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Google Android


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user posted image




I'm getting a Tmobile G1/HTC Dream soon, does anyone here have one of these and does anyone here have any idea of good apps + good roms for them? I want speed + compatibility, I like playing games too. tounge.gif


This thread is now about Chewbac... Android phones in general.

Edited by Joe.


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Awesome choice! You may remember my sig was of a G1. I f*cking love my phone inlove.gif



As for apps... I'll just go through my phone and list off some of them.


Well I like to have control of it so I have Advanced Task Manager. You might have to pay for it but I'm not 100% on that. It works great though.


If you don't root your phone and install another modified ROM then you might want to get an overclocking program. I found SetCPU to be the best.


Better Cut allows you to put custom apps/shortcuts on your home screen. You can edit the name of the icon and change the icon image (there's a bunch of icon packs you can download from the market). You can also put direct call and direct text icons on the home screen which is great.


Bluex allows you to use bluetooth to send and receive files through blue tooth, which some how isn't already a feature in the phone. It is a paid app, not very expensive and works well.


CoPilot Live is a damn good GPS for the phone. You can load maps up from your sd card so you don't take up precious phone storage. It costs $35 or something through the market... but there's other ways to get it... as with most paid apps


Gmote links to your PC running the Gmote server program (very light, runs in the background) and allows you to control either VLC or WMP with your G1. You can also use the touch screen to control the mouse and to type. It's free, and f*cking awesome.


Google Sky Map is really cool. It uses the phones digital compass to locate your position on earth and lines up the stars and planets/etc and tracks where you're pointing the phone and tells you what you're looking at. Even has a search on it so you can find specific things like a star or planet. Really cool.


Nesoid is an NES emulator. Really good framerate, pretty much perfect. Uses the keyboard for controls, you can assign the keys. Works with the same ROM files as PC emulators. Pretty sure it's a paid app...


Screenshot is something I haven't really used, but allows you to take a screenshot of whats on your screen. Has a timer of 5 second intervals, allowing you to switch to the home screen or another app before it screen caps.


The Weather Channel app is basically the TWC mobile site, but in a more friendly UI. It doesn't have the moving map like the mobile site does (which works on the browser) but it does have a button to view your local areas most recent video which loads up quick on the 3G network.


Txtract Pro, not sure if it's still on the market. It extracts your texts in a threaded format. I usually do it as HTML, works well.


TxtSpeed is a scrolling word "game" which has words move from right to left and you type them as fast as you can. You can only miss about 10 and when you do it ends. It tells you your characters per second and words per minute. I average about 38wpm.


Unzip, unzips zip files!


Wordup! is a game just like boggle. It's good when you're bored.


I don't play many games on the phone, so I don't have much listed here. The Nesoid app pretty much fills all my gaming needs.


Now, about the phone. First off, the battery sucks. It's the most major downfall. If I'm using 3G and browsing the internet I get about 3 hours of straight use. Sucks, I know. If I use it to text occasionally through out the day and make a couple short calls it'll last the whole day. Basically internet+constant screen on kills the battery fast. The only other bad thing I would say is the build quality. The phone feels fragile. I've only dropped it on the carpet a few times and nothing has happened. But if it were on solid ground I'd sh*t myself. It's also a little squeaky/creaky where the case is attached. Oh, and the SD card door is sh*tty, if you open it too much it can wear out and not stay tight so it kinda wiggles. Just be careful when you open it and don't do it 200 times.


Besides that, it's friggin great. Nice and quick, awesome apps, awesome browser...


If you want to root it you can cause it to slow down depending on what ROM you install. I won't go into rooting it because you haven't mentioned it but if you've got any questions about rooting just ask. I'll be able to tell you what you need to know, or at least point you in the right direction for the answers. Enjoy the phone!

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Thanks, I will root it, probably with Cyanogen (Or however you spell it) 4.0.4, how exactly do I do this? Is there any good tuts so I don't brick my phone?


Thanks again, I've got quite a large app list to get now from you and others. tounge.gif


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The best place to get info is at xda forums, http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=446


Here's a good one telling you how to root.



It's pretty simple. I do need to say just make sure the update.zip files aren't corrupt. You can't download them through the phone using 3G at least because it clips off a few bits of data making larger zip files unusable. I like to rename them by right clicking, then going to properties and renaming through there. Then copy the file on to your SD card.

Also, most ROMs now require you to install the latest SPL and Radio. There are modded SPL files but I have only used Google released. I'm pretty sure Cyanogen links you to the latest SPL and radio downloads.


If you're going to root the phone I'd suggest getting a microsd card reader for your computer. At least some way to access the SD card so you can format it and create partitions. With Cyanogens you have to because it stores apps to the sd card on a linux ext3 partition. If you can't get a card reader than it will make it tough, if not impossible to root.


Basically installing a ROM or update requires putting the update.zip file containing the specific ROM or update in the sdcard root folder (ie, just put it in the sdcard, not under a subfolder in the sd card. and only 1 update.zip at a time of coursE).

Then you turn the phone off.

Press and hold the home button, while you're holding that then hold down the red power button. Hold both until the phone G1 screen pops up, then it loads you into the boot loader.

When you install a ROM you sometimes need to wipe the phone (which will remove texts, call logs, settings and apps. Contacts will be stored to your sim card). The ROM creator will tell you if you have to, or if it's just recommended. It tells you the commands to wipe and to install an update file on the screen (consists of alt+ some key).

Then just reboot the phone after the update is done and successful (hold back and home, it tells you in the boot loader). A note, installing things like ROMs take a while to load especially the first time. Don't be worried if it takes even 5 minutes for it to boot first. But I've found that generally the longer the ROM takes to load the first time around, the slower it is in general.


If it fails an update you can try to load up the phone. If not you'll have to either try and put the same update.zip file back on the sdcard or put an older version of that update.zip on it (like if you were putting a new ROM on and that one fails and you can't get it to work at all, put the previous ROM you had installed back in, always works for me).


Oh, forgot to mention before, here's a nice place to search for apps online. http://www.cyrket.com/

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Spotify, spotify, spotify.

Have I mentioned spotify ?

Truly awesome app, although you have to subscribe to the service.



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I have a MicroSD Card reader on my computer.. If that fails, school computers + virtualbox + damn small linux iso. tounge.gif (Or my camera.. or my other phone, I have heaps of options here).


Thanks though, I'll keep that stuff and Spotify in mind. tounge.gif


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Sorry for the off topic, but the new update to the android os (donut)

is set/rumoured for next month in uk.

Is there an android topic on gtaf ? If not we need one. smile.gif


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I was going to make one just the other day, but I didn't think enough people would have a phone running Android.


And do you mean the update for donut? Because donut has been out for a while, I know they're supposed to be coming out with at least 1.6 soon.

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1.6 ooo, looking forward to that. Even though my G1 is a vanilla G1. I don't trust myself to do anything to it just incase i brick it. Its a shame they've already said that the first G1 won't be getting the full 1.6 donut.

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Lets just get a mod to change the topic and have this as the official android topic, even if its only 4 members chatting about it, hahaha.


I'm good with flashing stuff, I've flashed every single one of my Graphics Cards BIOS' with ones that have my overclocked (And proven to be 100% stable) settings in them, flashed a custom BIOS to allow overclocking on an old board, flashed my PSP from Sony to custom to sony to custom, etc heaps, so I think I'll be safe, this can't be more complicated than a GPU where you have to memorize some DOS strings, go into DOS and get it exactly right or have a $400 dead weight.


Of course, the one time I failed I fixed it by using my PCI nVidia TNT2 to see what I was doing. tounge.gif


..Anyway, I can't wait for this phone, it only has a 1Gb SDCard with it and I'm trying to whittle mum down to putting $30 in for a 16Gb one.


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I'm waiting for my 8Gb card to come in the mail, cost me $18. Should be plenty of space for music and videos. 16 would be nice, but 8 should do fine for me.


And my mistake, donut isn't out. I confused it with cupcake, which was version 1.5. V1.6 is donut. And yes, due to internal storage limitations the G1 won't get the full thing. But, if you root your phone I'm sure modded ROMs will give you all the goodies from donut. This is because they do apps2sd and move ringtones and other sounds to your sd card, freeing up phone space.

A word to those using a rom that does apps2sd (cyanogen does it automatically as long as you have an ext2 or ext3 partition on your sd card), don't ever take the sdcard out of the phone while it's on, it f*cks things up bad. I learned that the hard way. The phone is still usable but I've had to reinstall all my apps but my settings don't work, so I need to reflash the ROM... going to wait till I get my new sd card to do that

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Does it work if you get a new SD card and copy everything, bit for bit, to the new one?

It might but the biggest problem I could think of is the difference in partition size. But it may still work.


With a Hero ROM it might not work though. That's because with pretty much every Hero rom they have it set to use the Linux Swap partition (which is a MUST with any Hero build or else you'll have a slow, unusable phone as I show in my video here).

I think once it finds the Linux Swap partition and allocates that space it set it's size into the system. If you change the swap size you have to reinstall the ROM which usually removes tons of settings. Although it should keep your apps if they're already on the SD card, you'll just lose all settings and texts and any contacts that (for some reason, it happens some times) weren't saved to the SIM card.

I tried upping the swap size on my card and it f*cked it all up, wouldn't even load up so I had to reinstall a ROM. I dropped Hero and went for Cyanogen's when that happened. Then I couldn't merge the Linux Swap partition to any other one (I tried many ways) which is why I bought the 8GB card in the first place.


So if you have a regular ROM in (based on Cupcake) and you copy it over bit by bit, even with a higher or lower capacity per partition the phone should work just fine. Don't be surprised if apps don't work though, it could some how f*ck it up.


I can't wait to get my damn SD card in the mail so I can reinstall the ROM and start from fresh. My phone is so damn buggy right now since I f*cked it up. Don't want to go through the trouble of fixing it, then re-doing it when the card gets here sometime this week.

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Google sent a Cease and Desist to the guy who makes Cyangogen mod, unless this is fixed by Wednesday and he's still able to release his ROM, I'm definately getting a different phone.


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There's plenty of other ROM makers besides Cyanogen. And I'm sure you'll be able to get a hold of the last ROM released. While they have slight bugs (I've yet to be affected by any on my older version) they still work great. I wouldn't let this bump in the road stop me from getting an Android phone.

I don't see how they could send a Cease and Desist on someone for releasing open source files. All he needs to do is remove those specific apps. I'm pretty sure all of them are available on the market anyways.

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If I can find someone to send me the right files (He had to delete them off his server), I'll get the G1 because it will probably blow over...


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Well, I only have version 4.01, I think he was on 4.04 or something like that. I could send it your way for sure.

I'll probably ask around at xda and see if I can find the most recent version from some one since I want to reinstall the ROM anyways. May as well put the newest one in.


So is Cyanogen the only ROM affected by this thing? Or are other ROM makers?

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I found a site with it.


Cyanogen was the only one who got a C&D, but apparently it's illegal now.


He worked it out though, we just have to rip the apps ourselves or something, he'll release a working bare-bones ROM and the tools to rip the Google stuff if we want to.


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Yep, figured something like that would happen. I'm sure I can just find the .apk for those apps else where and install them anyways, with out having to rip them or anything.

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Got my second 8GB card yesterday... same f*cking problem. It's saying the format is invalid in Paragon Partition Manager. It works with Windows, I can view the card and even access it and add files. But I can't create a partition in either, they won't give me the option. It's really pissing me off, I want to set this damn thing up...

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Weird, try a linux live CD.


I was meant to get my G1 today, but Telstra slowed me down heaps... C+P off another forum.


God-damn Telstra... I had to change my sim cards name to my mothers, so I could switch to optus. Fair enough

So I go to the Telstra shop, huge ass line with ONE ****ing attendant whose new there! The guy whose usually there helping and knows what he's on about was sitting in his office watching Seinfeld, legs up on the desk and not caring that the line is nearly at the front door!

So now I have to get phone tomorrow morning instead of sleeping in confused.gif



Compare to the Optus shop where they had 5 reps servicing 7 people...


It was fun, the rep was playing on the iPhone 3GS for someone.



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  • 8 months later...

Isn't that Nexus One/HTC Desire only?


Coincidentally, I just got a 16Gb Class 10 Kingston MicroSD card and I've got a 1.5Gb Apps2SD partition now. biggrin.gif


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The Swype Beta was originally for Android 2.0 and up phones, so it previously only worked on the Droid and N1 (and rooted phones with Android 2.0 and up). I had it working on my G1 when I was running a different 2.1 ROM... forgot which one that was. I'm on the beta tester team for Swype... honestly since I have a hardware keyboard I never use it. And when I do need to use the softkeys it's for quick inputs and Swype takes a little longer than the stock keyboard to open, and it's not good at all for peck typing. I understand it's purpose is to allow quick swiping motions to type quicker, but for my purposes it's not that good.

I did use it for a couple days about 75% of the time for texting and I can say that it worked very well, probably quicker than the standard softkeys. However, I'm still much quicker on my hardware keyboard.


The commercial with the "fastest touch screen typing phone" world record thing where they're using Swype makes me laugh. On my second attempt to type out the same sentence I had a good 8-10 seconds off the fastest time using my hardware keyboard. Goes to show, softkeys suck dick. If I had the sentence memorized I could probably be about 15 seconds quicker than the world record.


I also was on the beta program for Vlingo! which is a talk-to-text/command app. Basically you open it/click the widget and a window pops up, you speak your command and what you want written down and it does it. For instance "text Pico hey whats up" and it'll do it. The problem I have with the app as far as texting goes is that it doesnt do punctuation very well. Such as question marks, exclamation points, commas... So I'd really only use it when I have to, such as when I'm driving or something. It works great for searching Google Maps though!


Anyhow, hopefully I'll be ditching my G1 shortly. I got a job at Verizon Wireless and start this coming Tuesday. I get a sweet discount from my monthly plan. So when I have the $200 for the early termination fee for T-Mobile and the $200 for the new Droid 2 (or possibly the Droid X) that's coming out I should be enjoying superphone goodness biggrin.gif

I've flashed so many ROMs my G1 is slower than a mule with Michael Moore on it, and stutters more than Michael J Fox on a roller coaster.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey all you android guys.


My phone contract is up soon.

Since about march i have had my heart set on the fantastic HTC Desire, the only downside i can see for this phone is i am not the biggest fan of fully touchscreen devices, especially for SMS messages.

But technology being so nice and shiny, i have now been tempted by The Dell Streak, although i am not entirely sure if it is supposed to be a big smartphone or a small tablet.


The Motorola Droid 2 also recently my eye, because i am currently using the G1 and i love the QWERTY Keyboard but seeing as the original Droid has not made the UK i am not holding my breath.


Do any of you have either the Streak or the Desire ? what are they like ? any input would be appreciated.


Are there any other good Android handsets on the horizon ? preferably HTC although i am open to other manufacturers.


It is just that HTS are on fire at the moment, my wife has the Legend which is a fantastic phone also.




On topic, check out Google Maps Navigation i have been using it for a couple of weeks.

So far it seems great, especially for a Beta, even if the Turn by Turn voice sounds like Stephen Hawkins retarded lovechild, you cant really go wrong with free Sat Nav software

Edited by lordjubblydave
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One thing I would highly suggest for you is to check into the community behind the specific phone you're looking to get. Also check if it's been rooted yet. My Droid for example has a massive community behind it. That means tons of custom ROMs (a modified Android OS basically), custom kernels (hello overclocking) and tons of app support (this isn't as big of a deal). This is all assuming you're a power user of course. If not ignore everything I just said.


I guess as far as hardware goes I wouldn't get less than 512 megs of RAM and try to find a 1 GHz processor (or at least a phone that can OC to 1.0 GHz) as rumor has it that's what the 3.0 software will require. If you can wait a couple months I believe there's supposed to be some new stuff coming out around August/September so you could either get that or the prices on the stuff now should drop some.

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Oh my, where to start? tounge2.gif


Gingerbread (Android 3.0) will NOT require a 1Ghz processor, 512MB of RAM or a 3.5" screen or larger. Those are apparently just suggested specifications. So it should still run on lower spec phones, however it should run smoothly on phones with the 1Ghz/512/3.5" spec or higher range. I wouldn't hold my breath on a phone in hopes it'll be Gingerbread-capable, if it has come out this year and it's on the higher end you should be confident you'll get 3.0.


As for the Droid 2: It won't be out until August at the earliest. And that's just in the US, no word on it going to the UK yet. It's specs are:

3.7" touch screen

QWERTY keyboard (4 or 5 row, can't recall)

either a 720Mhz or 1Ghz processor, no official specs have been released so I can't say for sure

Almost definitely going to have 512MB of RAM

Android 2.1 with 2.2 following shortly after release, if it doesn't already come with 2.2

5.0MP camera with flash, HD video recording at 720p


It'll definitely be a nice phone, although the design doesn't stray far from the original Droid at all.


Now, as for the original Droid... you don't have that in the UK. You have the Milestone. It is exactly the same as the Droid, minus the Droid branding. I'm pretty sure you can pick that up right now, it should still be available.


But, how soon is your contract up? The Droid/Milestone is already starting to get date. It's got a 550Mhz processor with 256MB of RAM... it should have Android 2.2 by the end of this month though, which will help speed it up. But still, not the best processor compared to what you can get now. So give me a date when you'd want to get a new phone and I can give my best recommendation.


As for the whole rooting thing, I wouldn't put that as my main factor in deciding a phone. Almost all Android phones get rooted now. Plenty before they are even out for sale. So if it's not in the works even when the phone is about to be or has been on sale shortly, it will eventually be rooted. And really, there's plenty of customizations and things you can do on non-rooted Android, especially with apps on ADW launcher in the market. As you said Rex, if you're not a power user rooting is the least of your worries.


edit 2:

Oh sh*t, I completely forgot to touch up on the Dell Streak. This is definitely a phone, but it's on the extreme end. 5.5" screen means it's going to be HUGE in your hand, and possible impossible to fit in your pocket. Not me, I've got large pockets, but I would definitely want hands on with the phone before purchasing to see how it feels. I've read and seen good things about the phone, it seems very solid and capable. It's just very, very large. The Droid X with the 4.3" screen I'll be getting shortly is probably my limit on everyday phone size.

If you can handle a touchscreen only phone, I thought I never could but that's changed (I love my G1's keyboard, nothing will EVER beat it lol, 55 words per minute!), then I'd say consider the Droid X. As of now I haven't heard of any plans to sell outside of the USA, and I work for Verizon Wireless lol. But as of now, it's THE best phone, specification wise. Once it gets Android 2.2 (which would be "late this summer") it should be the FASTEST Android phone hands down, at least until the Samsung Galaxy S phones come out. In fact, I'd go as far as to say the Droid X with 2.2 is/will be the fastest cellphone out there, period.



edit 1:

On a side note, I just got done watching a 23 minute iPhone 4 vs Droid X comparison, looked through 6 or 7 Android blog sites, posted several comments on my own Android Facebook fan page (in my link) then came here and typed this. So... about 2 hours on Android stuff? My brain is fried, and I know way too much about Android and Android phones... lol. It sucks being a fanboy.

Edited by Pico
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I tried ordering the Streak. Noone except Dell UK has it, and those turds won't ship outside the UK.


Anyway, I'm sure I'll do just fine without one. It even ships with 1.6. Like stale butter. icon13.gif


I like the look of the Droid X but I'm guessing they're not gonna make that available to the rest of the world. Verizon probably doesn't even use GSM. sad.gif

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