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Have you recieved EFLC early? SPOILERS!


Recommended Posts

Those of you who have recieved your copy of EFLC early, may now use this thread to discuss it. But please do still make use of the spoiler tags. Thanks.


Hi, Shopto.net have dispatched my copy of EFLC today with next day delivery so i'll have the game tomorrow so if you've ordered with them check your account. I'll answer any questions I can tomorrow but I wont post any spoilers. My gamertag is a211andrew. Keep checking it tomorrow just so you know im telling the truth.

Edited by Azazel
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I noticed it says released in 3 days at the top of the page, which means it won't ship til the release date correct? Hence, you will be getting it the same time as everyone else.

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No, i've already got my email from them saying it's been dispatched and I'll get it tomorrow. If you tell me how to take a picture and post it here, i'll show you.

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I will. They say it will come between 9AM and 6PM tomorrow but they always get to me on the morning. This is UK time by the way so at about 1pm UK time tomorrow I'll let you all know if the GTA4 radio is in EFLC.

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He's telling the truth. I just received an email from them notifying me of the game's shipment today for next day delivery tomorrow.


Shopto always ships their games out early. I use them exclusively now because I always get my games 2-3 days before the official release date.

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Great, hope you get it tomorrow.


My main questions will be: Are the GTA IV songs on there?


Is everything included in Free Mode? Did they put the LB to talk feature back in?

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I don't usually post on the forum, I'm always busy, but seeing as I have this week off, and seeing as a lot of people need a question or two answered about the disc which could make or break their purchase, I will try and answer any questions tomorrow.


My last two games from Shopto arrived around 2:pm

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Rimbaud prepare for a 24 hr barrage of questions monocle.gif


The store in question could be in some trouble soon, if they get noticed releasing early. If it does arrive tomorrow, thats obviously a full 2 days early. Bit naughty

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Awesome! When and if you do get the game early, please also tell us what comes in the game case, wether its posters, gold membership cards, etc.


I'm still undecided with getting the DLC or EFLC.

Edited by Schweppez
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You probably will get it tomorrow. I've had countless games from ShopTo before release date - the most recent examples being Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and SmackDown vs. RAW 2010, both of which I got on the Wednesday before their Friday release.

Edited by subsonicdust
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Remember guys, if you are planing on making a last minute order with Shopto tonight, do it before 5.30 GMT, make sure you pick pre order and pick the delivery as UKMAIL. it's 1.99 extra, but will ensure you get it the next day.

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got my email as well for my copy, I just got tekken 6 last saturday hes not lying. I'll prolly get my modern warfare 2 system early I already paid for it

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I bought mine on Ebay, I also bought IV on Ebay and that came early. On the description it said it will be dispached as soon as they had it, they had multiple copies for sale, there's a slight chance I'll get it early. Fingers crossed anyway.

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I've asked this, but I want to be more clear. Do you know of any US sites that seem to give out copies early to their buyers?


This seller on ebay says he has EFLC in stock right now and it's not a pre-order.



Estimated delivery within 3-8 business days

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Ok, I got it, opening it up now. Now I will try to answer questions, but I haven't got all day, about 30 minutes, and I don't really want to spoil anything even if I did. If you want to demand proof, I will PM one of you my Xbox live gamercard when I put the game in after my damn coffee.



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