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How to change CJ's skin using an IMG Editor

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Yeah someone is going to tell me there is already a thread for this.. but I can't find it.


I have downloaded several skins, Nico, Rambo White CJ etc..( For San Andreas) and several IMG Tools.. IMG Tool 2,0, Crazy IMG Editor and Sparks IMG editor. I am trying to ad and replace the files in the Player.IMG file with the ones in the skin folders. I add or replace them all, then save then exit. I start the game and either it crashes or nothing happens.. it' still black CJ.


I even tried the import feature of sparks.. no go. I only have the cd version 1,0 of SA with Cleo 3 and the FPS mod installed.


Problem is none of these tools or the skin packs have detailed readme files to tell you Exactly how to make it work. I need a good step by step tutorial using perferably one of the tools that let you add more them one file at a time so either Crazy IMG Editor or Sparks IMG Editor.


( The Rambo skin is 50 megabytes and has several folders with all kinds of stuff in it.. no readme file. But if I can just get Nico or white cj to work, i'd be happy))

Please help.


EDITED - New Problem. I found a copy of Nico version 3 that already has the player.img file to make install easier. I replaced my 65 meg player.img file with the new 83 meg Nico 3 file and when I start a new game, It don't work! It's still black CJ ! PLEASE HELP!!!

Edited by JohnPhoenix

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Check to make sure the mod replaces CJ 's default clothes. If it doesnt you would need to go into the wardrobe and change to that new player. Read its description before you download.

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Posted (edited)

Since 1-6-2018 in cant even open the disc image files.. anybody know why or know how to fix this?

Edited by OGTrey

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Looks like you're new here, but, please, check the date before posting :)

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Posted (edited)

use modloader

Edited by CoolMods

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