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"This sh*t's Cursed"/"Chinese Takeout"

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After playing TLAD earlier this year and having been confused up until now as to what actually happened during "this sh*t's cursed" I was hoping for at least some kind of minor explanation but after "chinese takeout" I've got to say i'm even more confused as to how Billy ended up being taken-down during these now two missions. Is there something I'm missing here? Or does everybody have different views on what happened?


My interpretation of "this sh*t's cursed/"chinese takeout" up until this moment is that although Billy had pre-arranged the deal to set Johnny and Jim up; when Billy started verbally abusing the 'Triad guy' during the opening scene of "chinese takeout" he may have inadvertedly set himself up for reprisal, afterall the Triads are "serious people".


Or could it simply have been just the simple by-product of heavy surveillance that came after "Buyer's market", the cursed heroin, and an element of wrong place-wrong time, i.e. Billy a well-known felon on probation being caught in the vacinity of two major crime scenes? But there's little evidence to hold him because the Triads intercepted the heroin and kept it at least up until "truck hustle" and he hadn't even fired a shot. We later learn in "Bad Standing" that Brian had cut a deal with the feds; is there something more intrecate at work here that I'm not seeing. If so then please feel free to share.

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Billy set up the attack on Johnny (and Jim) as revealed in TBOGT, but as TLAD shown, Johnny is tough enough to fight himself out, meanwhile, according to a radio report in GTA IV, a couple of Bikers were in a Bar in Chinatown when a fight broke out. Billy being Billy, and even the cutscene from TBOGT has shown, is that Billy doesn't know when to shut the f*ck up, so him and Brian being in a CHINATOWN Bar with him mouthing off, it seems pretty clear how the fight broke out! The police arrive just as Billy is out in the street and Brian had already run off.

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Extreme spoilers for TLAD and TBOGT in this post ahead...


i've been wondering about this myself. Billy and Brian getting picked up because of a bar fight just doesn't sit right with me.(brian keeps insisting that johnny set them up with the feds for a reason in my opinion)


My guess is that Billy set Johnny and Jim up with the Triads like we see in TBOGT. At the same time Brian is getting leaned on by the FIB because of his part in This Sh*t's Cursed. Unlike Johnny, Brian breaks under the pressure and alerts the FIB to the heroin deal with the Triads. Maybe Brian thought they were just going after Johnny and Jim, or maybe he knew they were going after Billy too.


Lets say Brian tipped them off intending for Johnny and Jim to be killed by the triads(he knew Billy was setting them up), AND he knew the FIB had it out for Billy. That leaves Brian as the new President of the Lost, and immunity from the FIB at the same time. Seems like something he'd go for, especially in light of what he does after the mission, AND how he somehow seemed to magically avoid getting caught by the cops.


Why the news story about the bar fight then? They wouldn't write an article saying a member of the Lost tipped them off so maybe it's a cover. Like how they call Rotterdam tower a 'demonstration' in TBOGT.


All in all, this is just my best guess. I do wish we got a more definitive/satisfying answer to one of the biggest moments in TLAD.

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From what I'm assuming the mission in TBOGT where you meet Billy and then have a shootout is before the 'This sh*t's Cursed' or whatever it was called in TLAD. Now it's plausible to believe that after Luis and Tony caused mayhem in Chinatown, the police began to have their eye on the Chinese (and everyone dealing with them etc). So the Lost ride in to trade the heroin, and the cops who have been monitoring them decide to move in. Whilst Johnny and Jim are fighting the Chinese, Billy and Brian wait outside.


They hear the cops come, then decide to head inside to hide, only their's more Chinese there, and either


A) They attack Billy/Brian because they're part of The Lost too, or


B) Due to their previous experience and Billy acting like an ass, they attack them.


As Johnny and Jim escape, Billy gets dragged out as the cops get reports of a brawl in a bar or where ever it was. Brian probably runs off/hides out of sight, but because the cops seemed to move in fast, he believes Johnny set him and Billy up.



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The reskinned Triad Boss in TBoGT looks like Zhou Ming to me.

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My theory:


Jim set up Billy to get caught outside by the police, whereas the Triads were going to kill them, but Billy was able to fight 'em off. Jim had the obviously-guilty look during cutscenes so.. that's just my theory

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there was a time when I thought Jim knew something, but then wouldn't he have to know he was being set up by Billy and Brian?

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I guess we'll never know for sure then. I think this is probably the most likely explanation:


The feds already had all the evidence they needed to take-down Billy before the start of TLAD but he got off on a technicality; so they put pressure on all the leading figures in the Lost to give witness-statements against him to make the case air-tight but only Brian was enough of a weasel/pussy to rat out the head of the chapter and seemingly his best friend and in return they granted him immunity - he had vacated the scene because he had prior knowledge of the event. The bust-up was a setup.



Brian meanwhile is riddled with so much guilt that he constantly deflects his feelings of guilt onto Johnny (freudian defence mechanism) whilst attempting to make a play for the chapter. I can't help but think that because Brian was easy to manipulate the feds had put these thoughts into his head for the purpose of causing dissention within the Lost (as they did with the black panther movement) and it imploded from the inside as planned.



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Interesting, but I always assumed Jim never liked Billy Grey's return because of the drug abuse / shakey leadership practices. Jim could've been an informer himself or undercover? His "death" was reported by Ashley, who got her information from where? The beauty of conspiracy theories is that there is never enough

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Coral_City, she probably got the info from Ray. Niko DID come back with the money after all....

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