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The World of leoncj [An Archive of all Missions]


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Welcome to a whole new updated topic, previously known as leoncj's missions.


Here you will find ALL of my precious work, all cancelled ones and currently working.




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Projects without an announced topic:

On The Road


No Rules in the Sands 2

No Rules in the Sands: REMASTERED (???)

The Purge - Season 1





Finished on May 31, 2019



2VdGnCk.png WBs4bea.png








GTA: Unfinished Business










Right Man in the Wrong Place


Main Topic


Mafia Chronicles

The life in San Andreas. The life of a mafia. Godfather, Capo, Hitman and all of those things just began. My name is Dyllan and I am a Killer.

Episode 1 - Mafia Problems

Intro - The start of the Mafia.

Glen Park Thugs - Lets see what Roman will say.

Rescue a amigo - Charlie and Roman are in trouble!

Protection Money - Lets get our reward from protecting!

Umberto - A friend of Luigi needs a decoy man just like Dyllan.

The Don and his Lawyer - Its time to meet the Don Tommy Morello.




The Deal 4

Danny died. Now new boss of The Deal family is: John. The Deal families will reborn! And it will take control of Los Santos! It is time...

Los Santos Problems

Liberty City - John's Life

It is time to go home - It is time to see Danny.

Cold Streets - The streets are trashed by Eagle gang!

Its time for action! - Its time for shooting!

Vanessa Johnson - Even the presidents daughter helps John, Ken and Sonny!

Secret Warehouse = Its for drug dealing buisness to be back!

Jefferson Meeting - Its time to know the Jefferson gang!

Goodbye Sonny - It is time for Sonny to got back to The Dragon Team in Liberty City.

Down with the Eagle families! - The 'Eagle' will die!

Back Home, Daddy - Its time to get back home to Danny.

Friends or Enemys? Your choice - It is time to make a plan how to get control of the Los Santos.

The Rat - Mafia jobs begins...

Back To Liberty - The Dragon Team fails.

We got sold out - Theres a spy in our team!

Freddy Delavega - Hitman boss.

Wrong Deal - Goodbye old good Danny Robinson.

New Buisness in San Fierro

The town of cool guys - Welcome to San Fierro, Johnny.

Knowing the town - Its time to be a part of San Fierro.

Nerd attack! - Time to reborn the Yakuza.

The last man - The Yakuza now will reborn!

Secret Documents - The documents of James lawyers.

David Soyuka - Mayor of SF!

Cargo Shipment - The second job for Mr. Mayor Soyuka.

Saving The Yakuza - Time to kill David and reborn the Yakuza!

Richmans life in Las Venturas

Richman life - Sonny got a new spot in Las Venturas!





Charlies Buisness

One guy called Charlie Dovon lived a wonderful life in San Andreas.DEMO MISSION

Welcome to LV - Charlie Dovon arrives to Las Venturas.

Nick Peterson - Charlie meets new guy Nick.

The Gangs - Time to know the town!




World War

Some Americans have been added to be army to serve and protect just like police. But when army is sent to a war... Then its hell... All around the San Andreas a group of American Army are ambushed by France Army. Somethings to know:

1. Low health. = There are low health because to make it like in real world.

2. Friend Low Health = TO make it like in real world.

3. No blips on map = TO make it like in real world.

These things will be in all missions. The Low health will changed sometimes... It will be lower to make it like your seriuosly injured like in real world. Goodluck!

Episode 1 - Travel to Area 69

The Camp - An army team are lost in the woods full of France armys guards and scouts everywhere.

To Palomino Creek! - The army team are moving to Palomino Creek!

Saving and rescueing - Cpt. John's team planted bombs in all of Palomino Creek! You must save the suvivors!

Lost in Woods Sargent Dan and others died. But Dan survived the explosion. Now he's lost in woods... between all France Army.

Road To Montgomery - Srgt. Dan is traveling to Montgomery.. His team's town.

The Defense - The France Army attacking your town. You must protect the people!

Long Way To Blueberry - Srgt. Dan got a plan.

Blueberry Action - Cpt. Leo and his team are in trouble!

The Bridge - Cpt. Kyle and Cpt. John must protect the bridge until Srgt. Dan arrives!

Episode 2 - San Fierro Ambush

To Pier 69 - After Srgt. Dan, Cpt. Kyle, Cpt. John and Cpt. Leo escaped the french into the desert to Area 69. Cpt. Kyle had some buisness at San Fierro.

Defend the garage! - Cpt. Kyle and John must defend the garage from French Army!

Moving on... - Cpt. John found a chopper with bombs! You must stop them!

Connection Base 1 Cpt. Kyle and John must protect the Connection Base 1 from French Army!

Russians - Leo, French Army are dealing with Russians.

Connection Base 2 - Kyle and John meets Srgt. Julie from Scout Team.

Hard Travel - Srgt. Julie has a plan to find Leo!

Doherty Battle It is time for Leo to go bye bye!

Episode 3 - Memories

The Big Ear - The memories begins when Cpt. Dan and his team are in desert.

The Factory - Cpt. Dan and his team are going to destroy the Russian Factory.

The last weapon dealing base - Cpt. Dan and his team will finish off the dealing once and for all!

Episode 4 - Los Santos Madness

Searching for the captain - It is time to find Cpt. Dan.

Escaping the Madness - Cpt. Dan and Cpt. Kyle will try to escape the Los Santos!

The War - This is the end to the war. Everyone will live peaceful now.



Liberty and Vice

Two brothers name: Sonny Banks and Kenny Banks have left New York and flyed to diffrent citys.. Sonny to Liberty City and Kenny to Vice City. [[[YOU WILL NEED GTA United mod TO PLAY THESE MISSIONS!!]]]


Streets Of Liberty - Sonny arrives to Liberty City and meets with Joe.

Mexicans - Some mexican gang are f**king up with Joe's homies.

Joey's Homies - It is time for Sonny to meed Joey's gang.






Los Santos Spy

A famous cop called Fonelly aka John Fonelly. A detective of LSPD become a LS Spy.

Intro - This is a mission 1. John have suspected some drug dealers.

An old Friend - An old friend visits John.

Cargo Supply's - Another way to deal with drugs. This time its a Cargo delivery.

The Party - An agent Sarah Peterson is undercover in a club and waiting for John. It is time to find out the killers!

Anurgato Families - John and Sarah are now going to work for Anurgato Family as undercover as Kyle and Katie.

Ronaldo Anurgato - It is time to meet another family leader: R. Anurgato.

Im Not Kyle! - Ronaldo left LS because he suspects something. Jack wants to leave too... It is time to stop him!

The End to Anurgato Families - It is time to kill Ronaldo!

Hector Cassel - It is time to kill another drug dealer.

The Date - First partners... Now a couple.

The End - The end of John's Fonelly's Career...



Mexican Life

A Mexican life in Los Santos.

The Start - Joining the Vagos.

Hanging Around Being a Vago.

Drive for eat - You and your amigos going to eat.

Training - Time to learn to shoot.





Kill Zero - Only one objective!

Lucky Friends - Sniping is back!

Life in Idlewood - The life of Steve in Idlewood!

Catalina's Revenge - Its time that Catalina and Claude to kill CJ.

Soldier Day - Dwald the SWAT member got an mission in Los Santos.

The Bridge War - Cpt. Jonnath and Sgt. Holland must destroy the Bridge somewhere in the desert to protect their teammates!

The Fierro Cops - Jack Hollow joining the SWATS of the San Fierro.

OG Life 3 - This time, Grove OG's going to kill Kane.

Don't Trust Anyone - Tony must kill Dimitri.

Escape - Denise is in trouble and she must kill Frank.

It's only Business - Sonny must kill Ray and his goons.

End of the Line - Larry must kill Salvatore and Chan.





The Horror Dreams

A local town farmer guy called Johnny lived in a town. But something happaned that he started dreaming horror dreams.

The Nightmare - The nightmare is only a dream that Johnny dreaming...

Dreams comes true - The nightmare that Johnny dreamed have came true.

The Dark Farm - Johnny have escaped the horror town into the dark farm. He must find an engine!

The End - Johnny stops his dreams. But... He dies.




A gang life of Carl Johnson aka CJ.

Hanging around - CJ, Sweet, Ryder, Smoke are going to Pizza to get some food. But... Its time for Drive by!

A fine plan in action - Sweet got a plan to destroy Balla car. But he needs Smokes, Ryders and CJ's Help!

Street War - Sweet and Ryder are chilling at Sweets house... Smoke made a call to Sweet. Its time for CJ to save Smoke.

Shop burglary - Sweet got an idea to make money.

Robbing the Ballas - Ryder got an idea to rob Ballas! Cuz' Ballas got money.

Getting familys back! - Sweet have a meeting with all familys that wear green. It was time to get familys back!

Banging some Balla OG's - Smoke wanna kill some OG's of Ballas and meet with some secret man.

Grove Street down - Smoke and Ryder did something wrong that Grove Street failed.

Mount Chilliad - After the war.. Tempenny brought CJ to some farm city called Angel Pine.

Wu Zi Mu - CJ and Cesar meets some Triad china guy called Woozie.

Operation=Sneakly - CJ, Cesar and Woozie find that Ryder deals with some San Fierro Rifa boyz.

Toreno - CJ kills one of San Fierro Rifa dealers in the meeting. Toreno.

Jizzy - CJ kills other Rifa boy in the meeting. Jizzy.

I lost my homie - CJ kills T-Bone the third Rifa guy of the meeting. But theres Ryder too. So say bye to Ryder.

Welcome to Las Venturas - Again Tempenny and his man brought CJ to another city called: Las Venturas.

Los Santos Files - Tempenny wants to retrieve LS city files.

Help is on the way! - Pulaski sent some of his man to kill Kendl and Cesar.

Two Down! One left - Finally Pulaski and Hernandez will pay for trying to kill Kendl and Ces.

Brothers are back - For killing Pulaski finally Sweet is free from jail. That means Johnsons are back!

End Of The Line (pt1) -

CJ and Sweet are going to kill Smoke and Tempenny.

End Of The Line (pt2) -

Looks like Big Smoke and Tempenny got away. CJ! Catch them!


Jack's Life

A life of one guy came to Las Venturas.

Mission 1 - Jack arrives...

Mission 2 - His life continues...

Mission 3 - Continues...

Mission 4 - Still continues.

Mission 5 - Continues.

Mission 6 - Continues.

Mission 7 - His life continues.

Mission 8 - Continues...

Mission 9 - Triad P. Department.

Mission 10 - Continues.

Mission 11 - Partner stuff...

Mission 12 - Bye bye Lance!

Mission 13 - The End.


Billy's Life

A life of a guy named Billy just came to LS to relax.

Mission Pack


World Destruction

Aliens attacked San Andreas.

Part 1 - The escape!

Part 2 - Tony's life continues.

Part 3 - Continues...

Part 4 - Continues.

Part 5 - Still continues.

Part 6 - The End.


The Ballas Life

A balla life just like in Grove.

Mission 1 - The life begins.

Mission 2 - It continues.

Mission 3 - Continues...

Mission 4 - Continues.

Mission 5 - Almoust the end...

Mission 6 - The end!



Before CJ Arrives

A story how Beverly Johnson (CJ's Mom) died. (fake).

Mission 1 - The start.

Mission 2 - Continues.

Mission 3 - Continues.

Mission 4 - Still Continues.

Mission 5 - Goodbye Beverly and hello CJ!


Silent Hill - The Movie

Part 1 - Welcome to Silent Hill.

Part 2 - Enjoy the SH.

Part 3 - Searching for your kid.

Part 4 - Searching...

Part 5 - Her life continues.

Part 6 - Battle!

Part 7 - Leaving Silent Hill.


The Deal 3

Danny's life continues in The Deal families.

Mission 1 - Begins.

Mission 2 - Continues...

Mission 3 - Continues.

Mission 4 - Still continues.

Mission 5 - Danny... Danny...

Mission 6 - Continues.

Mission 7 - The End.


Resident Evil

Part 1 - The Start of a horror life!

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7 - The End.


The Deal 2

Danny takes control of the Deal families.

Mission 1 - The Start.

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6 = The End.


The Deal 1

Danny's life begins when Johnny White controles the Deal family and when Danny is a worker of Johnny.

Mission 1 - Danny's work begins.

Mission 2 - Danny and Johnny and his friends must escape!

Mission 3 - Danny must kill his friend.

Mission 4 - Danny's life continues.

Mission 5 - Continues.

Mission 6 - Still continues.

Mission 7 - Continues...

Mission 8 - The End.



Part 1 - The nightmare begins...

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8 - The End.



The Brave Man - A brave gangsta man wants to have a wonderful life.

Mega Escape 1 - A 1 episode of Mega Escape!

Mega Escape 2 - A 2 episode of Mega Escape!!

War in Desert - Another Russian army have over taken a bar in desert.

All planes No description.

Kill The President You must kill the president of San Fierro and his lawyer.

OG Life 2 - Now its a Balla OG life.

The Jobs 2 - Luca got some more jobs.

Sniper - Easy targets.. Easy money.

Los Santos Destruction - Russian agent plant his bombs in all of LS. Get the hell out of there Hector!

Escape from LS - The job is simple. Get the General out of the town!

Mexican Fight! - A gang of Aztecas wants to take over a hood that Vagos control!

OG Life 1 Its a Grove OG Life!

The Jobs - Time to travel to Liberty and get some cash by doing Mr. Mcfonel's jobs!

I Came For You! - Its time to kill your master!

Retaking the Base! - The terrorists took over your army base. Take it back!

The Local Town War - The local town bank is captured by terrorists dressed like cops.

Destroy Area 69 - Time for the Terrorists to revenge. Destroy Area 69!

Hitman Operation - Madd Dogg's man are escaping Los Santos. Double Agent kill them all.

Hitman job 2 - You got another target to kill.

Bloody War - The Russian Army and General have took over Fort Carson.

Ambush the ballas! - The Ballas going to attack Grove St.! CJ, Woozie and some Grove OGs! Are planning to ambush them!

Night Operation - Time to get the Grove back!

Retrieve the money - Retrieving the money!

Ryder and CJ - Fun with Ryder.

Balla Attack - Those ballas dont stop!

End Of The Line - Die Tenpenny!

The Shop Robbery - Be a hero!

The Boxing Fight - WIN! Bar Fight - Be brave man...

Soldier - Enemy base Time to destroy the enemy base!

Ryder's last chance - Ryder's last chance to escape from Balla attack.

Madd Dogg Rhyme Book - Show that OG Loc fool that Madd Dogg is still gangsta!

Soldier - First Enemy Bunker - Time to make the first move...

Grove Street Down! - Ballas still got something!

Johnson Family Death - Bye bye Johnsons!

Kill Big Smoke - Astalavista you chubby Smoke!

Grove St. Outside Party - A party outside.

Johnson House Party The Johnsons gonna party!!

Gang War - Just another Hood vs. Hood.

Grove Street In Trouble 2 - Another trouble to the Grove Street Families.

Fighting War - Be the man!


Army Ship Escape Escape the ship of full of Armys dangerously armed!

Army Base Break - Escape the Army Base in the desert!

Operation Tower Shooting - Time to be a gooood sniper!

Call Of Duty - The First War - Attack attack attack!

Grove Street in Trouble - Grove are in trouble!

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Fighting Missions:

Mission 1 The War: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1628



Call of Duty - The First War: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1588


The Ballas Life:

Mission 1: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1714

Mission 2: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1715

Mission 3: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1716

Mission 4: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1717

Mission 5: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1718

Mission 6: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1719


The Deal:

Mission 1: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1283

Mission 2: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1284

Mission 3: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1285

Mission 4: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1286

Mission 5: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1287

Mission 6: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1288

Mission 7: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1289

Mission 8: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1290


Resident Evil:


Part 1: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1388

Part 2: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1389

Part 3: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1390

Part 4: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1391

Part 5: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1392

Part 6: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1393

Part 7: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1395


The Deal 2:


Mission 1: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1322

Mission 2: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1323

Mission 3: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1324

Mission 4: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1325

Mission 5: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1326

Mission 6: http://patrickw.gtagames.nl/DYOM/?act=show&id=1327




Comming Soon:

1. The Deal 3

2. Resident Evil 2

3. More Missions of Sniper

4. World Destruction


Thats All!

stop it


don't bump.

well, i bumping too, but a 20 minutes delay from you last post? not. don't do that

you may bump after a day, two(and only if you have something very important to say), but not after 20 minutes

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stop it


don't bump.

well, i bumping too, but a 20 minutes delay from you last post? not. don't do  that

you may bump after a day, two(and only if you have something very important to say), but not after  20 minutes

If you want to announce a set of missions, it is no problem to bump your own mission topic for that.

Even if it's only an half hour.


Great collections of missions cool.gif


@Kratos2000: Please leave moderating to the people appointed for that, otherwise we just get bored.

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Reason: * These missions are moved to Front Page!*


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1. Richards Life - World Destruction

2. Chads Life - World Destruction

3. Billys Life

4. Resident evil Remake







Please give me a Comment about my Missions if its Bad or Good smile.gif


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  • 2 weeks later...

When DYOM5 is released! I will create cool missions like Resident Evil(RE1 Edition)

or like Mafia. But now i will be working on Tom Carter's Cases!

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add everything to the first post, so it would be easer to find. wink.gif

Do you need an idea for a mission??

i suggest you to make some Postal 2 missions wink.gif (remember, cars are always locked there smile.gif )

Edited by Kratos2000
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add everything to the first post, so it would be easer to find.  wink.gif

Do you need  an idea for a mission??

i suggest  you to make some Postal 2 missions wink.gif (remember, cars are always locked there  smile.gif )

Ill see.. what can i do to make something like Postal 2. And yea. i need ideas on missions until DYOM5 is released. tounge2.gif

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oh.............. more 3 days the DYOM 5 is coming

i'm so nervous biggrin.gif

xD yeah... me too.. I wonder what kind of missions people will create... it will be Awesome! smile.gif

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