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Vice City Freeze or Corrupt :(


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I have a Geforce 9400GT


When i play vice city the graphics become corrupted, but the system never freezes

i have tried using a driver from january this year and then the latest october this very month

still the same corruption.


I tried using an old 3dfx voodoo 3 and the game ran perfectly except then it freezes after some time.

Again i tried using varios drivers with no success. How can i make this game work??


My sound drivers is via 97 onboard audio and the drivers according to dx is just fine, it does not seem sound related.


Would a nocd crack solve the problem perhaps, where to find? Or what can i do to make it work on any of my graphic cards?

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I tried deleting the file you mentioned still not working my specs shown below.

(This is with the 3d voodoo card only 16mb of memory, the game runs smoothly though and i have plenty of system memory)

(I have tweaked the settings on this card using the graphic tools and can get 5 minutes of playing time max before it freezes)

(like mentioned i have a Geforce 9400GT where the game works fine with it not freezing but the graphics is corrupted)

(Maybe i should use the drivers 61.76 version nVIDIA geforce like mentioned on this forum, my only question, would these

drivers be compatible with this newer card, as far as i think it only supports older cards or would it work on this card? Don't

want to damage the card or something?



OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600

OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation


System Manufacturer AWARD_

System Model AWRDACPI

System Type X86-based PC

Processor x86 Family 15 Model 79 Stepping 2 AuthenticAMD ~1600 Mhz

BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 12/14/2006

SMBIOS Version 2.3

Windows Directory C:\WINDOWS

System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32

Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1

Locale United States

Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"


Total Physical Memory 1,536.00 MB

Available Physical Memory 1.14 GB

Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB

Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB

Page File Space 1.29 GB


Name AmigaSport 3.0 for Voodoo3 PCI

PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_121A&DEV_0005&SUBSYS_0036121A&REV_01\3&B1BFB68&0&58

Adapter Type 3dfx Voodoo 3, 3dfx Interactive, Inc. compatible

Adapter Description AmigaSport 3.0 for Voodoo3 PCI

Adapter RAM 16.00 MB (16,777,216 bytes)

Installed Drivers 3dfxvs.dll

Driver Version

INF File oem22.inf (3dfxvsV3 section)

Color Planes 1

Color Table Entries 65536

Resolution 800 x 600 x 75 hertz

Bits/Pixel 16


Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\3dfxvsm.sys (, 170.00 KB (174,080 bytes), 10/5/2009 7:34 AM)


Name Realtek AC'97 Audio

Manufacturer Realtek

Status OK

PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1039&DEV_7012&SUBSYS_0C6C105B&REV_A0\3&B1BFB68&0&17


IRQ Channel IRQ 18

Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\alcxwdm.sys ( built by: WinDDK, 3.83 MB (4,019,072 bytes), 6/9/2009 9:53 AM)








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That 3D Voodoo card is on-board, right? Disable it from BIOS and use the 9400GT only. Download the latest Nvidia drivers for your card from here: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_191.07_whql.html


The info you posted above does not tell me which processor you have. If updating the driver does not help, I'd like to see a screenshot of the corrupted graphics.

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Hi Girishb heres a screenshot:




My system is a AMD sempron 3000+

1.6 ghz


Please can u make it work on my 9400GT

I really want to play it.


I have taken out the voodoo and installed the 9400GT + the latest drivers and the screenshot is what it does, i find if i escape go to the main meny and resume the game the graphics appear fine again until i move, soon as i move it becomes like the screenshot.

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Holy sh*t! You weren't kidding when you said your graphics were f*cked up.


It almost looks like all your game textures are corrupted. Try reinstalling the game. If the problem persists we'll go from there.

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I tried changing the game app settings, the nvidia tools settings, resolutions,

re-installed the game about 10 times already, using both cards. the

drivers The 61.76 nvidia drivers that they say work on this site only support older cards:

(what is the latest pc GTA, is it cooler than vice city? and will it work?)

(Any other ideas on my problem here?)












NVIDIA GeForce 256




NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 200

NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 400




NVIDIA GeForce2 Pro

NVIDIA GeForce2 Ti

NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra

NVIDIA GeForce2 Integrated GPU

NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440-SE

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 460


NVIDIA Quadro4 500 XGL

NVIDIA Quadro4 550 XGL

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Integrated GPU

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 with AGP8X

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X

NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440SE with AGP8X

NVIDIA Quadro4 NVS with AGP8X

NVIDIA Quadro4 380 XGL

NVIDIA Quadro4 580 XGL


NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200

NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500


NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4400

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4600

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4800

NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4800 SE

NVIDIA Quadro4 700 XGL

NVIDIA Quadro4 750 XGL

NVIDIA Quadro4 900 XGL

NVIDIA Quadro4 780 XGL

NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800

NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra

NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000

NVIDIA Quadro FX 2000


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GTA IV is the latest-- I didn't care for the story and it ways the game play was a step back from San Andreas.... game was saved by Multiplayer IMO.... which makes up for its short comings IMO.... I' m not sure of the PC specs required to run... I play on PS3.


Game physics were much improved though.


Hope you sort this out... your problems are way past my ability to help...

Edited by Spuds725
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the drivers The 61.76 nvidia drivers that they say work on this site only support older cards:

Are you trying these drivers with the Nvidia 9400GT too. If so, then that's your problem. I already linked you to the latest drivers for the 9400GT. Have you tried them?

Here's the link again: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_191.07_whql.html

Uninstall your current driver first and then install the new driver. After that, delete the gta_vc.set file from the User Files folder and run the game again.



(what is the latest pc GTA, is it cooler than vice city? and will it work?)

As already mentioned by Spuds, GTA IV is the latest but don't even try to run it on that system. It won't work. Its requirements are too high.

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Problem is i don't know what older drivers is compatible with this card,

They say here 61.76 work but my card is not listed in the support list, i tried installing the driver using the 'names' of 2 cards given in the list with no luck.


I tweaked the software settings of both card and game, with no luck.


The driver that comes with my card "oem" dates back to only Jan this year, don't think one can get an older driver. I can only see that this might work if i get an older card driver that works with this card or if there is any other ideas i'm open to suggestion, maybe i should get a newer game, but dunno what...... Gta is fun smile.gif


i have never experienced any issues with this card, And beleive it or not C&C Tiberium wars, And Far Cry 2 runs a smooth as butter on this machine with this graphics driver,


It's amazing how much a nice video card and plenty memory can add in the speed of gameplay on this older system, anyhow it is just gta giving the problem.

Edited by MisterBA
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Did you try the link that I gave you in my previous post? All you have to do is select the correct product (I'm assuming you're talking about the 9400 GT), the correct operating system and hit the Search button. It'll list the different drivers available for your video card. Try them. It's a trial and error method, tbh. You'll have to try different drivers until you find one that suits you the best. I know it might be a little frustrating but it's your best bet.

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They have drivers there listed from Nov 19 2008 up until Oct 1 2009,


The drivers i have is from January this year, i do not think that getting a release 2 months prior to that

is going to really make a difference,after all the game was made so many years ago, the latest one this year october did not help either.

I might try and get the Nov driver sometime but something tells me it's not gonna work sad.gif


I think my card is probably too new for this game and the old

3dfx voodoo3 i have works just fine but freezes. So i suppose i ran out of

options here.


Go Well... all the best.





Edited by MisterBA
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Unfortunately, drivers don't work the way you're assuming them to. Newer drivers does not necessarily mean that they have to be better. On quite a few occasions, you'll find that older drivers work a lot better than the newer ones, especially with older games like Vice City. As I said, trying all the older supported drivers is your best bet at the moment.

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