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That country.

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Essentially, the roots of this debate lie in the questions: What the f*ck, and who the f*ck are they?


So many times I've seen bigoted Macedonians and Greeks bitching on about whether Skopje is Greek, or whether Salonika is Macedonian, or whatever. This has also led to arguments between people based on the heritage of the Macedonians; whether they're direct descendants of the Ancient Macedonians, whether they're Serbian, or Bulgarian, or Greek, or even Albanian (which I scoff at because that's just simply lol).


In my opinion I think that the Macedonians, like all the people in the Balkans, are descended from a mixture of peoples. Even the Serbs, who are considered a Slavic people, aren't purely Slav, and also have traces of Illyrian, Dacian, Greek and Celt in them. Like the Serbs, Macedonians are descended from a mixture of essentially Slavs (who emigrated to the Balkans in the 6th Century) and the people living in the region of Macedonia prior to that.


So, what's your opinion on the whole debate?


And by the way, I'm not biased and that's my opinion; I have no hatred for either Greeks or Macedonians and I get along with both just fine.

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Macedonians are Macedonians.


Everyone in the Balkans is mixes. We are all mixed. No one can just stay one thing.


I dunno why Greece thinks they are slavs. If Macedonians are slavs, so are Greeks. The slavs invaded all down to the


bottom tip of Greece. And, Greeks say, that all the lil ancient countries there are Greek.




See how in the ancient Roman empire, there was SPAIN, GAUL, ILLYRICUM, MACEDONIA, ASIA, and how they were all


separate, if Macedonia was Greek then, it would have said GREECE, not MACEDONIA


Btw, where is Greece there? Hmm..



Edited by macorules94

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