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Action Replay Codes for PSP

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Surely if there are any teleport codes then you can just teleport somewhere high.


But at the moment there aren't any teleport codes, so we wait.

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im trying cwcheat to but i cant get the menu up and i dont know how this works confused.gif

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Does anyone know the code to infinite burnout(fire wheels) and favorites stars in GPS menu?

Edited by Respect2

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Hi guys, sorry for bumping this thread again. I am currently playing this and have neither plenty of time nor much patience for the time trial side missions (taxi etc.). In case anyone has it or does reproduce it, could you please share it with me here? I have googled it by the way, but no chance. CWCheats version is preferable, I am not very well on converting the codes. Thanks in advance.


Edit: Have found it. Will try it when I am at home, hope they work. 


_C0 timer adder
_L 0x20092910 0x24840001
_C0 stop timer
_L 0x20092910 0x24840000
_C0 time goes slow
_L 0x2028DDC8 0x24840001 
_C0 stop the time
_L 0x2028DDC8 0x24840000 
_C0 time goes back
_L 0x2028DDC8 0x2484FFFE

Edit 2: They all work properly, and they all are available in this thread too; 

 The reason why I couldn't find them is I searched as "stop" rather than "disable". I wish there would be a stopping stopwatch code too. But, anyway.


Edited by Antonio"Toni"Hernandez
Extra info.

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