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gta vice city mouse problem

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I have really annoying problem with GTA VICE CITY


when I run the game, the games work just fine, I can listen to the radio station and play without graphics bugs




if i go to the menus i can move the cursor with the mouse but the fire button (mouse button) does not response


i tried to open an internet explorer window and the GTA game and switch with ALT TAB sometimes it helps in the menus but in the game i cant use the mouse, CANT MOVE THE CAMERA WITH THE MOUSE


I tried to change the compability to WINDOWS 98 but it didnt work

please helo me with this problem

Edited by dj_anubis

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Are you using any no-cd crack? If yes, it would be a good idea to get rid of it.


Update your video drivers and delete the gta_vc.set file from the User Files folder.


If it still doesn't help, post your system specifications. And what kind of mouse do you have - wired or wireless?

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Hi, i've notified similiar problem. There is only one difference.. my mouse works only for about 1 - 2 mins then it stops working and i have to use "classic controls". That's annoying! i have windows 7 now but i've seen this on vista before too. It works well only on XP... I'm not using crack or anything like trainer, just the clean game. Did anyone have the same problem as i do? Do you know how to solve it, please?

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Update your audio drivers. Most reason why it happens is AC97 audio chipset, it happened to me in GTA3, VC and SA. I reinstalled my pc and forgot to install audio drivers - it rant perfectly! Remove drivers and test, if doesn't works, install newest ones.

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Moved to troubleshooting, locked your other topic there since the responses are all in this thread...

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