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GTA SA NY style Map

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  • noelgamo


  • vans123


  • johnathon956


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Alright i am shuting up but u shut up too

Enough. Get back on topic from now on or you will all be banned. Be glad the lot of you aren't already.

Will do. If you or vans123 wants it reopened, PM me or one of modding staff.   For the record:   It appears d875j's account was hijacked because he foolishly gave away his password to somebody, an

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i have tried in Z axis, Y axis and X axis but at the end it doesnt get along with the other roads!!

i tried near 30 minutes moving and moving and believe me the nearest i got was this!

hmm what about aligninng it on 3ds if it fits then export it if it dosent fit change the side. TESTING mine again

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cmon man stop saying stuff that is very far from this point!


we are making the landscape first after its down we will start filling lots biggrin.gif

for now we alreado have automans statue we will ask permission for it

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what about if i say you....mmmm.... 1 year?



so dont hope it soon




i dont have that bunch of tools the scripts i use are not the same

where to download them?

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this mod has high hd textures,models,audio,ect. it has to takes about year because we want it to be perfect mod...........

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Mr. Scratch

Is the install gonna be complicated ,and also u should see Dudecar4 s mod its really cool,are u gonna put the ragdoll mod in it the one from magicsl

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d875j stop for God Sake!!!

you are only saying excuses, show a damn screenie and you will continue with this team

if not we will remove you


man stop for godsake spamming!


No fking GTA IV Peds,Not fking GTA IV converted buildings,Not fking GTA IV sound, not nothing till the fking Map is complete!!

Your damn brains cant understand that little statement??!!!



im gonna remake the curve biggrin.gif


i hope it gets better now



Thats why Sketchup sucks

dont do it with sketchup it will create invisible walls


do it with Max

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LOL hate sketch up I dont use sketch up.....invisible walls are aligned to the POLYS lol uploading a vid to see what I mean


Ill try to do the same thing paroxum did on the vid Ill see if that method will fix the COL problems. the tools I think its Kams and Deniska's GTA scripts

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