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DYOM V5 beta released

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why when i spawn a car is create-mode is fine,but in play mission mode it has 1% health and it has smoke getting out of the hood?This always happens to me in every mission i create sad.gif

You set the health too low. The best amount of health for a car is 1000. In design-mode, it doesn't show the health that the car would have in play-mode.

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Hi i have a problem..

I set up an actor that would enter a helicopter. I see he can fly with it.. just a lil bit glitchy..

The thing is no matter what helicopter i place, it will shoot rockets towards me (mostly succesfully hitting me mercie_blink.gif ) .

I'd except this from the Hunter, but I'd except machinegun fire from a Sea Sparrow, but it shoots rockets (even with a Maverick, News Helicopter, ...)


Also, theres this glitch which also occured in the previous versions, sometimes when there are 60+ actors, some of the latest added actors get f*cked up. They can't move or shoot.. not even die..

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The helicopter should only fire rockets at you if you select "attack player" behaviour for the driver actor. If you select "follow player" or a "route" behaviour, this should not happen. That all heli-models fire rockets to attack the player, that's just the only way that is supported. If you don't want heli's other than hunter to fire rockets, just don't instruct them to attack the player.


On the glitches that appear when lots of actors are active: This is just a limitation on the SA engine, it was not made to handle so many actors at once. You should try to limit the number of actors to reasonable numbers. The fact that we support upto 100 actors doesn't mean that the engine will be able to handle them all at once. We choose to allow a larger number, because it can be used (in combination with spawn/hide functionality) to create longer missions, which different groups of actors at verious points in your mission.

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Its good but there is one problem that is when you try to move one objective or an actor at that time the mission crashes.

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