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Download Database!




user posted image




Welcome to the San Andreas Downloads Database!


This topic is a compilation of Demarest's Code Tools, various savefiles and various other tools that aid you in one way or the other to either help you make your way towards game completion easy or provide you with endless hours of fun after you've completed the game.



Use the following tools at your own risk. The author, GTANet or anyone else associated with the tool in any way will not take responsibility for any kind of damage incurred to your game.

Please make sure that you read and follow the README (provided with the tools) thoroughly. If you have any queries regarding the tool, use their respective topics to ask/post your queries.






Name Author Description Topic Download Link
Mission Passers Demarest (re-hosted by Spuds725) This Code Tool serves as a replacement for the original game's SCM. Those familiar with Time Vault already know how this works. Walk into the starting sphere of any mission that it supports, and you are automaticaly credited as passing the mission, including all storyline progressions that go with it. Because I'm human, there's a risk that I've overlooked something that will impact the way the rest of your game progresses. Almost anything that could occur this way will be fixable, but it needs to be reported. Right now, it only supports a few key missions. Anyways, save your game, swap the files back, load up the save you just made, and off you go! Here Here
Extended Mission Passers hmvartak This Code Tool is an extended version of Demarest's Mission Passers and covers more missions. It works exactly the same way as the original Mission Passers. Please note there are separate download links for the V1 and V2 versions. --- V1



Pillager v1.1 Demarest (re-hosted by Spuds725) This Code Tool serves as a replacement for the original game's SCM. In game menu allows you to highlight tags, oysters, and horseshoes left in YOUR game, as well as adding a marker to all photo ops, essentially rendering them visible for easier capture. Not a cheat. Here Here



Rebirth v1.1 Demarest (re-hosted by Spuds725) This Code Tool serves as a replacement for the original game's SCM. The ONLY change is that if you fail most missions, a timer will appear. Press Aim and Sprint together while that timer is going and you will be warped back to where you started the mission. If the mission was Taxi Driver for example, you will be placed into the same vehicle, in the same spot, traveling in the same speed direction as when you started the mission. Especially helpful for making it back to the top of Mt. Chiliad! Though the timer is only 15 seconds, I wanted to point out that if you save your game with the timer onscreen, that save will not be compatible with the original code. Simply wait for the timer to expire and then save. Or if you've accidentally saved with it, just load it up with Rebirth and let the timer expire and save again. Does not support all missions. Here Here
Darkpact SA v1 Demarest (re-hosted by Spuds725) Tired of having to start a new game just to be able to use a really cool script mod? Not happy with the fact that here is offered script mods, but the technology requires you to start again? So don't. Darkpact will insert any code mod you want into your existing SCM. The procedure is somewhat touchy, so be sure to read the readme before using. Here and Here Here
Heli Magnet Darkpactor Demarest (re-hosted by Spuds725) Heli Magnet is the tiniest of code mods that puts a magnet on any helicopter you enter. For those of you who want to add Heli Magnet to your original SA game, but do not know how to install script mods or DO NOT WISH TO START A NEW GAME, you will only need to download this DARKPACTOR for the mod. Here and Here Here
Coordinator SA v1 Darkpactor Demarest (re-hosted by Spuds725) For those of you who want to add Coordinator SA v1 to your original SA game, but do not know how to install script mods or DO NOT WISH TO START A NEW GAME, you will only need to download this DARKPACTOR for the mod. Simple instructions are included. Here and Here Here
Coordinator SA v1 Demarest (re-hosted by Spuds725) Quick conversion of Demarest's Coordinator for GTA3. Displays your current coordinates on screen at all times. Has multiple install options. Here and Here Here
Thirst for Blood v1 Demarest You are an ancient spirit. You thirst for blood. You've come to Las Barrancas to feed. Law enforcement will not take too kindly to this. A grand scale war will take place as a result. You have the advantage of feeding off the blood of others for virtual immortality. You have the disadvantage of warring against a very distracting, highly organized, and seemingly unrelenting army of law enforcement agencies that are terrified of your presence to the point of wanting to exterminate you. The more mayhem, the greater you will to live rises. Little do they know that you're wise enough to leave when need be. Should they happen to kill or ensnare you, you simply slip into a more comfy, less recognized form for further feeding! Here Here

Audio add-on

Cutscene Viewer Demarest This little ditty will allow you to watch just about any cutscene in the game. Menu system provides for easy navigation. Even has a gallery mode that allow you to watch ALL cutscenes starting from whatever point you choose. --- Here
Demarest's SA Radar Demarest Very simple "mod" with fairly straightforward instructions. Replaces the opaque radar files with translucent ones. If 255 is the value for opaque, this radar uses an opacity of 100. See through enough to be easier on the eyes, but visible enough to provide you with all the info you'd expect from eyeballing the radar. --- Not available yet
San Fierro Hospital Lift Demarest Available as a Level III Darkpactor for savegame compatibility even for SA v2 users. If you have not yet passed Green Sabre, you can go to San Fierro without getting a wanted level. Either way, once there, the San Fierro Hospital will have a portal allowing you to gain roof access where a Maverick and Raindancer can be found even if you haven't unlocked them yet. --- Not available yet



Name Author Description Topic Download Link
FPS Limit Adjuster VCOReGeX This modification will enable you to override San Andreas' 25 FPS frame limiter and limit it with a custom value of your own chosing. Make sure to read the ReadMe before using this tool for useful information. The tool will work on both single player and multi-player GTA: San Andreas. Upon reading the ReadMe, make sure to read the instructions included in the main application window. Here Here
Frame Limiter Patch The_Napster This patch, although not as good as the FPS Limit Adjuster, pushes the frame limit from 25 fps to 30 fps. Only works for Single Player, Client Verification fails for MTA and not tested on SA-MP. Here Here
No More Hot Coffee v1.01 Patch Rockstar Games The main purpose of this patch was to get rid of the controversial 'hot coffee' from v1 games. However, it fixed a few bugs too which are listed in the topic. However, applying this patch would put an end to your game's modding ability. Here Here
Saved Game Path Editor xmen Here is a very useful tool which will help in changing the location of the saved games files, with just two clicks and the path is changed. Very simple and effective. Very useful for those who like to have or use many different mods to keep the saved games separate. GTAGarage Page Here
San Andreas Mission Analyzer (SAMA) gtasa4ever AKA op9080 • Reads your savefile and gives you a rundown of your completion status on all missions in the game.

• Shows you the unique jumps that haven't been done on a map. Optionally also shows landing zones and camera positions for the jumps.

• Shows you the gang tags, snapshots, horseshoes and oysters that haven't been done on a map.

Here Here
Easy Script Switcher rubregg • Easy switching between the different script versions of GTA SA.

• Mainly intended for switching between v1 and v2, but also supports Spaceeinstein's All-In-One Mod and Hot Coffee.

• If installed, you can also toggle Cleo on/off.

See the topic for a detailed description and manual.

Here Here
Mission Master Mod V2 tomworld10 A simple replacement for your script files, this tool allows you to play any mission from the game at any point of time. Here Here




• If you notice any dead links or have any queries/issues regarding the above tools, feel free to PM me.

• If you have any tools you wish to add to the topic, post them in this topic. Provided they are legitimate, they will be added to the table shortly.

• Thanks to Justin, flicko and Spuds725 for the original idea of the topic. Vice City Downloads Database!

• Thanks to GTAMods and Spuds725 for hosting the code tools.

• Thanks to CCPD for the banner.

• Have fun!




Note to Demarest: If you ever wish to remove the hosting of your code tools, you can contact either me or Spuds725 and they will be taken down immediately. Spuds725 has re-hosted these code tools based on the following that you posted on your site in your words;


I am a firm believer and an avid supporter of freedom. Freedom to be ourselves as well as enjoy ourselves. If you like my mods, my codes, or the ideas they give you, go with that. Use them, abuse them, hack them, duplicate them, distribute them, whatever. Have fun with it. This is, after all, a video game! And if you happen to feel like it, maybe mention that I helped inspire you or you found it here.
Edited by Girish

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I'm afraid that's the only version. It does indeed not cover all missions, but it does the most important / hardest of them. Demarest posted here the list of missions that his tool will pass:


-Big Smoke (first mission)

-Cesar Vialpando (Sweet's lowrider competition)


-Robbing Uncle Sam

ALL of Big Smoke's missions

-Life's A Beach

-Management Issues

-Burning Desire

-Gray Imports

-Tanker Commander

-Body Harvest

-Wear Flowers In Your Hair

-Supply Lines

-Back To School

-Photo Opportunity

-Learning To Fly



-Madd Dogg


-Vertical Bird

-End Of The Line (1, 2, and 3)


-NRG 500



ALL R3 missions.


However, there still is the Mission Save Files topic which gives you the opportunity to select any mission you wish to skip. Or, even more convenient, the Save N' Play service that works throughout the Mission Help forum, that you're most probably aware of already.

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I know its late but... What happened to the san fierro hospital lift? It says "not available yet" lol

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