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Proofed Cars from Jealous Girlfriends


Recommended Posts

Nice job on the video, Phreak.


I'm not having much luck with falling through gray hell. CJ respawns without the car about half the time. I tried doing things the exact same way but still get inconsistent results. It does work, and might be useful for something like... a dumper, or a dozer, that might be difficult to beach any other way. I'll keep it in mind.


What have you got against my beaching location south of LSX? I know it's a bit further to drive, but it is a nice wide open area to work in and all cars tested so far have made it up the slope. Also, the area south of the hangars doesn't have a ped or traffic zone, so the only thing to worry about are the helicopters if for some reason a little pushing is needed.


Has anyone had any luck with these cars on PS2? I think we lost MC. How about a pure v2 configuration?

Edited by OrionSR
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  • 2 weeks later...

Since I know you are working on a master save I'll tailor this description for a constant 4 star wanted level. Also, this method is untested on PS2, but I've looked at the PS2 scripts and it appears that the trick should work.


Go meet 2 girlfriends. Pick up one of the girls at her home and as soon as you have control reverse out of the home sphere. The date will fail due to the wanted level. Wait 7 seconds; if a jealous girlfriend does not appear then reload and try again. Wait until the jealous girl is very close and then enter the home sphere. You should get a small bit of dialog from the jealous girl before the cut-scene is ended by the end of the date.

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Ok thanks, i have michelle and Katie atm so il try it soon. Once i have the tow truck i can just put their vehicles in the garrage in Doherty and deal with all the drowing vehicle whenever i want right? Also i have a bit of an update on that glitch before, il keep it in the 4star topic though

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I was trying to do the jump from SF to LS with the bullet, failed. So i grabbed a rancher to see if it was possible, got lots of speed and drove up the bridge as a ramp and made it. if its possible with that police rancher it should be possible with barbaras, no undrowing


oh and phreak that trick works, i went in a proofed rancher south of the airport, fell off the map in it and teleported on land with a double insane stunt

Edited by Jack Reacher
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Oh, hey. I didn't see the update. So, did you manage to collect any of the proofed GF cars on PS2? I'm still waiting for confirmation that it is possible.


Also, I didn't understand what you meant by "drove up the bridge as a ramp." Can you explain your method in a bit more detail?

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Dw its really hard to do musit hve been a fluke. Basically go to the bridge and you kinda ride up the side, the support thing as a ramp


But i found a much more reliable method. Undrown the Ranger ( or whatever you want) and go south of the airport in LS. I was going south to see if i could get enough speed when i went off the end of the map, and teleported back onto the airport. I did this with the bullet as well, hasnt failed yet and is really close to the El Corona Garrage


I have spent ages doing this GF cars and i finally have Barbaras Ranger in my LS garrage ( i can use it for easy Vigilante missions) and Katies Romero in my SF garrage, im just going to use it for snapshots as every time i go to that tower in your Full Zoom video its crappy weather and i can barely see a thing, i end up waiting and having to shoot down choppers. Having these proofed vehicles in 4star land is going to be a great help.


I still have to get the monster. I had to do all of them by towing btw, i tried many times i could never get them out of the car on the PS2, gental nudging or whatever simply never worked.


Finally theres something i need to know but im not sure you can help me on this one. you know how there are things you can do to set that value $1236 to -1, its going to be difficult to get all 3 GFs to 0% for that oytster trick im worknig on as i gotta make sure its a jelousy date every time, so it will be time consuming saving after each one, by the time i get the last oyster i might get dumped. if i were to do them all in 1 go theres a 1/8 chance its a jelousy date for each one.


However i have an idea. If i do a 2 player mission i lose 5%, so i simply have to go to each GF and do a 2 player mission and it will go down 5%. However this may screw up my two timing conditions, anyway you can check this, although i dont think you can as there is no 2 player for PC. il have to do it myself i guess. the good thing about it is you dont have to change your appearence as well for each one, i just might be able to get them all on 0% and get the last oyster

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Yeah Orion, you got me lost on this one, lol. I have absolutely no idea how to trigger the two timing date but my only guess is that I have to get all girlfriends stats to 0%. I'll probably get back to this after I'm done with the single player on GTA: IV. I hope Mr. Jack Reacher here will provide an easy solution for someone who has 100% already.

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Sorry if i confused you, the 0% thing im talknig about is a different subject.


Orion has a theory that if all GF are at 0% and not dumped, if you get 50 oysters at this time they will be bumped to 45%. This is good for master save file users who cannot get past 15%.


Here is a basic outline how to shutdown jelousy dates. If you ever date a girl and not triger this jelousy date, you cant do it again, and the only way to do it is to have 2 girls active, and even then only works 50% of the time. So basiaclly those that date denise at the start of the game will enver experience this, its why its so rare


Anyway, SUCESS!


Orion, i went over to barbaras and started a 2 player date. As soon as it started my progess went down by 5% as usual, and i killed player 2 ( only way to end the date) However even though it was player 2 that died, i got a wasted stat, it was on 0, so of course im not saving. Anyway i busted myself and kept spawning at her house untill she was home again. I did a normal date and lukily enough, Katie showed up in her Romero.


So from this test alone, i can confirm that 2 player dates on the PS2 DO NOT get rid of jelousy dates, you can do them as many times as you like. However you will lose your armour and get wasted stat, so im going to find a better way to get them all at 0%. Heres my idea


I have all of them at 5% after getting there cars, and 49 oysters and make a seperate save. i then date Katie as her requirements are different, untill i get a jelousy date and make sure that i do it in a way so that i do not set the value to $1236 -1 ( i drive into the red marker before i bump into the jelous GF, right?)


I then go back to LS as fast as i can and eat at a fast food join till my fat is 50% and save. Now heres the frustrating part, i gotta date Michelle till i get a jelousy date, then rush over to Barbara and i hope i get a jelousy date. It should be a 1/4 chance that both of them are jelousy dates, so i may have to restart a lot as i dotn want to sav after each one as i may get dumped. Il leave the last oyster near Barbara and hopefully i can get it before they dump me. When you tried it Orion, how long roughly did it take for the first GF on 0% to dump you? If its a while i may just save after each Jelousy date so i dont have to keep reloading.

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Damn, so do I have to start a new game? All my girlfriends are at 100% except for Millie. So should I start a new game or edit the percentage stat to 0% for all girlfriends with Gameshark, etc.? Not sure if it will work but hopefully someone can convert the codes as I have Greatest Hits version. >:(

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0% wont do a thing, it has nothing to do with it. Orion said he cant find a way to get $1236 back to normal, but i know nothing about the PC version, maybe if you edited the times dated stats to 0 or soemthing it might work. But yeah if you really want there Proofed cars your going to have to start again, maybe use this chance to do a master save file, its the only thing i do now after getting 100% and although it seems like you cant do much i find it actually challenging, fun and you gotta use some creativity and planning on how you want to do your objectives. Anyway if you really dont want to start again maybe Orion will find a way of getting Jelousy dates triggered again, i use a PS2 so sorry not much i can do for you


Of course everything i have been telling you is from reading the psots in this topic, i may have read something wrong, that $1236 -1 stuff doesnt mean a thing to me lol but i think i get the gist of it, best as k orion if he posts here again

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Well done, Jack. It sound like you have confirmed the method on PS2. I figured it would work but couldn't be sure.


In order to reduced your progress to attempt to get the girls to 45% when you collect the last oyster I suggest meeting the girls and remaining in the circle. During my tests I found that the date failed so quickly that the 7 second delay prevented the jealously script from kicking in so the two-timing dates didn't get disabled.


MC_320, you came into this discussion early and I think the old theories have confused things for you. So far my new theory on two-timing dates has been very reliable. Forget everything about reducing progress and collecting oysters. As far as I can tell they have absolutely nothing to do with two timing dates. Review the One-Time Two-Time theory post and see if it works as well for you.


With that in mind, you would have two options for two-timing dates. 1) Start a new game and take the proper precautions to avoid activities that disable the two-timing dates. 2) Use a cheat device program to edit the global variable that has disabled the jealous girlfriends on you favorite saves. It's been a while since I've messed with the global variables on PS2, but I'll see if I can work something up for you.


Cheat Device Codes (untested)



006B3340 00000000



006B3AD0 00000000


RAW PAL (v1)

006B3440 00000000


Gameshark (GS2v3-4) I think; I've never tried using MaxConvert for Gameshark codes.

NTSCv2 (Greatest Hits)

04D01728 34B0D1C8










PAL v1




Note that on NTSCv2 the global variable is for disabling two-timing dates is $1240.


Usage: IIRC, cheat device programs will continually write their values. This will prevent the two-timing dates from functioning properly. The control variable needs to progress through different values depending on the current status of the two-timing date. To use these codes properly it would be necessary to Joker the cheat so it only runs when a certain button combination is pressed, or enable the cheat, load the save, save, quit and start again without the cheat running.


Or, perhaps a conditional check will work better. The idea is to only set the variable to 0 if it is set to -1. Something like this for RAW NTSCv2:


D06B3AD0 0000FFFF

006B3AD0 00000000

Edited by OrionSR
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Ok thanks Orion. Right now im getting Barabara to 5%. i triggered Michelle to come, as soon as i saw her i went into the red reing to finish the date. Usually when i do this, the GF will be at her door saying i suck or somrthing, and then the Jelous GF will ram my car and she says something as well, and i can steal her vehical.


However in this case Michelle was triggered, i went into the red circle so fast that Michelle couldnt get to me and Barbarra finished her cutscene, i couldnt find michelles monster. Can i assume that i can still do Two timing dates?


Anyway so your suggesting instead of reloading and stuff i meet the GF, and dont move at all and fail it instantly every time? Il do this on a seperate save. Yeah, the 2 player stuff also works for keeping these conditions but for those like me you DO get a wasted stat even though player 2 died not you.

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Yes, based on your description of the date I suspect the two-timing dates are still available. Basically, once the jealous girl has been triggered there are 3 options: 1) Evade the jealous girl; 2) Get caught two-timing; or 3) Take the date back home without getting caught or evading the jealous girl. In my tests, only the first option would disable the two-timing dates.

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Sweet, thats good because for once the sandking at the big ear had Hydrolics! So i was able to finally store that i got really lucky at the bridge, landed flat on its back, i gave up and got out but it somehow flipped over. As soon as i get 49 oysters il try this out and hopefully confirm this for PS2 owners, im going to try get most in the seasparrow now

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Oyster trick is a failure, dotn want to go into detail here as iits not really the right topic, check out the early side mission topic

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  • 1 month later...


Two-Timing dates will be permanently disabled when CJ goes on a date that is not a Gimp Suit or She Drives date and leaves or fails to reach the destination (Food or Dancing), or completes or fails the goal (Driving, Drive-By):


if only one girlfriend is active


if a jealous girlfriend does not appear


if the jealous girlfriend is evaded


So, if I dont want to disable t-t dates, I can safely complete any Food or Dancing dates but I have to reload if I got Draving/ Drive-by date. Am I reading it right?

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No, only the Gimp Suit and She Drives dates skip the Two-Timing evaluation. For all other dates (that last more than a few seconds) the jealous girlfriend needs to appear as CJ is taking the girlfriend home. So, the jealous girl should appear 7 seconds after: CJ leaves the restaurant or disco, the fun bar is full or empty, Denise has shot 60 rounds of ammo, or CJ fails to reach the destination in time.


Hm... I haven't tested one posibility. If CJ takes too long to find a car for Michelle to drive during a She Drives date then the Two-Timing evaluation might get triggered.

Edited by OrionSR
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I see.

Does the HotCoffee have any influence with any of this?

Maybe its time to replay SA again, last time i got to format C: torwards the end of LV missions. How I can see for myself how this global variable is set, is it writen somewhere in a savefile?

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I don't think disabling the girlfriend sensor will have any influence on collecting the proof cars from the girlfriends, but I did not make any tests of this setting.


The global variable are recorded in the save files. I usually use the Japanese Save Editor to check the values of the globals, but it is also possible check their values with a hex editor (save documentation) or using CLEO scripts.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I am having trouble activating this two timing date thing.

The global variable 1236 = 0 on my saves but I have tried about ten times now and still no luck, jealous girlflend wont show up.

Are there any other conditions? My progress with Katie is only 8% - I missed some phone calls, could it disable that two timing thing? My only girlfriends right now are Katie and Michelle- is it enough? Or maybe one cannot drive a bike during such a date- most of my attempts where with NRG 500.

Katie seems to be out of town, even at times when she is supposed to be at home. Can it be the reason why she will not show up on dates with Michelle?


EDIT: It seems to depend on car you are driving. NRG 500 was no-no, but in Bullet I got jealous Katie 9 times of 10 consecutive tries. Or

it was just a freak probability.

But, for now, I could not get her car bulletproof even once. I always get into marker too soon so her car is not proofed yet or too late, so it disappears suicidal.gif

Edited by pomor
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I have been able to trigger two-timing dates with an NRG-500. The problem is probably related to sex appeal. Use the wardrobe glitch to pad the stat a little (remove and put on the white tank a few dozen times). You can also apply a bunch of tattoos but that gets expensive. It can be pretty tricky to meet requirements for Michelle (who likes CJ fat) and Katie (likes muscles).

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I got Romero already but Monster is driving me crazy.

I have more the 50% fat and muscles, and I have tattoos. With Michelle it is enough if I show up in some moderate car but with Katie I need "sexy" one. So the Tow Truck is out of the question. Trying to bump Monster with Bullet or Infernus dont seem to work.

For some weird reason it did work the first time I tried, but after return to LS, before save, I got reckless, got wasted. rampage_ani.gif I "drive by" aggressive driver", must have hit fuel tank, it exploded and wasted CJ rampage_ani.gif

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I always used a tow truck, like Orion said you will have to pad your stats using the sex appeal glitch. Maybe you could try getting all 50 Oysters so sex appeal doesnt matter? If you are on a starter save i wouldnt recommend it though due to the other trick with GFs

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like Orion said you will have to pad your stats using the sex appeal glitch.

I dont like that. It feels too much like cheating. Would I be able to get rid of such a glitched sexappeal later?


EDIT: Finally managed to tease Michelle out of her Monster. I think that "magic spot" one needs to bump is the drivers's door, but it is necessary to avoid hiting these big wheels.

Now, its time to introduce CJ to Barbara and try to get Rancher Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

Edited by pomor
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Well, I am kinda behind on getting a start save yet I know it is my own fault going for a complete.


I mean, going after the kudos and natural gamer high of rubregg's tutorial for the 13.37% before starting this run of unique vehicle collecting.


I mean, why would I settle for anything less when I am three quarters of the way there since my first post in this thread?


After I get to where I NEED TO BE then i will probably continue with my continuation of last years challenge, which is mostly idea. Year End& Start Vigilante Challenge


Hey, why all at once? monocle.gif


I am still going for the ultimate save which this thread has demonstrated I do not have because my collection is missing vital vehicles for such a personal accomplishment.


So, my order is 13.37%, these rides, Vigilante Challenge and then after the challenge is done; System Errors Guide.




1.rubregg's 4 star guide


2.OrionSR's Jealous Girlfriend BP/EP/FP/DP vehicles <<Yes this topic!


3.Year End& Start Vigilante Challenge


4.The GTA SA Record Book by !!GameCH33TA!!


5.System Error's Guide to Unique Vehicles


Feel free to join me all. smile.gif


Might as well have fun with this little collection adventure. rampage_ani.gif


Use crazyanurag's save if you want....it really doesn't matter all that much yet I am going for it all myself because I like the heat of the situation. Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif


Hell, some of you are very likely completely ahead of me on this venture...... cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Hey i have a similar plan lined up. First im doing a starter save, which i have pretty much done everything possible, all rare vehicles acquired except the Rustler, it is possible


Next im going to muck around with hidden interiors and get hidden tats

Then im going for Liberty City, never been there in GTA SA

Finally im doing the territory glitch and going to try get as many as those as possible

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@OrionSR>Your realize that these rides are some of the best this game has to offer, right?


I have been wondering why and in a rather disapointed way that some of these rides were not BP/EP/FP/DP and now that I find out that they are it seems amazing to me that it has escaped the GTA SA gaming community for as long as it has.


You have truly done the collectors among us a service! icon14.gif


Thanks man! colgate.gif




Now to you, Jack Reacher. moto_whistle.gif




Hey i have a similar plan lined up. First im doing a starter save, which i have pretty much done everything possible, all rare vehicles acquired except the Rustler, it is possible


Next im going to muck around with hidden interiors and get hidden tats

Then im going for Liberty City, never been there in GTA SA

Finally im doing the territory glitch and going to try get as many as those as possible

Hey man, I am looking for a noncheat method for getting that hidden tattoo shop entrance.


Somewhere I ran across a method that looks like it may get me into the vicinity without cheats......maybe.


If you figure it out, if it is even possible which is serious question in and of itself, then let me know.


Please and thank you. colgate.gif




Edited by HolyGrenadeFrenzy
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Ok when im done with the other stuff i will look into it. What i was planning to do was have one save file at 100%, and then copy that save and do the hidden territory glitch and do 1 cheat to get the hidden tats. The only way i know how to get into that area is via Ganton Gym but there might be other ways, i know the interiors are very high up maybe somehow during the mission stowaway you can get to it, no idea how though

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