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Youtube question


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I have an account that is at least one year old. I remember once I was able to change my account type and at that time I was making music so I chose to be a musician type of account. I wonder when do they give you the chance to change the account type and why? I want to change it to director because they get more than ~10 minutes max per video.


BTW, why did they limit the videos to 10 mins, if the size limit is 1 GB?

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You can change your account type ANYTIME( just go to the account settings)


and BTW Since YOUTUBE started The video limits are 10mins and 1GiG already.

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In order to be a director you have to have what they consider a decent amount of videos at a certain amount of length/total hours. And you must own the rights to the videos. I don't think it's a set amount, just a general amount and a person reviews your request. I forgot how you make it... and Youtube help area is a bitch to search around.


As for the 10 mins and 1GB max, HD video can have a very high file size, hence the 1GB max.

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I wondered about Director status before, I felt it was granted by not getting into hot water with YT, and perhaps a fee for the ability.

They never appreciate Rights Violators because it makes work for them to have you comply. due to the mass volume, they imployed new automated catches which is why they caught my Mick Jagger audio track and disallowed the video, before it went "live".


None of you [cept Pico] realized the reasoning behind the increased video size limit, it's NOT related to the length, it's related to Widescreen Digital High Definition captures and transmissions, the length is not related, but it SHOULD be increased in keeping with the times, up to 15 minutes is fine as I see it. They had it at 100MB formerly, not 1GB since YT started out, which, BTW, was not under Google's ownership. Two guys who worked a pizza joint started YT. As I remember hearing it.

Edited by Slamman
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Actually the limit is 10:59 or 11:00 minutes. I have a video of 10:57 minutes that was accepted. Today I uploaded a video of 11:34 minutes and it was denied!


They should really change the limit, since there is a size limit already!

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