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[WIP] GTA: Police Stories


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Very successful mod!  suicidal.gif

Despite what you believe, this mod will never be dead, I'm always here. I had little time due to school-college transition, but it's summer holiday now. icon14.gif

Mod continues?



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The mod is for Vice City, I still work on the GTA Most Modded map from time to time but I dont know about the rest of the mod.


(The Map I am making for Most Modded is being used as the map for this mod)

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Lieutenant T.


I'am new here and found the mod over google (pics).

First i must say great mod bro,really fantastic work, i like it REALLY much because i like it to play as a cop, not as a gangster!:D


I've been looking for something like that for vice city.

Sorry I digress!XD

I wanted to ask: how it's going with the mod?

Are you still work on the mod or are you too busy to work on the mod?

I only ask because I want to know how it's going!

(Yeah i think too that the mod NEVER dies)

Good luck guys! icon14.gif


BTW:I think you should make the subway system bigger!(with differnt lines or something)

And will Npc's use the subway too/stand on the train plattforms like in GTA4?

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Excuse me for bothering but if somebody could tell me how to install it or post a video or give me some instructuons I just don't get how to install from the installation I can't follow so if anyone can help thx.

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Hello Again

I've test the GTA IV HUD on GTA Police Stories with Include the Colored Gunsmoke and Jetpack, Sit down, Tear Gas Mods. All in one to CLEO Script to This Mods


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Then I Using Map Editor to create Police Station Base when i start the game [GTA Police Stories] The Unhandled Exception will occurred while loading


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Wow, it's cool to see Police Stories again haha. :)


I think we pushed it pretty close to the limits when the map was being done back in 09' /10/11 so if you add more objects to the map then it probably caused the crash. But, if you re-implemented the map changes using modloader or something like that which dynamically increases the limit then you can add as many objects to the map as you want. :^:


What version of the mod are you playing/modifying? it would be nice to know so i can find out what method we used to modify the limits (or maybe we left them untouched and thats why adding more objects crashes)

Edited by Frank.s
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I cant remember myself if we ended up changing the limits, but now I think even Maxo's Vehicle Loader can change the limits on the game too, if you want to, try and run the game with this EXE, http://almost610.ucoz.com/load/most_modded/most_modded_v3_1_executable/2-1-0-11,it has the limits adjusted and might make the game run if it is a mapping limit problem.

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