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Spaghetti Cat

GTA: Border Wars

Recommended Posts

Spaghetti Cat

In late February 2003, as we focus on one war, another one is brewing on our doorstep.



user posted image



Hi, thanks for reading my post, hope that you like it.  For a while now I’ve been thinking about the game-play mechanics of GTA.  For example: Why can’t you explore the entire city (or in SA’s case the entire state(s)) at first.  It seems a little silly that you get a five star rank on crossing a bridge in the same city.  Also, why is the city located on an island in the middle of an endless ocean?  Sure, there may be an airport, but the standard GTA city seems isolated from the rest of the world.  It could all be a philosophical question posed by R* for all us gamers, but I digress…


So, I thought, why not base an entire GTA city around the game-play mechanics.   Make the city work for the game instead of rules being forced upon the gamer.  I placed an IV’ish-type city on the US-Mexican border.  Replaced the endless ocean with an endless desert, hopefully something randomly generated. Like Smuggler's Run And thus GTA:Border Wars was born…




  • 1)

2) Character

3) Gameplay

4) Gangs

5) Law Enforcement

6) Weapons

7) Radio & T.V.

8) Vehicles (coming soon)

9) Extras

10) Missions






user posted image


The US-Mexico border; centering on the cities Vista and Nuevo Vista ( Laredo and Nuevo Laredo ). The Vista-Nuevo Vista Metropolitan Area is one of the busiest hubs for drug smuggling, human trafficking, and money laundering. Each day thousands of cars and people cross the Rio Gigante (Rio Grande) into the US. Crossing into the US side involves a random car and body search. All preformed by highly trained, well-armed, border guards. Crossing into Mexico involves a friendly smile and the customary bribe.


user posted image


user posted image


Maria Gonzales, 18. An American citizen of Mexican descent, having a Mexican father and an American mother. While vacationing in Nuevo Vista, with her friends, Maria is kidnapped while clubbing late one night. She is smuggled away from the tourist areas and into the red light district. Maria is about to be sold into a prostitution ring. When the handler of the ring tries to “inspect” the product, he is met with a swift knee to the face. As the handler is stunned Maria finds a knife and slices her new owner wide open.


Her story is told to the smuggler, and he takes notice. From the group of Los Asesinos ( Los Zetas ) the man takes Maria for himself. Driving her to the training ranch far outside Nuevo Vista. Here other abductees are trained in the art of smuggling and killing. These will be the foot solders in protection racket that the Los Asesinos run for the Playa (Gulf) Cartel. Held against her will, Maria decides to train for combat rather than being left for dead.


user posted image


user posted image


The first few missions will take place on the ranch. These will be training missions in the vain of all the first GTA mission. Teaching you how to drive, shoot, and other special moves. If Maria decides to escape the ranch at this point, she will be chased by the Los Asesinos, resulting in a 5-star rank of it’s own.


After the training missions, Maria will be working for the ‘Company’. If she tries to escape into the US side, Maria will gain a 5-star rank and be chased. Because the border guards don’t know who she is, and will suspect she is an illegal immigrant, they will give chase. If caught, Maria will be deported back to the Mexican side. A majority of the missions will take place in Mexico during the first half of the game.


For the first quarter of missions Maria will be placed with a crew. Instead of leading this gang though, the crew will be making sure that you don’t run to the cops and turn yourself in. The ‘Company’ crew will help Maria during these missions; flanking enemies, and going for objectives of their own. I can even picture missions where Maria is riding in the car. Doing drive-by’s out the passenger side, rail-shooter style.


After aggravating the authorities, and gaining the trust of the ‘Company’, Maria is chosen for her true mission. Since Maria is an American citizen, she is sent back across the Rio Gigante to complete contracts. ‘Company’ officials want to stay on the Mexican side of the border when assassinating police and other public officials on the US side. So Maria is gets her passport back, and given a contact on the other side. Because Maria is now a wanted criminal, she cannot turn to the police for help.


She helps eliminate problems in Vista, and smuggle back cash across into Nuevo Vista. At this point the map is opened up and Maria can now explore the entire map. Outside the cities is an endless desert, terrain is randomly generated lending to great off-road experiences. Draw distance should be improved to expand the feeling of coming into the city from afar.


The ‘Company’ is only contractors for the cartel, so Maria is free to earn her own cash. Doing side mission will gain needed cash, but will affect the respect of other gangs. Friendly, neutral, and hostile are the three options for the different gangs. Annoy a particular gang enough any you are not welcome on their turf.


Arrests are handled differently on either side of the border. In Vista, the police are quite strict. Once arrested the authorities will take all of your guns and cash. You will be required to call the assigned parole officer every five days for the rest of the game. If you are arrested in Nuevo Vista, there are two options. For a sizeable bribe, you can go on your way. Or, if you can decide to keep the cash, you will have to do a mission for the corrupt cops. This mission will affect negatively on whatever gang is targeted. Escaping the police radius is the same as in IV.


Health is also handled differently on either side. Gone is the quick, full power, affect from eating a hot dog. If the health bar gets into the red, then you need to get to a hospital. Working for the ‘Company’ are a series of underground doctors (think Ammunation in IV). While quite expensive, these doc’s will fix you up right. When Maria has access to the American side, ambulance side-missions are available. Do a certain amount of ambulance missions for the hospital, and health service is free. Though “dying” will still cost you a chunk of change.


Since hookers are out (it would be kinda gross IMO) for health boost, Maria can run a prostitution ring in certain areas. After a certain number of pimp(ette) missions, the ladies of the night will give you access to their medications. I’m guessing a lot of anti-itch/anti-fungal pills lol. Fire truck missions will also be available, though I’m not sure what the reward would be.


Speaking of rewards, hidden packages are back. These should be linked to an accessory or power up. Find 10 and get a flashlight, find twenty and get fingerless gloves, find fifty and get a silencer, ect. Special abilities, like running faster or jumping higher, could also be included. Though I’m not quite sure what the final reward could be (tank???).


Euphoria should be fixed to avoid some of the strange quirks in IV. While walking, the stumbling and fumbling around moving objects. More natural movement for the character when faced with obstacles, like being able to automatically hop over small walls. Fixing some aspects of the cover system that automatically picks weird places for cover, leaving you exposed. More options for walk/jog/run like CJ had in SA. Fix some of the weird reaction of the vehicles, like flipping end over end when jumping the car onto the curb.



user posted image


Los Asesinos (AKA the Company) – This is the gang that you will be associated with for most of the game. Los Asesinos are the main contractors for the Playa Cartel. Protection, enforcement, and assassinations are the n behalf of the Playa Cartel’s immense drug smuggling business. While the Playa Cartel is the primary contractor for Los Asesinos, the ‘Company’ has started to branch out. Completing smuggling runs, human trafficking, and kidnapping for themselves. Other gangs, willing to pay the large sums of cash, are also using the services of the ‘Company’.


Playa Cartel – Top drug cartel in the Nuevo Vista region. Involved in smuggling, corruption, and the gambling rackets. The cartel is also rumored to have the best ice cream in all of Vista. Running a fleet of ice-cream trucks through the suburbs of Vista.


Blanco Cartel – The rival of the Playa Cartel. The two cartels are in a war over the control of the border. Whoever controls the border controls the smuggling routs. Playa controls the East side; Blanco controls the West side of the Mexican border.


69th Street Bangers – The main buyer of narcotics in Vista. They have a great need to smuggle the cash payments back into Nuevo Vista. The Bangers are the top gang in Vista. They also run a number of chop shops in, and around, Vista.


Freedom Fighters – A rag-tag collection of American citizens guarding the border where there is no fence. These like-minded individuals are heavily armed, but can be bought for a price.







user posted image


Police/Polecia – This is the local law enforcement of Vista and Nuevo Vista. Each city has their own unique differences. The Vista Police force has patrol cars, while Nuevo Vista Polecia (NVP) has marked trucks. They also wear different uniforms, like the Alderney police did in IV. The police force represents the first and second stars on the wanted level. The first star they will use non-lethal force, either a baton, pepper spray, or the tazer. You can also use the non-lethal weapons without raising the wanted level. On the second star, the police force will use their guns.


Swat/Policia Federal - These paramilitary forces come out on the third and fourth stars. They carry bullet proof vests and semi-automatic machine guns, use bullet-proof vans, and fly helicopters. If you are in a protracted battle with the police, then the M-16 will be brought out. The SWAT/Federals are highly trained and use flanking tactics, as well as stun grenades, to find and kill you. On the fourth star, sharp-shooters are placed in high building and in helicopters.


FIB/A.F.I - Show up on the fifth star. They drive unmarked cruisers, souped up to outrun just about anything on the road. For off-road chases, they use unmarked Patriots. The five-star rating allows all law-enforcement agents to use their M-16's. This is the highest civilian rating.


National Guard/Mexican Army – The National Guard is called out for a six-star wanted level. This force will use any means necessary to hun you down and kill you. They have trucks filled with soldiers, tanks, and attack helicopters. Better have a tank of your own if you want to survive long.


Border Guards/Aduana Mexico - The border guards are treated differently than the main police forces. Their main task is to protect the border, and have the authority to carry it out. If you cross the border illegally it results in an automatic five-star rank. The Mexican guards are easy to deal with and are only concerned with illegal weapons. The Customs (Aduana) Guards can be bribed to look the other way. The US border guards may seem not corrupt, but there are a few bad apples lurking in the ranks that you can take advantage of. The US side also has an unspoken deal with the freedom fighters to help keep an eye out for any illegal crossings. The truck of choice for both sides is the Patriot with special border guard markings.






user posted image




Baton Bat Knife

Katana Machete Chainsaw



Non-Lethal Pistol Shotgun SMG Machine Gun Grenade Powerful Technical*


TaserGlock 18Remington 870Mini-Uzi/Tech-9AK-47Molotov cocktailM-72 LAWM-2 Browning (the 'Ma Deuce')


Pepper SprayHeckler & Koch Mark 23 Saiga-12MP-5/10M-16Frag GrenadeFlamethrowerDillon Aero Mini-Gun


Paintball GunS&W 500Sawed-off ShotgunM-4FN-FALSticky Bomb50 Cal. SniperTBD



* Technical: Use these weapons to transform your truck into a death dealer. See:Technical IMG


user posted image


Radio: See second post for a complete song list...





CNT Weasel GSTV Commercials


Caught Ya!Ultimate Glutton







user posted image


(Anything you saw in IV will be in, just modeled after the ’03 edition)








Polaris Preditor 500 (Knuckler)

Honda FourTrax (Goat)

Baja Bug (Gnat)

Oshkosh HEMTT (Mule)








De Havilland Tiger Moth (Gambler)

T-6 Texan (Rambler)

Douglas DC-3 (???)

Beechcraft King Air (???)

AV-8B Harrier II (Hydra)








Benson Gyrocopter (Deathtrap)

Bell 201 (Sparrow)

Bell 212 (Buffy)

Bell 407/OH-58 Kiowa (Ranger/Lone Ranger)

Sikorsky S-70/UH-60 (???/Annihilator)

AH-64D (Block 2) (Hunter?) <---Another VC classic

CH-47D (Mule)








M-60 Patton






user posted image


Hidden Packages:


An airplane carrying a huge shipment of narcotics has been shot down, spreading the cargo all over Vista and Nuevo Vista. Collecting the packages counts towards 100% and gives the player a special reward. The hidden packages will include extras that can only be found by gathering the packages.



10 Packages – Night Vision Goggles


20 Packages - Katana/Non-Lethal Weapon


30 Packages - Silencer Attachment for Glock, SMG, and M-16/Ak-47


40 Packages - 33 round clip for the glock (see



50 Packages - Drum round for the M-16/Ak-47 (holds more ammo) ((see



60 Packages - EZ Pass for the border (allows you to swiftly pass through the border instead of waiting in line)


70 Packages - Parachute (Spawns at safehouse)


80 Packages - Free Ammo at Ammunation


90 Packages - Free Car Upgrades


100 Packages – Hunter Spawns at safehouse







Side Missions


Mission: Taxi Driver


Objective: This is a two-tier mission selection. First it the regular taxi missions. Pick up a passenger, drive him safely to the destination, collect you cash, and possibly a tip. One out of every three passengers is in a hurry. Get them there quickly and you get a bonus. But watch out for traffic! Damage the cab too much and the passenger will get spooked.


After fifty missions, you gain the ability to purchase each of the cab shops. There are two cab depots on either side of the border. The Mexican cab company is high-risk and low payout. Once you start out rival cab companies will try to take your business. Hold your territory and gain new territory by force if needed. Is a rival company taking your business? Burn the depot to the ground! Once you take all the territories, the Mexican cab company is yours, generating $1,000 every week. The American cab company is low-risk and high reward. There are rival cab companies, but they display none of the violence on the Mexican side. After the 50 taxi mission on the American side, you gain access to the lucrative airport territory. From there you’re able to purchase the other rival taxi companies on the American side. Airport territory gets you $3,000 every week. Taking over the entire side gets you $8000 a week!


Reward: Money/Free Taxi Rides



Mission: Fire Truck


Objective: Using the hook-and-ladder you must exiguous fifty burning cars. You must get to the scene in 2 minutes and put the fire out.


Reward: Flamethrower spawns at the safe house.



Mission: Ambulance


Objective: Get 50 patents to the hospital in less than 5 minutes.


Reward: Health boost by phone. (think Carmen’s reward)



Mission: Ice Cream Delivery


Objective:: On the surface the Happy Times Ice Cream Company makes delicious ice cream for the citizens of Vista. However, it hides a dark secret, it is the largest drug delivery service south of the Mason Dixon. The company runs a fleet of ice cream trucks that dispense narcotics all over the city. After the mission I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream… you are allowed to work for the Happy Times Ice Cream Company.


There are ten drops you must make in each mission. Some are timed, others are not; some missions make you go to a certain location, others have you searching in a popular area for customers. The first mission usually has Maria going to a popular venue, like the mall or a concert, and searching for customers. You need to handle four customers, by signaling your horn, but watch out for the cops! Later missions can have a dealer calling for a re-up. You will need to go to a certain location, like a house or apartment complex, to drop off you packages. Be sure the dealer doesn’t rip you off and get away without damaging the van. Final missions involve selling on a rivals turf. Keep the customers happy without provoking the rival gangs.


The reward is $3,500 for each mission. After ten missions you can stock up at the ice cream factory, provided the van isn’t badly damaged. There are twenty missions total. After completion the ice cream factory gives you $2000 each week. Be sure to come back often to collect.


Reward: Money/Free Ice-Cream








Co-Op & Multi-Player


Coming Soon...



user posted image


Pedro’s Punch Out.


This mission takes place towards the end of the training sessions on the ranch. After Maria has learned how to move, run, jump, her fighting skills are put to the test. It’s a one-round fight, no holds barred. First to be knocked unconscious, looses.


The Company pits Maria against one of the other abductees on the ranch. Pedro is more muscular and has a better reach, but Maria knows that she is quicker. If she attacks him head on, Maria will do little damage. Pedro, on the other hand, can do quite a bit of damage to Maria. So Maria uses Pedro’s weight to her advantage.


When the bell rings, Pedro takes a power swing at Maria’s head. She ducks, hitting Pedro right in the gut. Maria rolls backward, away from the winded Pedro. When he catches his breath, Pedro lunges after Maria. That is when she springs into action. Taking his arm, she slides past him, sticking her foot out.


When Pedro blows past Maria, he trips over her foot. He slams to the ground with a loud ‘Umph’. Maria quickly leans in and gives Pedro a karate chop to the back of his neck. She stands back up, motioning to one of the guards. The Company man comes over and checks Pedro out. After a count to ten, Maria is declared the winner.


The guys come over and surround the new champ, raising her high up, and carrying her off. When they get back to the barracks, the abductees celebrate with the winner. Maria is now part of the crew, leaving behind the taunting and teasing from before. While all of the other guys are getting tattoos for graduating, Maria agrees to let them cut her hair. Casting aside her long brown locks for a short, stubby, new look.





The Ranch is home to many different vehicles in a large, consequence-free, environment. One of the final training missions involves flying the ‘Gambler’. A farmer has asked the Company to crop-dust some of his valuable crops. Success in this mission involves taking off, flying to two different fields, spraying them correctly, and safely landing.


After a trial run, the instructor turns over the controls to Maria. She adds enough throttle to take off. Heading in the direction of the first field, Maria dives down. Avoiding the row of trees, she turns on the sprayer. Pesticide flows onto the green crops as Maria zooms across the field.


She pulls the plane up and heads to the next field. Repeating the process, she covers the second field. The Ranch’s airport is off to the left when Maria pulls up from the field. This is the most dangerous part as she lines the plane up for a landing. Maria cuts the throttle and pulls up on the stick, bleeding off her airspeed. Careful not to stall, she lands the ‘Gambler’ on the dusty airport.


This will be the only required airplane mission. You can still pick up side missions involving planes though. Like dusting, running, and even racing. Using the many different legal, and hidden, fields can get you across the map quicker than driving can. So sharpen you piloting skills!



Los Hamburg ‘03


This is one of the first missions you will do for the Company. Maria is tasked with firebombing a local police captain’s house. Seems he has had a turn of conscious and refused this month’s bribe. The Company wants to send him a message, but doesn’t want any bloodshed. So make sure the house is empty before you destroy it!


Maria is teamed up with Pedro and two other members from the Company, all fresh out of training. Pedro will drive while the other two act as lookouts. But really they are assigned to make sure neither of you run to the police. Maria will ride shotgun on the ride over to the captain’s house.


When you arrive, Pedro parks the truck short of the house. Watching as the captain loads his family into a car for an evening meal. The crew waits until the car is out of site, then it is Maria’s turn. You must take the Molotov cocktails and throw them through four different windows around the house.


As the fourth Molotov goes in, the house erupts into flames. This completes the mission, but also wakes the neighbors. Several of them start to file out of the surrounding houses to see what all the commotion is. When they see Maria standing there with a Molotov, they start to get angry. You can either stay and fight, or run, but remember, no killing on this mission!



50,000 Watts of Funky


This needed a little backstory.  I liked how Lazlo's Radio station appeared when you got access to Algonquin.  In SA I thought that the radio stations should be regional, like the electronic station in San Fiero, or the country station in Los Venturas.  In the game there will be a couple of side-missions involving this radio station.  I say Radio X because I'm not sure which one it will be.  Some thoughts would be a world music station, the hip-hop station, a liberal talk show (remember, this is on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom, when much of the media was pretty gung-ho about going to war) or even a funk station.  DL is in there as an homage to Donald Love and his media empire in III.  Hope ya like it!


A truck has been spotted carrying a spare generator for one of the rival DL stations. Radio X wants it to complete their pirate radio station. The DJ gives you a call telling you where the truck was last seen. You must get there and board the truck before it arrives in Nuevo Vista.


Riding on her trusty PCJ-900, Maria speeds towards the moving truck. She matches her speed with the flatbed, and then jumps onboard. Ducking under the wires holding the generator, Maria carefully navigates her way to towards the cab. Suddenly, one of the trucks in the convoy spots Maria.


The truck pulls along side, letting off several men. They jump on-board the flatbed, blocking the way. A gunfight ensues, and when the truck driver takes notice, he floors the gas. Weaving in and out of highway traffic, the flatbed truck screams down the highway. When Maria dispatches with the guards, she again makes her way towards the cab.


She opens the side door and swings in, kicking the truck driver in the face. After a short tussle, Maria shoves the truck driver out of the cab. One of the convoy trucks runs over the driver as it tries to catch up to the flatbed. Maria is now in control of the flatbed, but is chased by the other trucks.


Maria takes the massive big-rig truck on a trip through narrow desert roads. Heading for the Radio X station with the DL convoy trucks in tow. When she arrives, the staff holds off the remaining convoy trucks. The trucks decide to retreat, leaving the station with a new generator. The Radio X station is now available, and the DJ will periodically give you an on-air shout out.



Get your Walker, Texas Ranger.


The company has agreed to deal with the Freedom Fighters. Maria is tasked with escorting a convoy of illegal medical supplies to the border. There the crew will meet up with a group of Freedom Fighters, who will smuggle the supplies across the Rio Giagante. The deal will go down well outside of Nuevo Vista. In the desert, the Freedom fighter’s home turf.


Maria follows the marked path, sometimes venturing off-road. The convoy finally arrives outside of the small hamlet of Pecano. The group of Freedom Fighters is there to greet you. After a short drive, your crew arrives at the bank of the Rio Gigante. After a short argument, the convoy leader agrees to ford the river and drop off his supplies on the American side.


A group of Freedom Fighters assemble several makeshift rafts for the trucks to drive on top of. After several anxious moments the entire convoy of trucks fords the river. Arriving on the other side, the convoy leader is ready to make the deal happen. That is when the border police arrive on the scene.


Everyone scrambles to flee the scene. Maria jumps into a truck with Pedro. They take off down the bank of the Rio Gigante, following the convoy leader. He calls Maria on the cell phone and tells her to keep following him. There is another crossing point up ahead.


All this time a group of border guards follow behind in their Patriots. The convoy leader tells Maria that she needs to lighten her load for the next crossing. She turns to Pedro and nods. He climbs into the back of the truck and starts tossing out boxes of medical supplies. The objective is to help Pedro knock as many Patriots off the road before the river crossing.


After an intense chase, the convoy leader signals that the crossing up ahead. It is an old railroad bridge. The entire rusty structure is crumbling from neglect. The convoy leader goes first, but when he crosses, the bridge collapses behind him. Given no choice, Maria guns the engine.


Finding a Unique Jump, Maria’s truck flies across the river. All of the Patriots crash into the river, Blues Brother’s style. She follows the convoy leader back to the medical factory. He is impressed with her driving. “Most of the chica’s I know can’t drive at all,” he tells Maria. The mission is passed; you can come back to the factory for more side missions in the future.



From Dusk till’ Dawn


A string of killings have angered the Playa Cartel, which they have blamed on the Blanco Cartel. An informant has notified the Playa Cartel that a number of Blanco’s are gathering at a local club. The Company is called in to handle the job; they assign Maria and her crew with the contract.


The mission is a surveillance operation at first. Maria parks her car outside and observes the flow of the crowds. A line of patrons forms a line outside the door. These are innocents; the rival cartel must be inside.


Suddenly Maria receives a call on her cell phone. Apparently the Playa Cartel is getting anxious for a quick payback. You are ordered to kill the crew by any means necessary. Maria is advised to toss several grenades through the windows of the club.


Of course this will also kill innocent club-goers. If you chose to ignore the advise; then you must proceed with a frontal assault on the club. The Blanco’s are at the back corner of the club, so you must push past the clubbers and the security men. Who you chose to kill, and how, is up to you. Once you get to the Blanco’s, you must kill all of them. Mission is complete when you eliminate all of the Blanco Cartel members, and escape the wanted level.



Cut, Chop, Rebuild


After a while you are introduced to Hector. He runs the local body shop. It is actually chop shop for stolen cars. Where ID plates are removed and the car comes out clean. Hector will call you over the phone for specific cars to steal (like Stevie in IV), these cars will be scattered around the map to be stolen at your leisure.


You can also do specific missions for Hector. They will range in difficulty, but will all be similar to Cut, Chop, Rebuild. This involves chasing a car (or truck) and gaining access without destroying the vehicle. In the first mission you are given a time and place to intercept a big rig. The big rig is carrying a load of exotic vehicles to the showroom in Nuevo Vista. You need to get aboard the truck and steal the Super GT .


Maria takes her PCJ-900 and catches up to the truck. Matching the big-rig's speed she pulls in behind. The ramp gives her just enough clearance to hop aboard. She revs the engine and drives up the ramp. Parking behind the car, Maria hops off the bike. She unchains the supercar and kicks the bike overboard. The driver of the truck takes notice just as Maria climbs in the car. As she back down the ramp, the truck driver pulls out a pistol. Maria hits the speeding road, reversing through oncoming traffic. She puts the car in gear just as the truck slams to a stop in front of her. With cars crashing all around, the truck driver makes it worse by firing his gun. Maria has no choice but to make a run for it. She lines the car up with the truck and speeds ahead. The Super GT hits the ramp of the big-rig and flies over the chaos. Maria takes the car back to Hector's shop and collects a hansom reward. Hector tells Maria that there is always cars to steal, so come back often.


After a number of missions you gain Hector's special reward. For a low price, you can chose any car you have stolen so far. Just like the auto importer in SA. You can also store up to six cars in Hector's lot. Finally, Hector's shop also doubles as a Paint n' Spray. You get half off any re-spray.



R/C: Remote Control


This is a take on one of my favorite Vice City missions  devil.gif


After several missions you are introduced to Javier. He will be your main contact when it comes to explosives. You can have bombs delivered so you can rig up a car bomb. On this mission however, Maria must use one of Javier’s other special abilities.


A Company operative has discovered a factory operated by the Blanco’s. Shutting down this operation would go a long way towards shutting down their main competition. Maria is tasked with shutting down this drug haven, but it is too heavily guarded. That’s where the R/C ‘copter comes in.


The copter is a scale model of the Ranger. It has a magnetic belly, which can pick up small metal objects. Javier has set up the helicopter, and several explosives, in a parking lot across from the drug factory. You need to plant several explosives at key points along the factory.


Now the R/C helicopter can only carry one explosive at a time, so Maria must make several trips in order to finish. Flying the machine is just like the real thing, with one exception. The signal strength of the radio limits the helicopter. This will look like the cell phone’s three separate bars. If you start to go out of range, the screen will get grainy and the ‘copter will begin to loose control.


An action button picks up, and drop-off, the explosives. Maria must first get the copter air born and then pick up the explosive. The first target is a fuel tank just outside the factory. Maria flies the helicopter over and drops the explosive next to a sign marked Pelligro. She then flies back to the lot to pick up another bomb.


The second target is a bit trickier. It is located inside the factory. This will involve a bit of stealth, and a bit of luck. There is a malfunctioning fan on the roof of the factory. Maria needs to fly through before it starts working again. Once inside, the bomb needs to be delivered on a crossbeam in the center of the roof. Below, are rows upon rows of drug workers, busy packing the product into several trucks.


Careful not to attract any attention, Maria glides the helicopter back outside. She flies the helicopter back to the parking lot and attached another bomb. The third explosive must be delivered to the fuel depot inside the factory. The depot is next to the trucks loaded with product, so they will be heavily guarded.


Flying across the street, Maria notices that the fan in the roof is working again. That means she will not be able to sneak inside. There is only one way in, straight through the loading docks. As the R/C ‘copter flies past, one of the guards takes notice. He sounds the alarm and starts firing at the helicopter. From now on, it’s a fight to keep the ‘copter safe. It can take several rounds from the guard’s guns, but the helicopter cannot survive the dreaded RPG.


Placing the bomb next to the fuel depot, Maria flies back to retrieve another explosive. This time, the factory is on notice, and several guards are chasing after the R/C ‘copter. Maria is protected behind a brick wall, but the helicopter is vulnerable when it gets airborne again. This is the final bomb and also the furthest. You will need to take the helicopter to the limit of its range.


Maria guides the helicopter through a hail of gunfire. Alarms are sounding and all hell is breaking loose at the factory. Rockets fly past like fireworks, but are struggling to hit such a small target. The target is at the back of the factory. There, the chemicals for mixing the product are located. Destroying those tanks will help topple walls of the factory.


As she reaches the limit, Maria has trouble controlling the R/C ‘copter. It is getting out of range and the screen starts to fill with static. This would be trouble enough, but with workers and guards shooting at the ‘copter, it’s made even worse. But once she drops her load, Maria heads back to base. With dozens of angry workers chasing the helicopter, Maria guides it in under a hail of lead.


Once back in the parking lot, Maria triggers the detonator. The explosions go off one by one. First the propane tanks light off, sending bodies flying in the air. Then, an explosion collapses the roof. A cavalcade of blasts rocks the loading docks, sending the delivery trucks tumbling end over end. Finally, the mixing tanks in the back light off. The massive tanks tip over into the inferno. Sending what was a large factory up in flames.



The Brown Brothers


The two Brown brother’s have been in prison for too long. After infiltrating the prison Company officials have located vulnerability. Once the prison has been locked down for the night, most of the guards leave for home. Only a skeleton crew remains behind, and the warden has a weakness for hookers.


He has a girl come in after-hours, and that is Maria’s chance. The Company has found the service that the warden uses. A call girl has the master key, so she can access the warden’s private room. Maria needs to get that key and impersonate the hooker.


The mission starts out with Maria following the hooker’s car as it heads for the prison. She needs to run the car off the road before it gets to the prison. Once the hooker’s car is in the ditch her pimp comes running out of the car. He has the key so you must eliminate the pimp. You can then choose to finish the hooker, or let her go.


Continue on your way to the prison, once you reach the front gate a guard comes out. He notices that you are the warden’s hooker and calls upstairs. The gates open and you are allowed to drive inside. Another guard stops you once the car reaches the inner gate. Maria needs to get out and walk upstairs.


A guard opens another gate for Maria as she heads for the Warden’s office. He leads her down the hallway and leaves her at the door. Maria uses the master key to enter the Warden’s office. The warden starts to talk, remarking hoe he’s never seen you before, have you worked for very long, ect. At any point you can eliminate the Warden, (think the Ken Rosenberg mission) but do it quietly for best results.


Once Maria has killed the Warden, she has access to the prison security system. She turns off the cameras leading to the D-Block of the prison, where the Brown brother’s are being held. Maria also turns off the electrified fence surrounding the prison. The plan is to break the Brown brother’s loose and make it to a getaway car parked on the other side of the fence.


Maria opens the office door and walks down the empty hallway. There are three guard stations located along the way. You can use force to eliminate the guards, or you can sneak around, your choice. Each station along the way is harder to get by, with more guards and more gates. After the last checkpoint, you have access to the D-Block.


Lights are out on the block, so Maria must quietly work her way to the Brown brothers. Once she gets to the cell, Maria uses her master key to open the bars. The Brown brothers are thrilled with their freedom, so much so that they wake up the rest of the block. Soon the entire D-Block is filled with screams to let them out as well. All of this commotion gains the attention of the guards, so Maria must hurry.


Maria leads the brothers out of the D-Block and into the main prison. They start to make their way to the armory but the hallways soon fill with guards. Using the master key to gain access to the prison armory, Maria hands out pistols to the Brown’s. They need to make their way down the long hallway to reach the outside courtyard. There, the Company has planted several timed explosives, triggered by your cell phone.


The firefight is fierce in the hallway leading to the courtyard. Bodies start to pile up as guards flood the hallway. Both the Brown brothers help you trying to escape, shooting anyone who stands in the way of sweet freedom. Once you reach the courtyard things are even worse.


By now the prison is on full alert. Guards in the towers are aiming searchlights and rifles at the escapees. In all the madness Maria places the phone call. Three large explosions tear a hole in the barbwire fences protecting the prison. The trio must run across no-man’s-land to freedom. Only the electrical fence stands in the way, but you are just able to climb over it.


Javier Brown goes first, he is a fat man and he struggles to climb over. Amongst a hail of gunfire Maria quickly hops over the electrical fence. Julio Brown is the last to go, but by now, the guards have figured out the problem. They turn on the juice as Julio is climbing over, he is fried right there on the spot, dying in front of his brother.


The remaining Brown reaches out for his brother, but Maria pulls him back. He is screaming for his dead brother while Maria runs for the car. You need to pick up Javier and take him to a safe location. Plow through the roadblock and make sure no police cars follow you.



Tunnel of Love


Every GTA needs a good double cross  notify.gif


-March 20, 2003- As Maria listens to the radio, reports of an invasion beginning in a Middle Eastern country, she receives a phone call. It is Pedro, and it sounds urgent. He asks Maria to meet him outside of town. Pedro doesn’t tell you why, but you know to hurry by the sound of his voice.


After driving through town, Maria notices the growing panic in the streets. People are driving erratically, with numbers of people running across traffic, and the police are everywhere! There are several roadblocks, constructed of semis and busses, so you need to take several side roads to get out of town. With the sun setting in the distance, Maria finally makes it to the meet.


Pedro’s car is parked on the side of a dusty road. As Maria gets out of the car Pedro comes rushing up. He tells you that the Mexican Military came to arrest Ramon Diego today. Ramon was the head of the Playa Cartel and Pedro was there to help protect Ramon.


After a bloody assault, Pedro tells Maria that he was barely able to make it out of there. This is, naturally, a huge blow to the Playa Cartel. So, the Company has decided to seize the initiative. Trusted members are instructed to take control of all the Playa Cartel’s operations. Any one who refuses will be taken out and shot in the head.


Pedro agrees to help the Company in this messy affair, and prove his usefulness in the process. He wants Maria’s help, wait with him for Company officials to deliver some wayward cartel members. Your mission is to threaten them to join the Company, or execute them.


Just then, two vans roll up to the spot. Pedro walks up, waiving at one of the drivers. Several armed Company officials hop out of the back of the van. Expecting to see some hostages, Pedro scratches his head. “What’s going on here?”


One of the armed men waives the others in. They open up with gunfire, shredding Pedro’s body with bullets. Once Pedro falls to the ground, the group turns to Maria. She hops behind her car, hiding behind the front tire. Automatic fire riddles the car with holes.


Maria fires back with a pistol, taking out one of the goons. As the firefight continues, an innocent farming truck speeds down the dusty road. The farmer drives up from behind, interrupting the battle. One of the goons turns around and shoots the driver. This causes the truck to go out of control and crash into the back of one of the vans. The explosion can be seen across the darkened desert floor.


Taking advantage of the situation, Maria kills another goon. In the confusion she manages to jump in her car and speed off. The Company goons hop in the only van left and follow Maria into town. As she drives down the dirt road, Maria can’t believe that the Company would want to kill her only friend in this situation.


Once in Nuevo Vista, Maria needs to loose her tail. It won’t be easy with a damaged car. It has a flat tire, and the engine is smoking. Maria needs to get the car fixed, and fast! But it won’t be easy with the general panic in town, there are roadblocks everywhere, and armed militias roam the darkened streets.


Not knowing whom else to trust, Maria phones Hector, the stolen car fence. When he answers, Maria asks if she could bring her car by his shop. He agrees, but Maria informs him of her situation, and the goons tailing her. “I think I know why,” Hector tells her. “Good luck and get here soon,” he says before Maria hangs up. There are more pressing issues to tend to.


The goon’s van closes swiftly on the damaged car. Maria pulls the car to a stop at another roadblock. Once again, she needs to take the side streets. After driving through some tight spots, Maria takes a hard corner. The van cannot take the same hard corner and ends up crashing into a flaming barricade. Leaving the goons in the dust, Maria heads towards Hector’s shop.


Once there, Hector opens the iron gates himself. Maria drives inside, undetected by the Company. She frantically jumps out of the car and tells Hector what has happened. He pulls her inside to avoid attracting any more attention.


Maria tells him about Ramon’s arrest, and Pedro’s involvement. Then Hector drops a bombshell of his own, he to works for the Company, but off the books. He asks Maria about Javier Brown. “Didn’t I just break him out of prison,” she replies.


Hector nods, he responds that Javier was once a high profile member of the Company. Once the Brown brothers were arrested, Hector explains, their role diminished. Certain members of the Company resented their replacements so the decided to break the brothers out of prison. But once back out on the street Javier, the remaining Brown brother, wanted a more powerful role in the Company.


Money earners, like Hector, resented Javier’s new more violent ways. They felt that it drew too much attention to the organization. With the collapse of the Playa Cartel, other factions within the Company endorsed increasing the violent ways. So there was a split within the Company, and the other side wanted to clean house.


Hector tells Maria that the Company had placed hits on the both her and Pedro. Maria, because she was linked to Javier’s escape, and was seen as week in a male-dominated organization. Pedro was also seen as weak, because of the raid on Ramon, and needed to be eliminated as well. The armed wing of the Company, controlled by Javier, would be looking for you in Mexico.


However, on the American side, Maria could thrive. She is an American citizen, and with Company training, she could be useful. Hector asks if you would work for him on the other side. He will keep you off the books if you agree to provide an annual income for his faction of the Company. With little other choice, Maria agrees.


With a sharp smile, Hector leads you out of the room. Outside, he opens a small tool shed for Maria. Hector removes a false floor, exposing a deep shaft. It leads to a tunnel several yards underground. Hector flips a switch, turning on he lights in the tunnel. He explains this tunnel leads to a sewer drain across the street.


Hector gives you directions to a new tunnel being constructed by the company. The sewer leads to the river, where a deeper tunnel leads across the border. It will soon be a drug smuggling tunnel, but is still under construction, and is highly unstable. One more bit of good news: it’s being guarded by the Javier faction of the Company.


Waving goodbye, Hector closes the false floor over your head. Maria makes her way down the narrow tunnel towards the sewer. Once there she follows Hector’s directions and finds the entrance to the border tunnel. Reminded of the danger, Maria takes no risks.


Tunnel IMG


Maria opens the door and tosses two grenades into the hole. They explode with a thunderous clap inside the confined tunnel. Maria quickly enters right after taking out any survivors. Unfortunately, the explosion destroyed one of the support beams, slowly causing the tunnel to collapse in on itself.


Weaving behind crates and spare lumber Maria shoots at the guards in the tunnel. With the walls coming down around her, Maria must hurry to the other side. She takes down one, then two, guards in a hail of gunfire. But any more explosions could cause the tunnel to collapse.


Three men guard the exit of the tunnel, all armed with shotguns. Hiding behind a stack of lumber Maria tries to pick them off one by one. But, from behind Maria, more guards pour into the tunnel. They rush down the path to take out the intruder. Maria needs to go right now.


She ends the last guard with shot to the head before leaping from behind cover. The exit to the tunnel is so close, but a number of guards are hot on her trail. With the tunnel collapsing Maria takes out one final grenade. She tosses it into the crowd and the guards scatter. The explosion takes out another support beam as Maria climbs the ladder.


Maria opens the exit as the tunnel collapses behind her. It covers the guards, and any hope of returning to Mexico, in a dusty puff. Maria looks around her new surrounding; it is an empty warehouse on the American side. The sign over the door reads: Happy Times Ice Cream Company. Maria follows the exit sign and opens the back door. There is a seedy motel two block away that Hector told her about, might make a nice safe house on this side of the border.



Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream…


Maria wakes up in the room of a seedy motel. The cell phone is ringing, Hector is on the other line. After making sure Maria is ok, Hector asks her to meet someone back at the ice cream factory. The man’s name is Marcus and he is a high-level member of the OG Riders, a south-side gang. Hector wants you to meet up because he thinks that Marcus might have some work on that side of the border.


After changing, Maria heads outside her motel room. She is well aware of the hit squads that will be after her. That was why the Company originally chose her, because of her ability to blend in on the American side. The shady motel might be the last place any one would for her. Even still, it is no reason to let her guard down.


The parking lot is filled with hookers and pimps, defiantly not a vacation spot for the kids. The Ice Cream Factory is across the street. Maria decides to walk over, not wanting to attract any undue attention by stealing a car. The American side was defiantly different than Nuevo Vista. Even though it was more peaceful, danger lurked around every corner. It was likely that the police would have her file on record and be looking for her. Maria also knew that it was standard practice for The Company to contract gangs for hits on this side of the border. That’s why meeting this Marcus would be so important, cultivating contacts that might keep her alive.


In the parking lot of the ice cream factory Maria watches as a car pulls up. It is a customized luxury car that has a booming stereo and some hydraulic lifts. A short black man hops out of the car and walks up. He introduces himself as Marcus and asks if you know Hector. After a brief conversation, he unlocks the gate to the ice cream factory.


Marcus explains that the ice cream factory is just a front for a drug running operation. The Playa cartel controls the factory and the OG Riders are responsible for the distribution. The factory’s delivery trucks have a hidden compartment, allowing covert drops all over the city of Vista. Marcus tells you that one of his regular drivers was arrested by the police this morning. He needs someone reliable and you come highly recommended by Hector.


The mission is simple, the OG Riders are looking to expand into new territory. Marcus wants you to take one of the delivery vans and head into lucrative turf on the north side. This area is controlled by the 69th Street Ballers, one of the biggest gangs in Vista. It won’t be easy because gang members will be on the look out. Keep your time at each drop to a minimum and high tail it when the lead starts to fly. The police will become suspicious if they see a bullet ridden ice cream truck.


There are ten drops, at each drop you must service four customers. Attract their attention by signaling your horn, just make sure there are no police around to catch you. Each drop takes you deeper and deeper into Baller territory. After each drop there are more and more gang members after you. They will contact each other by cell phone if you hang around an area too long. Gunfire will attract the police, so the best thing would be to move quickly through each drop.


After the tenth drop, the Ballers will be on to you. They send several cars after the delivery van. You’ll need to get the van back to the factory in one piece. The cars are loaded with gunmen filling your van with lead. Once on the south side of town the Riders join the fight. Several different cars filled with gunmen blast at each other. Maria heads back to the factory as one of the Ballers cars explodes in a fireball. The sound of police sirens is the signal to get out of there quickly.


Once back at the factory Marcus is there to greet you. He likes the way Maria handled herself out there. If you want to do any more missions, just come back to the ice cream factory. Marcus gives Maria $4,000 and the keys to his low rider. You’ll need it to get around town, Marcus tells Maria, and that he will be in touch.


After the mission Maria gets a call from Hector. He tells you that he is doing his best to shield you from the faction of The Company that wants you dead, but it is not cheap. You will need to make a payment of $5,000 each week for protection. Of that $3,000 will go to Hector for his work on the other side of the border, and $2,000 will go to the Riders for expenses on the American side. Maria reluctantly agrees, she has more pressing issues at the moment.


Ever since Maria was kidnapped, she longed to return to her family. This may be her best opportunity. Because going to the police is out of the question, Maria decides to head directly to her parents house. As she arrives, Maria is on the lookout for any hit squads. The house looks deserted, no lights on, but the door is busted open. Maria frantically searches the home, but finds no one. Then, on the counter she finds a handwritten note. It reads simply: Javier wants to see you.



Gangs 1

Gangs 2


Law 1

Law 2

Law 3






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Felix Valloy Gipsy Kings Intocable Juanes Los Palominos
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Single Side Hustles Z-Ro







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God's Bathroom Floor (Instrumental)
I Like It
MC's Act Like They Don't Know
Overcast EP Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star 2000 Power in Numbers ???
Lyrics Born The Pharcyde Rakim feat. Rhazeel RJD2 RZA
Samurai Showdown (Raise Your Sword)
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Days go by
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Xpander (Edit)
Bunkka Rest/Play EP Melody A.M. Xpander EP The Richest Man in Babylon Psyence Fiction







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Under Mi Sensi (Remix) Murderer
It Wasn't Me!
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The Abyssinans Horace Andy Ken Booth Burning Spear Dillinger The Heptones John Holt
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2 Live Crew


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Sublime <----possibly in alt/indie??


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The Faint


<---great song from a great band!

‘Wet From Birth’ ←damn 2004!


The Faint


Danse Macabre


Queens of the Stone Age

No One Knows

Songs for the Deaf



Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell



Back in Black

Back in Black


Dire Straits

Sultans of Swing

Dire Straits



The Day I Tried to Live



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The 18th Letter



The Horror



The Chemical Brothers


Come With Us


Dirty Vegas

Days go by

Dirty Vegas


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EDIT 11/1 - Updated the weapons section devil.gif


EDIT 1/10/2010 - Added a new section called "Extras." This will have the hidden packages, random peds, and other side missions that you can do. Added 'Musica Latina' to the music section, since this partly based in Mexico. Added a few songs to the Metal section, i felt it was a little short as well. I plan to add a map (fingers crossed) and some more missions in the next few days/weeks. Stay Tuned wow.gif


EDIT 1/12 - Added Cut, Chop, Rebuild and R/C: Remote Control to the missions section. Working on two new missions so stay tuned. Also took some time to freshen up the look, hope that you like it. icon14.gif


EDIT 1/25 - Added a new 'side missions' section to the Extras. Also added Brown Brothers to the story missions


EDIT 3/17 - Added several new blues songs, hope that fills it out cool.gif Also added Tunnel of Love to the missions section.


EDIT 4/28 - Much overdue housecleaning. Added the Glam 104.5 and Studio 1 radio stations. Also added a new TV section with some funny stuff. Added I scream... to the mission section.


EDIT 5/18 - Updated the logo, thanks again to Narcis icon14.gif


EDIT 6/2 - GFX update and a little housecleaning.


EDIT 6/20 - Re-formating the opening post, moved the radio section to this post. This will allow me to add some logos w/o hitting the img limit.


EDIT 6/27 - Phew! Revamped the radio section, no more giant long list, hello tables!



Edited by Spaghetti Cat

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nice man i really like this idea biggrin.gif

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General Goose

Interesting, as I said. Like the gameplay ideas and female protagonist.


BTW, what is the exact setting? What cities are parodied?

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Spaghetti Cat


Larado and Nuevo Larado, but it could also be Brownsville or El Paso. Basically the areas during 2000-2007 that were in a basic uprising against the Mexican government. Until it was somewhat quelled recently when the Mexican Army was deployed to the area. And helped by the still-under-construction fence on the US side. This takes place during 2003, when a lot of that violence was peaking. Also when the boss of the Gulf Cartel was killed. devil.gif

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Man this is so wack,, it's amazing XD.

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Nice work but change logo and make it more game graphic.

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Spaghetti Cat

Actually, that logo is from Narcis_speed6. Who I thank very much because I have no graphics skill of my own tounge2.gif


If you want to see the other submissions click here! Some very well done logos, it was a hard choice picking between them.


Thanks for all the feedback, keep it up icon14.gif

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Theo the Gangsta

Why the f*ck you have a bimbo as a protag? That's ridiculous. GTA always use male protags because it is played by guys. Just change the f*cking protag to a guy.

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Ok, Here are a few Points


• GTA (Fine) Border wars (Not fine), do you think GTA will ever be called this, at least make it sound like it is going to become and real GTA by giving it a Proper Name.


• The Rest is very good, Well done for effort, But This doesn't sound too much like GTA for me, it feels like a seperate Game. Also Make the Story more detailed and longer.

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General Goose

Theo: f*ck off. Please.


Spaghetti Cat: Will there be countryside in this? If so, I'd happily help with the towns.


BTW, can you clean up the radio section a bit? Remove the space between songs and such.

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Spaghetti Cat

Alright, I'll try to take this one at a time...


Women: Adding Maria as a character was a last minute change. If you change Maria to Mario and remove the attempted rape scene it's basically my original story. This all came out of the "Why all the Hate" thread. Myself, Goose, Jackie, Scotch Mouth, and several others that slip my mind, made the case why women should be in a GTA game, but we never actually mapped out a character. It was all real life examples, or ones from movies or video games. I tried, early on, sketching out a scenario based on Kill Bill, but that was as far as it got. If you had to ask, this is like a twisted La Femme Nakita with a little No Country for Old Men thrown in. Once you get past the hand-to-hand combat (which I'm working on) and the hookers (which I've addressed) it's like any other GTA character. If you want, just imagine I'm saying Mario. (It's a Mario!!! biggrin.gif )


Name: GTA (Fine) Border Wars (Not fine). That made me lol.gif thanks Sanjeem! Actually I came up with the title a while ago, when I first heard of los Zetas. This was before Chinatown Wars, which ruined the whole 'wars' theme for me, but I used it any way. I was thinking GTA: Vista, but you start out in Nuevo Vista, so that didn't work. If you have a better GTA: Insert Name Here, then go for it. I'm going for a south Texas/Mexico theme so that's what it would have to reflect. Border Wars works for me because it tells you where it's at (on the border) and what's going on (a friggin' war).


As for it being a different game style, I don't know why. I figure it will be like an extended phone-booth Assassination mission, like in IV. I agree that the story needs some work. First I needed the structure, then I plan to profile the story through several missions taking place over the course of the game. But this will be like the GTA games you know and love, pony farming and everything.


Countryside: Yes, plenty of desert with small towns. Working on getting some more pictures of the area, but if you look a the overhead picture of Larado/Nuevo Larado it has desert surrounding the cities. It would be something like the outskirts of Los Santos, little hamlets tucked away resting quietly. Infact I want to use this for some smuggling routs. The city would be crawling with border guards, so the further you get out of the city, the less guards. That's where the 'Freedom Fighters' come in, they are based on the minuteman group that was starting at the time. Basically citizens guarding barren patches of desert, looking for illegals and drug runners. Just like in GTA fashion, they can be bought. So yes, the little towns will play a big part. If you want to help just PM me icon14.gif


Not sure what you mean about the radio, but I agree that my coding skills are a bit rusty.



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God Spagetti Cat tounge.gif

I must be Blind and locked away somewhere, I forgot that ChiantownWars, had "Wars" on the end. So your boarder wars would actually work fine, Sorry, It is just that all Big Major GTA Games had names based on certain places/Cities states e.t.c..



Here are a few Names... Just incase you want to name any towns or even the Title, But Boarder wars is still good.


GTA: Santo Domingo


Thats the only one i have, Oh and by the way, I did a simmilar topic to this called Grand Theft Auto San Diaz, It is simmilar to this Idea, featuring Tijuana, and San Diego, I kind of Given up on it though for some reason, Mabey i coudn't get anymore ideas out of it, anyway take a look at it, and if their are any ideas in their fishing about, By all means you have my permission to Help use them for this topic Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif


I'll Revive it for you now.


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I love the graphic, it brings the whole Mexican Desert to life.

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i Realy like the weapons and artwork biggrin.gif

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Spaghetti Cat

Thanks, I've added the missing Missions section, so be sure to check that out. There are a few first-out missions that are tame, but more is coming promise. One thing that I've noticed while writing the mission is that Maria doesn't talk. I didn't really think about till the last mission, but she is turning out more and more like Claude Speed everyday (but without the wang and such biggrin.gif ). Let me know what you think so far, does this work for you or not?


Added a planes section, yes parachutes will be in, but I can't remember what the name for the DC-3 was in SA. If anyone knows, fill me in so I can update it.

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bigg z

I'm really feeling this idea. The location and story are what I've been wanting for a while. I also have wanted to see a Latino protagonist, but I got no problem with a Latina. biggrin.gif

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Spaghetti Cat

Thanks, I've added some pics to the front page, hopefully to add some flavor to Border Wars.


Speaking of which, came across some funny pics. Figured I'd share some of the rejected cop picks. Please Enjoy!




user posted imageuser posted image


user posted image





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General Goose

Poor guys...look like they're bursting outta their uniforms.

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what a boring list of weapons, no offense. there should be at least 3 tiers of every weapon with different pros and cons, not just one being better than the other

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I think it might be a cool idea to make a GTA game with a femme fatale mexi protag. They've already done a black guy and a gay guy. I'm Whitey the Man, but I play video games so I get to see through the eyes of other lives. And Border Wars is an interesting battlefield to play on. She would of course be anti-drug same as ever, even though she works for smugglers and gets the occasional contact high. Throw in a mission where a friendly enemy doses her with something hallucinogenic, and the whole GTA world become radically different. That's my fantasy GTA mission. Also, might want to add more cities. GTA usually has at least three or four different areas.

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General Goose
gay guy.

When did they do a gay guy?

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gay guy.

When did they do a gay guy?

Well they haven't brought it out of the closet yet, but "The Ballad of Gay Tony" is the next installment of GTA4. The preview has all kinds of rainbows in it.



Edited by Nito

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General Goose

I know about that. But the protagonist, who we are discussing, is NOT gay.


Stillagree with mos of your initial post though.

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Spaghetti Cat


...there should be at least 3 tiers of every weapon with different pros and cons, not just one being better than the other

Why? I under stand that with hand/melee weapons, even grenades, but why guns? GTA has, for the most part, had a two-tier system. There have been exceptions, like 3 different pistols in SA, but I like to keep it simple. That, and I'm no expert on firearms. The pistols, for example, I chose after dying many (many many) times online from the desert eagle. I chose the S&W 500 because I wanted something that was powerful, but was slow to reload. The Glock was small and quick, but it lacked punch and distance. I could probably add a sawed off to the shotgun list. Anything else that you think is missing, just let me know.




@Nito: Before posting this topic, I was doing some reading on the 1849 california gold rush. What I learned is that most of the money was not made by the gold-diggers, though there were some, mining was a dirty and rough business. Selling miners equipment and services was where the real money was at. Levi Strauss (the jean maker) made his fortune during this time. Those types of companies could let the miners fight it out over land, while they stayed above the fray. I compare a group like the Zetas to what was happening then. They are in essence the Halliburton of drug-kingpins. Providing security, corrupting local officials, and "blastin' on foes". While letting the cartels battle over smuggling routs and money laundering.


In March of 2003 the leader of the Gulf cartel was captured by the Mexican Federal agents, leading to a power struggle. The Zetas raged a pitched battle in the streets of Nuevo Lorado against the Sinora cartel. Before finally gaining control of the vital I-35 smuggling routs, and basically controlling it all now. So yes, urban warfare that finally makes sense.



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This is probably the best GTA fanwank on this forum. Glad to see someone is actually thinking about new and interesting ideas instead of 'GTA EXCEPT IT'S IN JAPAN' or 'GTA EXCEPT IT'S IN VICE CITY... AGAIN'


I don't think Laredo/Nuevo Laredo are big enough towns to put one of these games in, but the cross-border sister city thing is appealing. I believe I posted a similar thing (as Del Sol/Nuevo Del Sol) where the cities would take on more aspects of, say, Houston and Monterrey. Actually, I can't find that post now, maybe it was all in my head.


Random suggestion: the Mexican equivalent of FIB should be the Army, while its equivalent to the US' Army is an American Black Ops team entering Mexico illegally to extraordinarily render your ass to gitmo.

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it should be us fighting those buritto eating basturds instead of us being one...i mean rockstar is screwing up...the niggas already have basketball and football...and our women and now we give them gta as well by making san andreas...f*ck niggas and mexicans both

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Spaghetti Cat

Thanks for the comments Jamslice, I'll need to do some more research on the Mexican law enforcement. Though I believe there is a Mexican equivalent to the FBI, I'll make double sure here shortly. I'm also considering making it more like III's Liberty City, a mix of east coast cities, than focusing on Larado region. Even though it's a fairly large city, not many people (both inside and outside the US) know about it. Was doing some searching on the cities along the border and this is what I found:


(Saving space and just posting links)

El Paso





So I was thinking about mixing those skylines and making a mash-up Texas city for Vista. Also, Houston is like the fourth or fifth largest city in the US. Put a city like that on the border, and it starts working a bit better.





gtahumper, don't be such an asshat. notify.gif


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Well on the one hand I think it's better to stick with one city so that it really has a distinct character and feels genuine.

On the other, I feel R* have gone too far with SA and especially IV in making their cities just 'greatest hits' versions of the cities they're based on, rather than their own fictional city. Maybe a pastiche city is the cure for that. Maybe I have problems.

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Spaghetti Cat

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it?


Anyways, since this could be considered a modern day Vice City (in the southwest). I figured I would add an 80's glam band station. All your favorite hair band are here (?) So let me know what you think. Don't forget to check out the original radio stations as well.




Band Name

Song <----with link!!


(Album Cover)



Glam 104.5



Nobody's Fool

Night Songs

user posted image




Alone Again

Tooth and Nail

user posted image




The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

user posted image



Iron Maiden

Stranger in a Strange Land

Somewhere in Time

user posted image




Queen of the Reich

Queensryche EP

user posted image




Wanted Man

Out of the Cellar

user posted image



Twisted Sister

The Price

Stay Hungry

user posted image





Mechanical Resonance

user posted image




Wanted to use "Metal Health" from Quiet riot, but it was used in VCS confused.gif





Hope you liked, and I'm working on some more missions so stay tuned! cool.gif

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