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Do you think that one day a cult will take over our world, or the main religions wont let them. I think it's possible, since the Cristianity started as an ancient Israeli cult, and because it was different from Judaism, the Roman empire took it (ironicly, after they killed Jesus, the first Cristian) as their religion and that is how it started to be the main religion around the world. This topic's idea is to discuss about the possiblity of the cults (Satanism, Scientology and whatever cult you know) to rule one day our world. And if they will, what will hapen to today's religions? Will they gone? I think no, not imidietlly, simply because they are too old. Other question is, if you have to decide a cult to be a part of, what cult would it be? I personally not sure, because I'm not even sure that the cults want to rule the world - people often see the Judaism as a cult, led by evil people to rule the world, yet this religion dont even want others to be a part of it (you will never see a rabbie screaming like a priest at people about why should they join Judaism). I heard a lot of conspiracies about other groups that act like cults, one of them is the FreeMassons, which I'm not sure about if it's a cult or a secret organization, and I dont have enought information to fully understand it (maby you guys have some information about them?). Now I think that the next big religion will start as a cult, and it will be very brutal: you can see that any new religion is more brutal then the one before it, like Islam - the new for a main religion, yet creat the worst problems, so do you guys think that the next one will be even worst? Now, if any of you have ideas, conspirasies or you just thought about something (with the cults subject of course) and you want to post it, here is the place. This topic is not about your beliefes, it's about cults and secret organiztions. What is your opinion about it?

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D- Ice

No offence, but I think your are ridiculously badly informed about some things. I think Christianity was an off-branching of Judaism which stirred sh*t up, especially with the inclusion of genitile Philistines and whatnot into the religious ranks later on. As a result, like many good revolutionaries, Jesus was killed. Same goes with Islam as a branching of off Christianity, which Muhammed learned about and pretty much embraced before deciding to make his own religion. People might have some disagreements here, but this is from a purely athiest perspective.


You also seem to recognise the fallacy of the small-minded racist dillusion that Judaism is run by money-grabbing, rich and immoral degenerates, yet you are completely happy to embrace the equally small-minded (and probably today just as harmful) a stereotype that Islam/Muslims cause most trouble in the world - by terrorism I'm assuming aswell.


Anyway, ontopic with your question, I believe it is very difficult to differentiate between religion and cults. Many world religions today are very similar to cults - Judaism included - especially with racist and ethnocentric beliefs like the Jews, being God's chosen people, are somewhat superior to others, or the horrendous political censoring of anything anti-Israel as anti-Semetic.


And both in terms of teachings and people considering themselves followers, it is no less violent than Christianity or Islam, nor any more violent than Hinduism, as per your claim that older religions are more peacefull. All people are equally violent no matter what they decide to call themselves in terms of race, religion or political stance, and all religious texts contain similar amounts disgusting violence and injustice if you actually look at them, all of which relevant, appropriate and maybe even usefull to the culture and time into which the religion was introduced.


The only exception maybe Budhism - but even that embraces one's suffering as a path to ascension, which can be taken into a proactively violent way. I know how I would interpret it. tounge2.gif


My flatmates were ranting about how much of an evil cult Scientology was, especially after seeing pickets of anti-cult loons around a Scientology-promotion stand in town. So I decided to find out more by joining up myself (which I now somewhat regret)! Their emails advertising books by L Ron Hubbard seem to claim his teachins are relevant to virtually every facet of life today, just as religions claim about their teachings. I think the only difference, as you suggest, is that Scientology is much more modern and proactive, and thusly especially disliked by current religions who view it as competition. Thinking about it now, I think that is the only difference between a religion and a cult, and I am sure Christianity was called a cult by disenfranchised Jews and Islam one by unhappy Christians and Jews - much like Judaism was surely considered a cult by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians who viewed it as a threat to their rule and popularity of their own much older religions.

Edited by D- Ice

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A cult cannot surivive once the leader dies.

A sect can. Therefore, Christianity was never a cult.

Neither is Scientology.

Heavens Gate, Branch Davidians, Peoples Temple. All cults. Because the cult is defined by the leader eventually devouring his own followers. The leaders of a sect are often more devoted and do not become corrupted like Jones or Koresh.

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Mainland Marauder

Even as a devout heathen myself I ask that this doesn't turn into a bash-X-religion topic. This is totally not the place for it. But we'll see how it goes.


The Branch Davidians apparently still have a handful of believers still out there, and some conspiracy theorist types have postulated that David Koresh didn't actually die in the fire. But that's kind of up there with Elvis sightings at a 7-11 in Waco. rolleyes.gif

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