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Running Vice City on Windows 7





If you are getting an "Unhandled Exception - C0000005 at 006F6330" error every time you try to run GTA, keep reading.


As you can see below I had a problem with Vice City, but I've *just* discovered how to make it work. The problem lies with Windows 7's DEP (Data Execution Prevention)


To fix it, do the following:

Delete .set file from your Documents\Vice City User Files folder

Open the Start menu, in the search box type "advanced system settings".

One result will appear, click it.

In the window that opens, click the Advanced tab, then the first Settings button

Go to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab, and click "Add..." to add an exception.

Browse to your gta-vc.exe and select it.

Now "OK" all the dialogs until they're closed.


After I did this, the game worked. Nothing else helped.



Hi all


Have tried various compatibility settings and the game doesn't seem to be working on Windows 7 (final version). Starts, I get a black screen, and it quits to desktop with an "Unhandled Exception - C0000005 at 006F6330" error message. Tried with both 1.1 and 1.0 NO-CD exes.


Deleted the .set file and it hasn't helped. Also ended and disabled the MsCtfMonitor task thing, and that didn't help either.

This is a completely fresh VC installation.

Edited by jas0nuk

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3 answers to this question

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It ain't work for me. At least not in Windows 8.1 :(

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Are you getting the above unhandled exception or another issue.... If not that, please post YOUR problem in another thread and explain as much as possible what is occurring.

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Unhandled exception error in VC with Win 7? Strange. I never encountered any. :blink:

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