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Pumpkin Zone

Healthcare Reform Passed

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Yes, they are big bad bullies, my state is helping my family with our problems, but the FEDS are also looking to tear an industry completely off the map. These companies that circulate money, the thousands and thousands of people that work for the companies, have incredible implications on the fragile state of the current economy. A trillion-plus dollar industry now being handed to the no-profit generating government. We live in a society of profit, whether people like it or not, and if it is turned over to the government completely, things will not get better. We are hearing about state workers in California being handed I.O.U's, well lets just see how that will fly nationwide. The country is in debt at lowest estimations of $11 trillion, and now the government wants to spend an extra trillion to takeover the healthcare industry.


It's only the bad guys that are in office when it's Democrats not Republicans it seems. The Obama administration isn't even backing up the public option because they are bought and sold by the insurnce compnies. Only Harry Reid and friends are supporting the public option ( for now ), maybe they too will be bought, so don't think that the ''feds'' exactly supporting this plan either , they are just watching and seeing for the sake of their public appearance and insurance bribes.


The Insurance companies only circulate money within their own kind, paying for ads and lobbying makes the public option look so much cheaper since the public option do not need ads nor deny people over trivial pre-condition diseases such as acne or rape. This is what makes someone who lives in a $30,000 a yer household dumb when they advocate for the insurance companies. The low-income families will benefit from it but they rather get tricked by the private insurance companies into thinking private companies are the true capitalist, when they are really after your money, not caring about your health at all.


No profit? It profit us as Americans who get insurance and get the help we need. Money is not everything and thats what you don't get. You only see the profit of money, not the benefit of someone's life. However, if you wnt to talk about profits, it will be cheaper and less spending for the reasons I've said before. And the only reason why the country is in debt right now is becuse of the unregulated mess in the market under the Bush administration. You want to scream about your taxes? Ask how and why did they use our tax money to bail out companies who gambled THEIR money. Why isn't anyone screming about that? And now the Obama administration ( oh no I criticized Obama! ) is replacing the smuck Geithner with a chance of hiring a friggin' CEO for his treasury department! Where is the protest in that?



What does this debt mean? Failure. Maybe for a few weeks, things may be great under the new plan, provided they don't clampdown on it immediately, then thanks to the overload of "sick" people that now are of the belief that healthcare is free, you will see rationing of healthcare and denial of people for all sorts of things. All the fears we "kooks" have about taxation, rationing, "counseling" (A very nice way of putting "Maybe you should just take the pain meds instead of solving the root cause of your problem) legislation concerning peoples lifestyles, will in all likelyhood come true.


There is already an overload of sick people dying in America, wht you seem to be afraid of is that they get the same care and treatment that you get. The debt wouldn't as gret as it is now. Again, it won't be subsidized for the last time and it will be paid with low premiums. There will not be paid ads and wasted spending on bribes. I am amazed how people are refusing their vegetables when it is good for them. I really am. But look at the fat lifestyle of Americans anyway, still dreaming of being a fat cat not a fat ass.


And those plans would look appealing if people actually follow the rules.Just like capitalism would be the best thing in the world, if people weren't so greedy. I wonder where we find the money to pay more to doctors than they are already paid now.

Edited by buffalosoulj4h20

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