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A) Sorry if this post is in the wrong place!!!



B) I know you cant get 100% when using cheats on gta sa but can you still get 100% if you use a trainer?? or does it have the same effect as cheats??


Please reply asap cuz its MAJOR important!!

Thanks guys

Sorry again...

-TWFAN64 x

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A trainer really can't get you 100%. You would need a save game editor and you can edit any of your stats. The save game editor is really buggy so be careful if you use it. Why don't you just try to do 100% in time by yourself without using any cheats or trainers?


Trainers are fun to mess around with after you have done 100%. I sometimes use a Car Spawner and a Teleporting trainer.

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Just GOOGLE: GTA SA 100% save game.

There's a whole bunch of them.



Just continue to have other people play icon13.gif the game for you in SnP.



Just flatout ask someone to post their 100% game to you in the SnP forum.

then you change CJ's clothes and haircut and tell your friends it's your game finished. That's the easiest all around.

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