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The World of leoncj [An Archive of all Missions]


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Gang Life missions are now being created. 3 Missions are Done! More will come... Tomorrow i guess...

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Holidays are commin'! So wont be able to work on Vagos, Da Nang, Triads missions in San Andreas Stories. But.. I'll do my best to release it.

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Leoncj your scren of the dyom (http://www.dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=2754) is Here, I have made weak better  biggrin.gif  link:


Cool. But i made another and when San Andreas Stories is released ill put the new photo.


But your is cool too icon14.gif



EDIT: plus in my San Andreas Stories missions will be NO CJ. And will be not only playable with Grove Street but and with other gangs too. See the trailer:



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I can advertise your mod at my internet page? :


What "mod"? San Andreas Stories isn't a mod its a DYOM missions.

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I played some of your missions and here is my viewpoint-


The Good-

You use the surroundings well. The story in your missions unfolds in a flawless fashion and thats good.Cutscenes are also very well made. You perfectly stick to the theme of the story!

Overall- Great!


Things that need improvement-

The number of checkpoints you use to make the player go to a certain spot is higher (eg Silent Hill mission).

The distant between the player and the next checkpoints are sometime large so try to place checkpoints in short distances.(example Silent Hill)


Overall- You are great! Keep up the Good Work!


Offtopic- Has anyone played my missions?




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