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III/IV Modding changes


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Not really really a suggestion, just more of an "atta boy". Nice job separating the III and IV era games into their own sections, this should make things easier find between games.


About the only thing I COULD suggest is that in the mission section of IV, somehow referencing that the III and IV eras of mission coding styles are largely the same, more as an FYI for new users getting their feet wet with mission scripting.


Anyhow, nice job guys; the effort is much appreciated. smile.gif

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Good job with the split of Era III and IV coding. icon14.gif


Maybe to do the same split in the modding show room too? Just asking.

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I know this will sound very trivial, but saying "III era modding" sounds a bit of a roundabout term. I don't know if that section would be better off being called "RenderWare engine modding"? Nice job anyhow smile.gif.

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We had that in consideration but went with III and IV era instead, I think it's pretty clear anyway.


Feedback on the new layout usage is highly appreciated so we can continue improving as needed.

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Trouble is within naming it RenderWare & Rage is that most people might not know what they are. At least using III era and IV era people will know.

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Maybe to do the same split in the modding show room too? Just asking.

This would be very good

Sometimes people don't add tags or Icons or indicate what game their mods are for

Maybe different sections in the show room for each game

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  • 1 month later...

Don't know who did it, but thanks to whomever for adding the header/banner to the IV Coding section. Hopefully this will help cut down on the "can I have this/wouldn't this be cool if" etc posts.


Much appreciated folks! smile.gif

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