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GTA SA NY style Map

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Top Posters In This Topic

  • noelgamo


  • vans123


  • johnathon956


Top Posters In This Topic

Popular Posts

Alright i am shuting up but u shut up too

Enough. Get back on topic from now on or you will all be banned. Be glad the lot of you aren't already.

Will do. If you or vans123 wants it reopened, PM me or one of modding staff.   For the record:   It appears d875j's account was hijacked because he foolishly gave away his password to somebody, an

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johnathon956 has sent you a new personal message entitled "ok i am stealer shut the f*ck

up ferrar1980 and don't".


You can read this personal message by following the link below:




johnathon956 Exposing yourself sorry





ok i am stealer shut the f*ck up ferrar1980 and don't Write something in ny mod about me i will ban you vand

for f*ck sake you idiot that is a lie i do no that i did not send that

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no vand i am stealin mod not johnathon956 ok and i realy will steal all the models for this sh*te mod and i will steal rwils79 bohan

WHY CANT YOU JUST MAKE YOUR ON MODELS YOU DOGGY LICKING NOODLE BOY (sorry for that) central park looks way better noel

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Enough. Get back on topic from now on or you will all be banned. Be glad the lot of you aren't already.

d875j is a mod theif

they no ban me they no proof

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Enough. Get back on topic from now on or you will all be banned. Be glad the lot of you aren't already.

Oh god just do it.. and put us all out of our misery!


Poor vans lol, this is the last thing anybody needs in their topic.



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Look, johnathon956, vand (ferrari1980) and d875j shut the F*CK UP OK? You are the guys who will get this topic locked and all of us banned, like innocent people like quechus13, vans123, noelgamo, ViceDiaz and me (rwils79).

Leave all fo that spam for PMing each other! THIS TOPIC IS NOT FOR YOUR SPAM! OK?

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I'm laughing hard... really. I see these flags under your nicknames and even "americans" and other people with the mother tongue of English can't speak properly.... me neither, but I'm not an English guy at all...


Back on topic: How's the mod going? Is there anything we didn't see yet? smile.gif

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yes will this mod have cleo3/script mods. it might be a bit early to ask i dunno i was just wondering as perusual

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what i did not said this johnathon956 and his bro stole my password i gaveit to them the took it wait here i get the proof

d4v1dh: use your d875j account

d4v1dh: let me look but i would need to use your gtaforums account

d875j: no its does not allow if im on my d875j one to see vans123

d4v1dh: i said send me your pass and i will see if i can fix it

d875j: ok

someone tell me how to change my password i do not want them to access it...

and other proof i never use that blue icon in my chat box in this forum look on top i use no icon thats an other proof..... mad.gif

beside i was at school how can i post if i go to school look were i live and the time you will see i go to school

Edited by d875j
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For fck sake any moderators please ban d875j,johnathan spammers and planning to steal the mod. Please ban them. Hey guys i will make a new topic w/o the spam when i get home.

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Noel, Vans... please make an own board somewhere, and If they will come there just IP ban does pricks.


I have the feeling this doesn't stop over here and that the topics goes behind bars...

And that would be sad...



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I requested for a ban for them I will wait one day. if they come back they will be banned again like what happens to ferrari.


@D875j I dont give a sh*t if your account was fcking over taken but you gave our models to that guy on youtube or batuhan.

so dont even bother showing your ugly ass accounts on this topic or Ill promise I will ask the mods to ban you guys

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sorry for posting two times but i not on that guy mod im on my mod damn why you belive an bitch like johnathon956 he is ass hole ban him not me i did not gave a way vans models i repeat i did not

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Monitor!!Thanks actually you are understanding me,


ok here;

Moderator ban this asshole of D875J, i have near 3 conversations or 4 that proof clearly that he is saying he accept he stole it and he is asking for sorry, dont have mercy of this guy!Please is the last i want to my mod happends, a guy that steals everything!!


Guys that only steal 1 mod and is enough reason to ban them, why this guy has more than 4 stolen mods and is not banned?

Please do the same as ferrari, Please!!!!

I hate all this bunch of stupid pages with spam and more spam from this guy, I feel really bad, now there are near 5 guys that have the files couse this asshole, he spread it all over the net...wth is that!


sometimes i feel like locking this mod forever couse this assholes but i dont do it couse that is a "Weak actitude" i wont let this kind of noob stop me from making this mod for all the people that really want it wink.gif


Please Dutchy,gansgta Killa,Suction Testicle man or any of you awsome mods that dont have mercy with rats like this, I really want him out of this forum, he is an stealer, liar and stupid fan Boy


nobody is so stupid to put a so stupid Pass to their accounts and let them be hacked, really atht conversation of the password issue could be easly made in Microsoft Office word or even a notepad and pasted here


Batuhan sent me a full screenie from all the stealing messages he sent him on Youtube saying that im a CrackHead and that im stupid and that he stole it, if you need proof just PM me and with pleasure i will give them to you

i have moe than enough to assure a ban for Him


Thanks and well, the mod is going on wheels biggrin.gif

is just that my stupid bro makes it slow couse he removes me from PC alot of times, he got his own pc but lets say mine is HIGH-END PC and the one he got is MID-HIGH END pc not so low its near to mine but the graphic card is he weak part, and he removes me to play Crysis,Assasins Creed,HAWKS,COD4,COD5,RE5 i really hate him but whtat i can do he just can break me in 2 with 4 fking hits whatsthat.gif


i cant do anything cryani.gif

Anyway Please save this Topic!!the only way it can survive is simple...that D875J gets banned dozingoff.gif

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