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Official MMA Topic.


Recommended Posts


All these fights are coming up this year:





Man... That's a crazy list right there.


I'd like to see Moraga take the strap from Mighty Mouse, but can't see it happening.

Aldo's gonna use Zombie as a punching bag. TKZ is too slow and static to deal with Aldo.

Teixeira will probably go full-blast Chuck Liddell mode on Bader and secure a title shot. Pulling for Bader, though. Always been a Bader fan.

Jones will probably submit Mauler. Interesting to see someone his size fight him though.

Had a long discussion about Rua/Sonnen at the gym earlier after finishing up. Most are in agreeance for Sonnen to pull it off. He's still one'a the best in the world and his only recent losses are to the two best in the world.

I can see Condit KO'ing Kampmann this time around. Kampmann's fading and Condit's getting stronger. I still had Condit winning their first fight anyhows.

Velasquez vs. Dos Santos needs not happen again just yet -- I see nothing different happening.

St. Pierre will probably decision Hendricks by mixing it up. Pulling for Hendricks, though. Would be very interesting to see him take it.

And of course, this time I see Silva completely destroying Weidman -- which should've happened originally.

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My quick picks:

Johnson > Moraga

Aldo > Jung

Teixeira > Bader

Jones > Gustafsson

Rua > Sonnen

Condit > Kampmann

Cain > JDS

GSP > Hendricks

Pettis > Bendo

Silva > Weidman


After further thought I'm actually going with Pettis over Bendo, and I think Silva is going to get revenge against Weidman.

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My thoughts


Johnson > Moraga

Aldo > Jung

Teixeira > Bader

Jones > Gustafsson

Sonnen > Rua

Condit > Kampmann

Dos Santos> Cain

GSP > Hendricks

Bendo > Pettis

Weidman > Silva

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I do think Sonnen stands a chance at beating Shogun just by taking him down and laying on him for 25 minutes, but Shogun's jiu-jitsu off his back is especially nasty and everyone should know by now that Chael Sonnen cannot stay out of a submission hold to save his life. So I think Shogun will pull off a submission from his back, but I wouldn't be surprised if Chael wins a decision considering how bad Shogun's been looking for past few years.


I like the sounds of this:


"I back. Trust me, I back." - Anderson Silva.

Edited by Fedor
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  • 2 weeks later...
I Love Anna Kournikova

I honestly didn't even realize there was a card this weekend. I guess I will go check and see who is on it. Will watch regardless though. icon14.gif

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Just spent about 2 hours going over every bet for the FOX card available. Gone w/ this in the end:


Ellenberger to win via KO, TKO or Decision (£25) +350

Main Card to go over 8.5 rounds altogether (£15) -125

No submissions on the main card (£5) -105

Liz Carmouche to win via submission in either r2 or r3 (£5) +800


Pray to the MMA betgods for me, fellas. I want some eats.

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I cannot believe my sh*tty betting luck. One minute left and he pulls off a god damn submission and Carmouche decides to g&p to a finish in r2. I just cannot win bets. dontgetit.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Haha, yeah... in addition to his dislocated shoulder he also suffered a broken orbital bone and a fractured foot.


Not sure if you heard, but Aldo broke his foot badly as well on the first kick he threw. That's why he wasn't throwing his trademark nasty low kicks.


It was kind of a disappointing ending to the night, especially after the Machida robbery.


Edit: Also, I've since re-watched the Machida/Davis fight, and there's no way in hell Davis won that fight. Some people are saying that Davis "outstruck" Machida, but the people who are saying this either don't know sh*t about MMA, or they just weren't watching closely enough, because Davis certainly threw a lot more strikes than Machida, but he landed way less. I don't think he hit Machida in the face once; pretty much everything he landed was minor leg kicks, meanwhile Machida was damaging him.


One judge even gave Davis the third round. That judge seriously needs to be shot. Round three was ALL Machida.

Edited by Fedor
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Yeah, I didnt actually know he broke his foot but I was wondering about the kicks. That was probably why Aldo had to leave the post press conference early.


I agree. I was literally shocked the David was declared the winner. I felt bad for Machida. That was his chance to get back in the game.

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Yeah, he'd have mostly likely been next in line for a rematch with Jones had he won that fight (which he did). Damn shame.


I'm pumped for the FS1 card this weekend. I'm hoping and praying that Shogun can pull off a submission from the bottom or something.

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McGregor is legit. Holloway may have excellent stand-up, but he doesn't have the same raw power McGregor has. I can see Conor just rolling through every 3-4 strike combo he attempts like a child hitting a grown man.


I'm not sure why I'm suddenly feeling like Shogun will win... I mean, he's looked awful lately, and Sonnen is still one of the best in the world. Doubts, though.

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That was easily the best event of 2013 so far. I even watched every prelim, from 4:30 PM until 11:00 PM. Six and a half hours of free MMA, and it was all excellent.


McGregor's clearly a great fighter, but I think it's time they put him in there with someone who actually challenges him next so we can find out where he's really at with his striking and grappling skills. Maybe put him up against Diego Brandao in his next fight or something, even though Brandao will likely gas out after one round and make the rest of the fight easy for McGregor. It's still a better challenge than any that he's had so far.


People are complaining that Reem lost because he was being cocky again like he was against Bigfoot, but I couldn't disagree more. Reem meant business; he wasn't cocky at all. He couldn't finish Browne with the knees to the body so he backed up, gave him some space and decided to strike with him. I didn't see any sign of him being cocky, I just saw him get outstruck and KTFO, as much as I like the guy. I wanted to see Reem get the KO in that one, but I certainly wasn't shocked to see him lose.


I also wasn't shocked that Sonnen won, but the fact that he finished it with a guillotine in the first round was very impressive. Now he's calling out Wandy again, which I think is kind of ridiculous. Wandy is a step down from Shogun. I think Sonnen's just looking for another easy win/payday.


Either way, epic event overall. It'll be hard to match that one this year.

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  • 1 month later...

Anthony Pettis coming to Sacramento in December. Very happy to go see that.


First Big MMA card since WEC came here for Aldo vs Faber.

After Mr Bones Jones, Showtime is the next big fighter in my opinion, because he's young, he finishes opponents and he wants the big fights (I love Aldo, but Jesus if it isn't in Brazil then he ain't fighting anybody of worth...get a grip fella!).


I say this because the fight I'd love to see in 2014 (and this would be my super tight) is Barao vs Pettis. Two fighters technically slightly out of their weight comfort zone, it has the potential to be a classic!

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I Love Anna Kournikova

Only Problem with Pettis vs Barao is Pettis is at 155 and Barao is at 135. If they fought they would have to meet at 145 and if Pttis was to do that he would rather fight Aldo. I just dever see it happening.


I have been following Pettis for years And he is my favorite fighter by far. I was ecstatic when he won the lighweight crown.

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Showtime is the f*cking man. I don't know how anyone could possibly dislike the guy.


I'm still blown away by the Bones vs. Gus showdown. It's unquestionably Fight of the Year so far, at least IMO. I can't think of anything else that compares to it so far.

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My cousin got married that day and I was at the reception getting wasted, so I had to wait until the next day to catch the fight online myself. I wasn't in a big rush to see it until I heard how great it turned out to be.


Like I said, Fight of the Year. Definitely worth watching.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hell yeah.


UFC 166 was easily one of the top three greatest events I've ever witnessed in my life. PRIDE Bushido 9: The Tournament is the only event that I do believe is an overall better event. Other than that, I can't think of any events that were quite as good as UFC 166.


Melendez/Sanchez is also one of the top 5 fights I've ever seen. Watching it live I thought maybe it was the best fight I'd ever witnessed, and I still think it's probably the best three rounder of all time. The only fight I really consider to be better right now is Hendo/Shogun, mainly only because it's five rounds instead of three.


We definitely needed two more rounds of that fight. Every fight on the card was excellent, though.

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