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user posted image

Hey guys whats up Im making an event. Its a re-enactment of The Warriors the movie. I will need a cast that have mics, but all you boppers with an ear for the action there are some parts/roles that dont require voice acting. And Im still thinking if i should include the meeting with cyrus if you guys want we could, but until then that is skipped and The lizzies part .

** means it has a speaking part.

~~ means it does not.

^^ means you have little is yell like in a crowd(turnbulls)

DIRECTOR: retro213



The Warriors












~~Furie 1:Retro213(ME)

~~Furie 2:

~~Furie 3:

~~Furie 4:

~~Furie 5:

Turnbull ACs

^^Bus driver

^^AC 1:

^^AC 2:

^^AC 3:









^^Rogue snitch:

~~Rogue 3:

~~Rouge 4:

ORPHANS (someone has to do it)



Alot of more orphans




As you can see there are alot of parts lol if you don't know there are gonna be some people playing 2 roles but there are alot of scenes and it will bring alot of lulz concidering all the people on the forums are preetry funny. So come to 1 and check it out. (and i will ad a twist to some things if we need to) so I know alot of people want to be Ajax just to call people faggets lol, but theres alot of more roles and funny scenes we can do and we can do bloopers thad be some funny ass sh*t lol


Edited by retro213

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TRAILER (with most roles in it)



FINAL SCENE (in the warriors)


Edited by retro213

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Well I have a mic somewhere in my house (it's lost atm) and I know Cyrus' speech to the word. Add me on Doubleagent_M

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yeah me too, lol but how are we gonna make an effect that it looks like 500 ppl are there if only 16 people can be in one game lol thats why i skipped that part but if you have a suggestion on how to do that please tell me lol. And who do you want to be?

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UPDATE: media added with alot of roles in them.

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