do.

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I have found TLAD Acheivements in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




GO into your Acheivements and check em out!!!!!

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Hmm, even its a new "patch" I wont install it.

Yesterday I had much fun playing GTA IV after about 2=3 months.

But...it doesnt make me to install it.

I do not even install a GFWL update/patch since it f*ck up your game seriousley.

But heck, we want DLC's instead of this GFWL crap colgate.gif

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I am not touching this patch with a barge pole till Rockstar tell us exactly what this is meant to do.

icon14.gif Me too...Now waiting the explanation of this patch is the best rationalist way, I think...

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GFWL is not supported in Poland, so in creating online acc I selected USA as my country, that,s why I get the update. I have Polish version of the game. Anyway I'm reinstalling...

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I think it may have just added support for TLAD - which will soon be available for purchase on the GFWL Marketplace. (Going by smilers screenshot)

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Why is the area black?

Only wondering.

Its so strange, you hide ilegal porn or Photoshop or any fake conditions?

Dont be mad at me, its only a little question.

because I taken the shot when the game was still loading the menu lol

Ow lol, excuse me for that.

I dont use any GFWL program since its too much wait lol.gif

user posted image
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