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Things that could've improved tBoGT

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iiCriminnaaL 49
Posted (edited)

- Writing the characters better. (Armando, Rocco, Mori, Brucie, Evan, etc... even Luis himself. He was expected to be better during the moments he appeared in IV and TLaD.)

- Making Tony a straight man rather than a gay.

- Making Evan a less important character.

- Improving the conversations.

- Balancing the game's colors.

- Changing the whole theme to make drug dealing higher than nightclub business in Luis' priorities. (some people claim that this was R*'s plan in the first place, and I don't exclude that.)

- Decreasing the fancy theme in it.

- Balancing the missions; no more over-the-top missions.

- Increasing the role of Armando and Henrique in the storyline. So the drug business will have a bigger role for Luis.

- Making the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers a friendly gang, with the ability to call them for backup after Corner Kids is completed.

- Making Yusuf Amir a serious character, as was mentioned by Playboy X in IV.

- Getting Luis to move to a penthouse or a mansion after finishing Yusuf Amir's missions.

- Making Bulgarin discover the involvement of Luis and Tony in the diamonds business earlier, so it won't be like Pegorino's antagonistic role in IV.

- Replacing the cut crook's head in In The Crosshairs mission with Tony's head, which will make Bulgarin a bigger problem and make more sense for having Luis killing him. (although Niko should've killed him instead)

- Making Rocco the main antagonist rather than Bulgarin, and making his death to be caused by Lopez, rather than Townley in V.

- The ability to hangout with Yusuf and Mori. (according to the game's files, it was originally planned to be present. I don't know what made R* revert this.)

- The ability to call Luis' mother to get out (similar to friendship hangouts), for limited activities, like eating, attending shows, and maybe some more fitting activities for son and mother.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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