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The Liberty City Chronicles

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user posted image


Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone's story will be told.



What is this about?


The idea of this is to add new episodes and stories to the many we already have in GTAIV via multiplayer. With the customisable characters, this should be easy.



So, you tell the stories, how?


You basically create missions. In these missions you prearrange anything that must happen, after that it's carnage as usual.



Is there a point system?


Yes, it's in money. When you create a mission for team vs team, free-for-all etc you must have an outcome that'll guarantee a winner. The money will then be awarded accordingly.



So if I create a character, do I have to stay with that character?


It's entirely up to you. One minute you can be a fat guy running from a security guard, the next you could be an Irish Mobster robbing a bank.


Please note though if a named character dies, then he is dead.



Can I team up with people?


That's what makes it a multiplayer game, so I strongly suggest team missions EG: 4 guys in a car (team 1) are running from 4 cops (team 2).


But at the end of the day, it's up to you how many you team up with.



Can there be duels between two characters?


Only if they're named.



So can people outside of GTAF play?


Short and sweet: no.



Can I create missions?


Of course!



Is there a set mode they have to be in?


No, but obviously don't choose Mafiya work or Car Jack City etc etc. I'd recommend free-mode.



Any rules that stay the same?


No, they can differentiate in any way, but they have to be prearranged.



This is quality, how do I join?


Just add a mission or take part in someone elses.



Open Missions:


Rumble in the Urban Jungle - DanManUtd



Past Missions:





Name: Creator: Details:
John Charleston DanManUtd DA of LC
Igor Alenichev DanManUtd Major player in Petrovic Family





Forum Name: PSN:
DanManUtd FelixDaniezo





Position: Player: Money:
1 - -


As this is my first go at making a comp, please let me know what I can improve. Also if there's any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Edited by DanManUtd

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To kick off here's my mission for 8-10 players and what you can use a basic template:



Name: Rumble in the Urban Jungle
No of spaces left: 9/10
Mode: Team Deathmatch
Location: Here
Teams: Hitman Squad and DA & Bodyguards
Money: Winning team = $100 + One kill = $100
Prearranged: - Wait till every team has weapons that they want.


- One death one kill

- It has to be made clear who's playing the DA.

Background: Igor Alenichev, a major player in the Petrovic Family has ordered the new DA of LC, John Charleston, to be killed due to his cracking down on organised crime. John Charleston has already had a hit on him, he's taken shelter on the corner of Rand Ave and Mahesh Ave. Will he survive or will he die?

I pick The Hitman Squad.

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I pick hitman squad.. My PSN: coperone2

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