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Can't alley oop..


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please can someone help me?!!

I've been trying to pass alley oop in the driving school for just over 3 hours now!!

I hit the ramp fine, and go over half way pretty easily... but then crash


and again

and again

it sais use w and s for pitch, but that only makes me go forwards and backwards..

I've tried loads of different things like stop accelerating in the air, before i hit the ramp, when i hit the ramp etc etc

but nothing works?! nervous.gifnervous.gif

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The car rolls more easily with Frame-Limiter turned ON, so if you have it OFF try ON.


The default keys to control pitch and roll in the air is the arrow keys, - the keys you use to steer also works for roll.

W and S (accelerate & brake) has no influence on the cars attitude when it is in the air.

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As said above it is all luck, I did like 10 tries and at the last one I not only passed it but got gold on it. My advise, keep pressing the keys it tells you on random quantities and try stopping the engine at random, with a bit of luck you'll pass

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GTA_Phreak is correct, it's not about luck... controlling the pitch & roll is a skill that's not that hard to master, that's what this test is about; controlling how the Banshee rolls while in the air... in a very small way it's similar to the Barrel Roll test for Pilot School... also, you can hit the ramp from either side (right side or left side); just in case that may help.

Edited by zmoonchild
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If it's skill...

Then you can make a Video, wherein you do it nine out of ten tries?

Here it is:




In that video I did it over and over, more than a dozen tries, but I only got 100% about 7 of those tries.

Edited by zmoonchild
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