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Things that could've improved tBoGT

Recommended Posts

iiCriminnaaL 49

- Way more character development. (Armando, Rocco, Mori, Brucie, Evan, Bulgarin... even Luis himself.)

- Re-writing the conversations to be more believable.

- Balancing the game's colors - HUD, weather, so on.

- Changing the main theme from the nightlife to drug dealing, and making it "Liberty City just came a little darker!". (some people claim that this was R*'s plan in the first place, which might be true.)

- Making the missions grounded.

- Increasing the role of Armando and Henrique in the storyline. So the drug business will have a bigger role.

- Making the Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers a friendly gang, with the ability to call them for backup after Corner Kids is completed.

- Making Yusuf Amir a serious businessman, as was mentioned by Playboy X in IV.

- Getting Luis to move to a penthouse or a mansion after finishing Yusuf Amir's missions.

- Re-writing the main antagonist so it'll be Rocco rather than Bulgarin.

- The ability to hangout with Tony, Yusuf and Mori. (according to the game's files, it was originally planned to be present, at least with Tony and Mori. I don't know what made R* revert this.)

- The ability to call Luis' mother to get out (similar to friendship hangouts), for limited activities, like eating and attending shows.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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A lot more missions

Buy clothes and houses

More missions or apparicions of Armando,Henrique and Luis' mom

Jobs for Yusuf(stole helicopters,cars,boats,guns,..)

Buy nightclubs and invest in them(after Departure Time)
Date girls

Armando and Henrique as backup

Hang out with Yusuf

More helicopters(maybe Hunter or Sea Sparrow)

Customize cars(nitro,hidraulic suspension,change colors,...)

More activities in nightclubs(more dancing contests in Maisonette)

Make the new Vladivostok FM music in a separate radio station

Increase Bulgarin's and Rocco's roles as antagonists(like they kidnap someone,stole something,kills Tony,damage the clubs)

Make Bulgarin "darker"(like GTA IV)

Maybe tatoo parlors and barber shops


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More missions

More clothes

Buy Properties

Be Able to Date Girls


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American Venom

-Luis could've been a much more interesting character. Compared to Niko and even Johnny he's rather bland. Throughout the story it was like controlling a lifeless avatar that was so chilled and relaxed it just made him boring. Yes I know this is entirely subjective of course, but it surprises me for such a young guy he never seemed to want anything more for himself. 


-For the love of god I wish R* hid that mission checklist crap in a separate menu like the later titles. It's annoying passing a mission and being reminded of everything I didn't do to get 100%.  


-Buying clothes should've been brought back. His limited selection is ok, but this should've been the opportunity to expand GTA IV's clothing options, but they took it away and regressed. *shrugs*.


-Remove the like/respect meters. This is something I think feels out of place in TLAD too. In both of them Johnny and Luis already have perks unlocked from their friends so there's no point to like or respect unlike Niko when hanging out with friends and doing side missions helped improved them.

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