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I haven't really found any discussion about this anywhere so i decided to make a new topic. In the game, when you do something really great, you may receive a bonus. The ones I've got so far are:


Cop Killa- Killed lots of polices

Medical Emergency- I'm not very sure about this. Usually I get it when i ride over a Medicar with a tank.

Grand Theft Auto!- This is cool one- I tried to steal all different cars on Downtown district and I got this. I don't know can you get it in later districts.

Wipe Out!- I just caused incredible havoc infront of Wang car place with my tank and I got this biggrin.gif

Insane Stunt Bonus- Just do a really big jump. Simple.



I have searched the soundfiles and there seems to be many more bonus's like Carjacker and Xin Loi my man and I'm hoping to hear some cool bonus's here!

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Wipe Out!


BIG MESS and BIG explosions. Explosion after explosion. I just love this and the Wipe Out!


user posted image



Image copyright = ME. Taked when i was playing .

Edited by B-$hep
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  • 7 months later...

If somebody is interested, for some bonus's I have tricks how to get them easily.


Heres a list:

Insane Stunt Bonus: Just do a stunt. You can see some ramps in all districts.

Accuracy Bonus: Get a 4 head Wanted level. When SWAT units appear shoot them as careful as you can. When you fail only one bullet you must do it again.

Medical emergency: First do a mess. Shoot down some car and burn some peds. After a while ambulances and firetrucks will appear. Mostly there are two firetrucks and oneambulance. When you shoot down the firetrucks and the ambulance you will get the bonus

Elvis has left the building: Very simple. Just cross a group of Elvis immitators

Back to front: For this one you must get away from cops backwards for 1 minute when you have a wanted level of four heads or more. Its best done with a SWAT Van because it is heavy.

Cop Killa: Kill 20 cops.

Wipe-out: Many people dont know how to get this. You have to shoot down all normal vehicles which are driving on the streets in 10 minutes. Cop Cars, SWAT Vans, ambulances, firetrucks, tanks, trailers, z-types, meteors, pickups, dementias, miaras , taxis, (armed) land roamers, pacifiers, busses, karma busses and bulwarks arent included.

Genocide: Kill 1000 peds. Best done with a six star wanted level. Then you infinite ammo for S-Uzi because of the soldiers and it is easier because there very much soldiers. But a lil bit hard without cheats. If you want to do it without then stay near to a Max Paynt (Pay n Spray) so you can spray your car and loose cops.

Grand Theft Auto: Steal all normal cars which are driving around on the streets. Remember that the cars listed on "Wipe-Out" arent included.

Expeditious execution: To get this you need to kill 20 peds with a car bomb. Theres a trick which makes it very very easy. Head to Industrial District. Start the mission Hot Dog Homocide (Left green phone of Russian Mafia). Get a Bus and upgrade i with a bomb. Head to a bus stop but park the vehicle so that the doors doesnt open. You will see that many many peds are walking p the bus stop. When there are enough peds just detonate the bomb and have fun with your 100.000 Dollars. (Only Dreamcast and PC versions)

Edited by GTAFreak05
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Expeditious Execution!

Kill 20 peds in ~10 seconds. $10k for getting this I guess



Kill 1000 pedestrians, seems to have no time limit. You seem to get $50K when getting this bonus


Accuracy Bonus!

~25 right shots on pedestrians. If you shoot at "nothing" while trying to do this you wont get the bonus. You get $5000 for doing this I guess


Back to Front Bonus!

This is the weirdest bonus I've seen. Drive ~600 blocks in reverse with 4 wanted level (around 3 minutes with normal game speed). You get $1000 for doing this.


Insane Stunt Bonus!

Fly 10 blocks away with a ramp. $1000


Cop Killa!

Destroy 20 cop cars. $5000


Elvis Has Left The Building!

Kill one of those Elvis clan rows. After one of them died, all of them must die within ~7 seconds. $32K


Medical Emergency!

Destroy one medicar, one cop car and one Fire Truck. $10K


Wipe Out!

Destroy one of each vehicle model. You dont need to destroy the Cop Cars and parked Tanks. $50K


Grand Theft Auto!

Steal one of each vehicle model. Parked cars aren't counted. $50K


Car Jacka!

Steal lots of random cars. Im not sure about how much you get by doing this but I guess its $10K

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